Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is trying to hide the Anti-Trump rantings it promoted a few months ago at a Library Talk. The Woke Southern Baptist seminary filed a copyright claim against Worldview Conversations in attempt to suppress the video clips and Jon Harris’ commentary on the outrageous anti-Trump, Woke teachings paid for by Southern Baptists.

Here is the video they don’t want you to see.

You can watch the entire video here.

Harris published a statement on the Southern Baptist seminary’s action:

“Today: November 5, 2020, while the presidential election is still up in the air, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary filed a copyright claim against this video in which I provide commentary on several talks given at the Southern Baptist school including a talk, “The Lingering Effects of Lynching,” in which President Trump was accused of perpetuating the legacy of racially motivated lynching because of his immigration policies and rhetoric. Danny Akin, the president of the school, called it a “fine” talk. It is perfectly legal to play a clip (two minutes) for the purpose of commentary under Fair Use.

“A link to the “Lingering Effects of Lynching Video” they’re complaining about me using for commentary.

“A link to Danny Akin’s assessment of the “Lingering Effects of Lynching Library Talk.”

So, what game are these Woke Southern Baptists playing? Why today? Are they afraid conservative Christians are going to hold them accountable for platforming and promoting this mess?