Still Winning: Donald Trump exposed David French as a closet Democrat.

Have you noticed over the last few years that David French attacks conservative Christian Evangelicals? There is a reason for that. He tweets like a Democrat.

For example, these hilarious tweets expose French as a partisan hack.

In the first image, David French attacks Donald Trump for bombing in Syria.

In the second image, David French praises Joe Biden for bombing in Syria.

What changed? Biden is a Democrat. Trump a Republican. French is a tribalist who hates Trump more than he loves America or the Church.

Donald Trump exposed French as just another Elite “conservative” who functions like a controlled opposition.

Doubt that? In January, French said Biden’s Executive Orders (including the ones that will lead to many more dead babies around the world through spreading abortion) were not as bad as another four years of Donald Trump.

Why? According to French, Trump was a liar. It shows that he prizes virtue signaling over saving the lives of innocent babies. That isn’t a conservative view. That isn’t the Christian view.

French has worked hard to promote the new Biden-Harris Administration to Christians.

As Baptist theology professor Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon said, “French also has an essay denying that Christians have much to fear from a Biden/Harris administration in terms of loss of civil liberties and persecution. It is necessary for him to convince people of this in order to exempt him from blame in helping to make possible the Biden/Harris victory. This is absurd since a number of these actions have already taken place on local and state levels; and the so-called ‘Equality Act’ mandates this for the nation as a whole. You will literally become the moral equivalent of a member of the Ku Klux Klan because of your refusal to embrace the ‘LGBTQ’ mantra.”

David French did significant damage to the Church with his stance in 2016 and 2020. Christians will suffer increased persecution and our Constitution will suffer repeated attacks from Leftists now in control of Congress and the Presidency.

Note who among Southern Baptists platforms and praises David French. Oh look, Al Mohler does.

The reserve is true too. Who in the Southern Baptist Convention wins David French’s praise? Russell Moore. French was rabid in Moore’s defense.

French praised Drag Queen Story Hours as a “blessing of liberty.”

Is there any doubt that French has turned coat and revealed he prefers the anti-Christian Party over the Church?

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