State Convention cuts NAMB out of its budget

The Alaska Baptist Resource Network, the Southern Baptist state convention in Alaska, cut the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) from its 2022 budget. It is a stunning escalation as bureaucrats at NAMB ignored the local state convention input in mission efforts in the Alaska.

The Louisiana Baptist Message reported, the move by the Alaska Baptist Resource Network “is the most drastic step taken, to date, by a state convention against NAMB.”

In fact, NAMB is creating what amounts to competing state Baptist conventions in many non-south states, according the Baptist Message report.

And Alaska is not the only state suffering NAMB’s tyrannical push. A total of six non-southern state conventions formally complained about NAMB president Kevin Ezell and the non-cooperative actions of Ezell’s leadership at NAMB.

This crisis has escalated into a civil war. It was caused by SBC Fat Cats at the national level thinking they know more than local Southern Baptists. They use money to bully state conventions as Will McRaney detailed in his explosive lawsuit.

This is not how Southern Baptists should operate.

But, SBC Elites continue to support Ezell and NAMB.

This move is made even more important as news leaked that the former CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention’s publishing arm, Lifeway, was paid over $1,000,000 in a severance package.

That’s right $1,000,000.

No clue what his annual salary was or what other SBC Elites are paid. But it waves a giant red flag. The SBC rank-and-file need to know this information. And they need to know it now.

The average Southern Baptist has had enough of the secrecy, the giant severance packages and the leftward drift. The action of Alaska Baptists is just the latest message.

Will SBC Elites finally listen?

Or, will they double down in support of Kevin Ezell, Russell Moore and the other entity heads leading the Southern Baptist Convention down a path to destruction?

The Leftward drift is real.

The autocratic leadership is real.

Southern Baptists have had enough of it.

5 thoughts on “Baptist Civil War escalates as Alaska sends a message to SBC Fat Cats”

  1. Men like Russell Moore will Continue to make sure SBC Continues to make Sure that Southern Baptist Churches will cease to exist,it doesn’t matter how They do it & who they hurt !
    Also We have been seeing The Falling Away , God’s Prophecies are fulfilling right before our eyes,
    & The Falling Away is one of them ! Nothing and no one can Stop or alter this .

  2. If the Baptist churches cared as much about teaching the “Truth” of the Bible regarding “Salvation” as they do collecting non-Biblical tithes, the churches would not be falling away and/or dying out.


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  4. Cutting mission budgets shows the huge influence that anti-missions leaders of Stetzer and missional leader Alan Hirsch have on the SBC. The missional movement has infected the SBC with an apostate theology.

  5. It is a shame more state and local convention members don’t demand that all money to the SBC be cut off until the leadership brings its teaching into line with scriptural norms and ethos. These people will continue to act in rebellion to Gods word as long as the money holds out. I have been in the SBC for 40 years and I believe the money being given is working against Christ and the gospel. The tithes have been used to promote sin.
    These people take money from hard working people and waste it, we should demand that they do away with many of the arms of the convention, starting with the ERLC.

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