Pay attention to the people opposing Mike Stone’s candidacy for President of the Southern Baptist Convention. Their attacks are instructive.

A Southern Baptist Convention pastor who voted for Hillary Clinton is on the record opposing Mike Stone for SBC President. Dwight McKissic unashamedly bragged in 2016 he voted for Hillary Clinton and now is using the same racial identity politics to attack Mike Stone. McKissic said if Stone wins African Americans will leave the Southern Baptist Convention. Stone’s candidacy was announced yesterday and within hours leftists were on the attack.

McKissic tweeted, “Mike Stone, as Chair of the EC Committee, refused to answer questions regarding, were there AA applicants for the EC job?; were any interviewed?; did any make it to the final 3?; etc. The SBC is beginning to backtrack on race. If Mike Stone wins, it’s will hasten the AA exodus.”

McKissic regularly resorts to racially tinged rhetoric. He called the Conservative Baptist Network the Confederate Baptist Network.

And McKissic was called out by Southern Baptist church member Dr. Carol Swain, a former Vanderbilt law professor, over McKissic’s “racializing” the SBC’s issues with lifelong Democrat Russell Moore. Short version of the story: Democrat voter McKissic loves lifelong Democrat Russell Moore and thinks it racist that conservatives are upset by that. 

The fact Dwight McKissic opposes Mike Stone is a giant vote of confidence in Mike Stone for SBC President. When a Leftist who plays racial identity politics opposes you, that’s a great sign of biblical fidelity. And that is Mike Stone.

And that wasn’t the only online opposition. The vitriol from other supposed “Christians” was intense.

A student at Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) alleged Stone was a Paige Patterson “lackey” and “horrible” on racial issues. Jacob Denhollander tweeted, “Former chairman of the Executive Committee. Paige Patterson lackey. Real back-room power player. Opposes doing the right thing by any means possible. Horrible when it comes to abuse issues and addressing racial tensions. The antithesis of what he SBC needs.”

Al Mohler really needs to get control of his seminary and its students. It reflects poorly on his leadership—or more precisely, his lack of leadership for someone spewing bile like that about a distinguished Southern Baptist pastor like Mike Stone. With such Christ-like behavior from seminary students–is it any wonder the SBC is in precipitous decline?

Pay attention. The Leftists hate Mike Stone. The Russell Moor enablers are arrayed against Mike Stone. That should tell you all that you need to know about how to vote in Nashville.