Russell Moore leaving the ERLC

In Russell Moore’s “Leaked” letter to the Southern Baptist Convention, the lifelong Democrat portrayed himself fighting against a Southern Baptist Convention filled with white supremacists, child abusers, and crypto-Confederates.

It is almost like he were a masked crusader.

Oh, wait.

Come to think of it, Russell Moore has a lot in common with QAnon—the online conspiracy theory that focused on superhero Donald Trump fighting child sex abusers.

Apparently, the Southern Baptist Convention is worse than pizza shops in Washington, DC. The SBC may be worse because these pro-sex abuse people are also white supremacists and anti-globalists.

Yes, Dr. Moore is just like QAnon. Only, he is less committed to protecting children from abuse since Russell Moore quit; Trump was forced from office.

This is where Russell Moore’s pretend narrative breaks down because of continuity problems. If he expects us to believe the SBC is filled with such bad people—why would he give up fighting them? Why run away?

Doesn’t he care about the abuse victims?

Seriously, read what Dr. Moore alleges of SBC leaders. He whines, “I am trying to say this as clearly as I can to you, brothers and sisters: These are the tactics that have been used to create a culture where countless children have been torn to shreds, where women have been raped and then ‘broken down.’”

So, does he care about the abuse victims?

Of course not. The abuse victims he mentioned in his letter were props.

He’s doing what lifelong Democrats always do—they label their conservative opponent as racist, misogynist, and whatever other calumny they can manufacture.

And this letter is a mix of calumnies blended with narcissism and victimhood.

In other words, one might think it written by a self-absorbed soy boy rather than a minister of the Gospel.

He spent the opening of the letter extolling his own virtues—beginning with the story of his baptism and all the saintly things he has done in his life.

Then, he took the time to point out all sorts of sins in the people surrounding him.

That’s no doubt a very helpful way to conduct ministry—find everyone else’s flaws and talk incessantly about them while you never mention any of your own.

We see how that approach worked out for him.

And now the letter exposes him for what he is—a drama queen who thinks being held accountable for saying outrageous things and helping spread evil by aiding Democrat politicians is psychological abuse.

Now we all understand why he wears two masks.


And the ERLC Board of Trustees knew this back in 2020 when it received the letter. What total incompetence that the board did not demand Dr. Moore seek immediate medical attention for these delusions.

That would’ve been the loving thing to do for someone who thinks himself surrounded by villains.