Truth is now racist. At least it is at Hardin-Simmons University (HSU), a school associated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas—a part of the Southern Baptist Convention. The school released a statement condemning the student in the above TikTok video and letting the Woke Mob know that she is no longer enrolled at the university.

The problem?

Apparently, truth is now racist.

Just listen to the “courageous” HSU President standing up to the young student for the Woke Mob.

“First and foremost, at Hardin-Simmons University we affirm the God ordained truth that black lives matter this truth is actually foundational to our Hardin-Simmons history as I recently wrote in my Juneteenth message,” HSU President Eric Bruntmyer said. “I became aware late Tuesday evening of a deeply disappointing and unacceptable social media post by one of our students. As we said that night, the message shared by this student is not reflective of the Christian values of our institution or the vast majority of our community. What the student did was wrong. Upon learning about this post we immediately took action to address the situation and began a required disciplinary process.”

What was wrong with the video?

It accurately reflects the madness of our cultural moment.

Long story short: the student no longer attends HSU.

Good for the student. This place is run by one of the most disgusting virtue signaling cowards I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching on YouTube.

Seriously, watch his statement. It makes JEB! Bush seem high energy and sincere.

He throws the student under the bus and somehow tries to sound Christian in the process.

“As citizens we have certain rights of freedom of speech in public forums like on many of the social media platforms,” Bruntmyer said. “However, within the HSU community that right is always linked with our responsibility as Christians…the views we express on social should reflect the values and beliefs we appalled as followers of Christ.”

Apparently, truth and wit are not “Christian” values at HSU.

But throwing a young student to the Woke Mob is. Whatever happened to protecting those under your care? Or tolerance?

Oh well, there is a Woke Mob to please and whatever it says is racist is racist. Culture Jihad is right.

This is the fruit of the Wokening of the Southern Baptist Convention.