Southern Baptist Pastor Malachi O’Brien posted a video of something that happens seemingly every day—a Joe Biden gaffe. Biden’s mental state is a huge campaign issue in the 2020 Presidential Election. It is obvious that something isn’t right with Biden. However, pointing that out through video and even satire is now banned by Big Tech.

O’Brien is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological seminary with a degree in Digital Ministry. He’s a pastor in Kansas City, Missouri.

The story begins with leftwing fanatics at Media Matters trying to cover for the obviously struggling Biden. Media Matters whined about a video showing Biden, well being Biden, and having a mental mess up. Here’s the clip that was at the heart of the dispute:

It is painfully obvious: Biden isn’t endorsing Trump. Biden is just confused.

He’s stumbling over his words. He’s unsure for a moment.

He’s obviously not fit to be President of the United States.

However, Orange Man Bad and all of that, so as soon as a liberal group cries (Media Matters) in rush the Tech Overlords to delete.

And, that’s the only takeaway from this Business Insider story on it.

And Business Insider quoted O’Brien: “I think most people are really discerning, and they would fully understand that was just one of those Joe Biden gaffe moments. I don’t think anyone would go, ‘Oh, I can’t believe he said that,'” O’Brien told Business Insider. “It’s so outrageous of a statement, that’s why I thought it might have a viral possibility. I don’t think anybody would be misled.”

Nobody honestly thought Biden was endorsing Trump. Everyone who watched the video knew immediately it is an important and newsworthy clip illustrating Biden’s mental state.

Hint: It is not good.

And that’s the point of political censorship.

Elites want to hide the truth.

Big Tech is compliant in this new crusade.

This is a threat to the Republic.