A Southern Baptist pastor says Joe Biden is now ‘pro-life’ on issue of coronavirus.

There is a cancer in the Southern Baptist Convention. The SBC has some pastors who actively supported and voted for baby killing, pro-abortion politicians. One example is Dwight McKissic who voted for Hillary Clinton. If the SBC wants to establish its public witness, then it must empower the Credentials Committee to expel these churches enabling the election of pro-baby murder politicians.

McKissic regularly attacks conservatives and Donald Trump. In a tweet today, McKissic likened criticism over the Pastor’s Conference (conservatives were upset that it would feature a woman teaching pastor performing spoken voice) and attempts to repeal Resolution 9 (the resolution that applauded the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality) to the SBC’s original sin. Here’s the tweet:

“Watching the convention debate resolution 9 & the unprecedented abhorrent act against Pastor David Uth & the dear sister scheduled to do the poetic speech would have been observing the SBC return to their original sins. God spared the SBC & America of this pending atrocity.”

What was the SBC’s original sin? Slavery and racism. The SBC began in a dispute over slavery and missions. So, according to McKissic, opposing racial identity politics and opposing putting women teaching pastors on an SBC platform is the equivalent of promoting slavery.

That’s troubling.

But, this is a guy who voted for Hillary Clinton. He’s admitted that. And now he has declared that Joe Biden has the pro-life position.

“You would think this would be the position of the Republican candidate for president. Discovering that pro-birth, does not necessarily mean, pro-life. Biden has adopted the pro-life position with regard to placing the value of vulnerable lives over the economy.”

Biden is today a pro-abortion radical.

This pro-birth talking point is straight out of the progressive, social justice warrior’s playbook. It is how Evangelical Elites are shifting the pro-life debate into womb-to-the-tomb entitlements. It is how Evangelical Elites promote limitless immigration. Opposition to any progressive social policy is determined to be wrong—and against human flourishing.

We’ve pointed out that many of these arguments used in the current debate about the pandemic are wrong. Hey, at some point being able to work and feed our families would become a pro-life issue too.

However, the Evangelical Elites and those they platform ignore that important distinction.

They are too busy voting for Hillary Clinton and declaring Joe Biden—the guy in favor of unlimited abortions—as being pro-life on this issue.

It is disturbing.

How can this man claim to be a minister of the Gospel and support baby-killing, pro-abortion politicians?

The SBC should do something about it. It should clean its roles of any churches with such pastors.

2 thoughts on “SBC must expel Hillary voting pastors, churches”

  1. The virus of anti moral heresy is killing Christianity. I think its given it phemonia and the phemonia has gone untreated long enough to cause massive lung damage. It may be that it is now living on a quarter of one lung. And the doctors are having a hard time finding a respirator for it.

    Its time to make moral creeds. Christological creeds used to be all the rage. But they are weak. A standard that says “as long as you uphold the Nicene Creed you’re an orthodox Christian” is anemic because it doesn’t include even the most basic morality. Christology without morality is ultimately bald superstition, no better than a garbage religion like Islam or a nihilism like modern Buddhism. The churches need 1000000 cc’s of moral creeds, stat.

  2. Actually, all you need to be is a true follower of Jesus Christ! Only God can cleanse our heart and change our desires, attitudes, and actions. True Christians hate sin and everything that God hates. True Christians love what is right and everything that God loves. A true Christian would not advocate for the murder of the most innocent among us!

    Read the book of Malachi, especially the last two chapters to understand what is going on today…

    May God bless those who truly love Him and His dear Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

    C. Read

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