Mike Stone is a candidate for SBC President 2021

Mike Stone carried the banner for the Conservative Baptist Network (CBN) into the Southern Baptist Convention’s Annual Meeting.

What he received for his effort was the calumny of many so-called Christians. These Woke foot soldiers of the SBC Elite joined in a Democratic-inspired Kavanaugh-type smear of Mike Stone.

They floated the fake story that Mike Stone, himself a sex abuse survivor, was somehow trying to coverup sex abuse cases in the Southern Baptist Convention.

It was as absurd as it was effective.

Perhaps, that was why it was so effective. Only idiots (and that is most of the young, hip, Woke Southern Baptist pastors who idolize Russell Moore) would believe it.

So, of course, it was effective as that is mostly what the SBC seminaries have turned out in the last decade. (Of course, not every seminary graduate fits that description–but you know it is true about most of the recent ones.)

The attacks on Mike Stone by so-called Christians in Southern Baptist pulpits and the progressive mainstream press is the best testimony to the greatness of Mike Stone as a man and a Christian. To be attacked by Russell Moore, the Religion News Service, the New York Times and the Washington Post is a badge of honor.

And all that venom from the secular elites and SBC Elites was directed on a small-town Southern Baptist preacher.

It shows that SBC Elites fear the average Southern Baptist just as much as the secular elites fear flyover country.

Mike Stone endured hardship for no other crime than offering to serve Southern Baptists as a conservative leader.

SBC and secular elites hope this dewitting[1] sends a message to any other upstarts.

But are there any other messages or lessons to be derived from the Conservative loss in Nashville?

My last post before the SBC Presidential election included a quote from the Ronald Reagan speech from 1964. The speech was the closing argument for GOP nominee Barry Goldwater. Goldwater lost that election; however, it prepared the way forward for conservatives to gain control of the Republican Party. It was Goldwater who prepared the ground for the 1968 realigning election that heralded a new Republican grasp on the presidency that reached its pinnacle in Ronald Reagan.

In some ways, Mike Stone’s loss could presage a renewed conservative interest in denominational politics. It could anger conservatives and galvanize a vigorous response.

That is no doubt what the Conservative Baptist Network hopes.

In any case, all conservative Southern Baptists should take the time to thank Mike Stone for his service.

Stone’s treatment by SBC Elites and so-called “Christian” SBC pastors was sub-Christian. There should be an accounting for all those calumnies spread and celebrated by them.

But, what these men did to Mike Stone is no different than what they will do to any conservative—and that includes you, conservative reader.

These tactics used to smear Stone will be turned on you—unless you fall in line.

That was the ultimate message from SBC 2021. What are you going to do about it?   

[1] To dewitt is a public execution by a mob tearing a victim to pieces. The word derives from a Dutch mob’s tearing John and Cornelius de Witt to pieces at the Hague in 1672 on the outbreak of war between the Netherlands and France.