Source: Nasser’s Woke politics played role in February ouster

David Nasser is leaving Liberty University to lead a nonprofit in Nashville. Nasser announced the move in a video posted to YouTube April 7, 2021. Nasser served as a Vice President and Campus Pastor for Liberty for seven years. A source close to the situation has confirmed that Nasser was forced out in February.

“The Lord is transitioning me out of this role,” Nasser said in the video. “This will be my last semester here on staff.”

Liberty University released a statement: “David Nasser is moving onto the next opportunities the Lord provided, using his voice on behalf of the most vulnerable, ministering on behalf of orphans and foster children. The programs of our Office of Spiritual Development are of vital importance to our mission, and the university appreciates his service to the students and staff and wishes him well. The parting is amicable and on good terms.”

Neither Nasser nor Liberty named this nonprofit. However, Nasser said it was a relatively new organization.

“We will be moving to Nashville to lead an exciting new nonprofit that we believe God has given tremendous favor to,” Nasser said. “Although this ministry is less than two-years-old, it has fast become a force for good.”

Source close to Liberty confirms politics played a role in February confrontation with David Nasser

The confrontation with Nasser occurred in February and involved several factors including the concerns by some conservatives that Nasser had become Woke. Conservatives on campus were alarmed at what they believed to be significant changes in Nasser’s politics. Our source close to the situation in Lynchburg said Nasser is viewed as a purveyor of Woke thinking on campus.

As CR reported in September 2020, Nasser attended a Black Lives Matter event on the campus of Liberty University. Nasser also hosted a convocation event on racial inequality, that sources told CR marked a pivot toward Social Justice rhetoric at Liberty.

According to our source close to the LU administration, Nasser opposed the Falkirk Center.

Destroying the Falkirk Center was a priority among Woke Evangelicals (Wokevangelicals.) Former Liberty professor and now Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary professor Karen Swallow prior called for an end to the Falkirk Center and went on CNN to demand its closure following Jerry Falwell Jr.’s departure from Liberty amidst the swirl of a sex scandal.

However, the Falkirk Center survived both Nasser’s opposition and other Woke calls for closure. It was recently rebranded as Liberty’s Standing for Freedom Center. In the announcement, Liberty said the think tank would emphasize “valuing and protecting scripture and American liberty.”

So, naturally, Wokevangelicals want to destroy it.

Which is another interesting point to consider: the Wokevangelicals attack the Falkirk Center but were silent about Nasser—despite the fact that Nasser was a friend of Jerry Falwell Jr.

Why are Nasser and others of the Woke camp (like for that matter some of the loudest critics of Falkirk who were former Liberty professors) not facing criticism over Jerry Falwell Jr.? In other words, why are the Woke not asking, “What did Nasser or Karen Swallow Prior know about Falwell Jr. and when did they know it?”

The reason is that the Woke look out for the Woke.

Conservatives who were concerned about the direction of Liberty University in the post-Falwell era should find this latest news about Nasser’s departure a strong message that Liberty University will remain a conservative bulwark in the Culture Wars.

NOTE: Someone pointed out the above couple of paragraphs implied that Falwell was Woke. That wasn’t the case. Falwell was a strong conservative and that resulted in the desire of Karen Swallow Prior and other Wokevangelicals to destroy the Falkirk Center. My only point is that rumors about Falwell swirled on the Liberty campus long before the scandal broke. However, none of the Wokevangelicals spoke up and instead laid in wait to attack the Falkirk Center.

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  1. All of these woke “leaders” are heading toward complete apostasy. They are no longer defending the faith and advancing the Kingdom of God but their own woke ideology. God isn’t mocked by these people and he isn’t amused by their detour from His word. Racists come in every color but actual facts have nothing to do with the capitulation to the worlds standards. When was the last time the knock out game was a white kid decking an elderly black man. Why is most anti Asian crime coming from black folks. The true Church abhors all racism not just the squeaky wheel. One of my closest friends is black and most of my money goes to third world dark skinned countries to feed and deliver the TRUE gospel. Please pray for our leaders who don’t turn from the truth.

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