A Southern Baptist professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) claims that our “difficult political” times mean that a Christian can vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden–and either is “totally cool.” Yes, a professor at one of our Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) seminaries made this disturbing claim. Behold, your tithes and offerings at work in the SBC.

Christian, if you don’t vote for my choice, that’s totally cool with me! We live in a difficult political era. If you vote for Trump, or Biden, or whoever, I bless you. Our connection in Christ is bigger than temporal politics,” said Thomas S. Kidd, a professor of Church History at MBTS.

Wait? How can we call anyone a “Christian” who votes for the pro-abortion, pro-making Christians pay for abortion candidate? How can we call anyone a “Christian” who votes for the candidate that thinks it is a great idea to force parents to help eight-year-old children change gender?

A few years ago, when there was courage among Evangelicals, we would’ve called all such voters out for this. We would’ve called these voters reprobates.

Remember when pastors boldly declared abortion to be an abomination? Adrian Rogers once said, “That is an abomination to God, clearly and graphically illustrated today by abortion, and particularly partial birth abortion. When I come to vote, if that candidate will not stand up for the unborn, they shall not have my vote, period.”

Hard to imagine these great Baptists of old saying a vote for the pro-abortion candidate is “totally cool.”

But not now. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Anyone voting for infanticide is likely not regenerate. Or, at the very least in grave moral and theological error.

The Roman Catholic Church acknowledges that to participate in abortion is sinful and worthy of excommunication. Further, voting can be considered part of the participation in the act.

According to this article from EWTN, “The argument can be made that voting is a very remote form of cooperation in abortion. But is it all that remote? The legislator who votes for abortion is clearly a formal accomplice, giving formal cooperation with abortion. S/he shares both in the intention of the act, and in supplying material support for the act. If I vote for such a candidate, knowing full well that he will help make available public monies for abortion, or continue it decriminalization, then I am aiding him/her.”

Why are we conservative Evangelicals—who claim to more closely follow the Word of God—doing such a bad job holding people accountable for false teachings? This is shameful.

And that is just what Thomas S. Kidd is doing. He is promoting the idea that a Christian can vote for the greatest evil. Or, as AD Robles pointed out on Twitter about this obviously dangerous teaching, “Christian, I don’t care about your works.”

That is what Kidd and his fellow travelers in Big Evangelicalism believe about infanticide. It is a small matter—a matter that should not break fellowship among believers.

However, all true Christians know that voting for baby murder is a serious moral failing—a failing worthy of church discipline.

Anyone who votes for Joe Biden has already separated himself from the church. Thomas Kidd and his fellow travelers among Big Eva should stop spreading this false notion and false sense of security among the church.

How long will the church tolerate this?

How long will the Southern Baptist Convention tolerate this great sin?

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  1. Too bad this man sees everything as gray. No, we (or should I say “I”) don’t see ultimate national salvation in the hands of one man, a group of men, or secular government as a whole. But just look at the wicked policies the left and its media henchmen want to implement. If that doesn’t sway your vote, you need some serious education.

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