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Race Baiting and Cancel Culture comes to the SBC

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Cancel Culture comes to the SBC as progressive SBC pastor who supported Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in 2016 calls for investigation into Conservative Baptist leader.

Black Conservative calls out progressives for race baiting.

If the progressive Southern Baptists have nothing to hide, why are they so upset with the probe of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission? We asked that question yesterday when the ERLC released a letter explaining they would Resist the investigation of its political activities and how that impacted giving to the Cooperative Program.

You know the progressives are worried when their decision is to obstruct the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.

And what do progressives do when they are losing and want to change the subject?

If you said cry racism, then you are right.

Because, right on cue, in comes Thabiti Anyabwile. The Southern Baptist pastor and member of The Gospel Coalition. Anyabwile is the famous pastor who accused all white Americans of being complicit in the murder of Martin Luther King. Anyabwile supported Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on his TGC blog during the 2016 Presidential Election cycle.

So, when a radical Social Justice Warrior decided to smear Rod D. Martin, a member of the Conservative Baptist Network and the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, Anyabwile was quick to retweet with his condemnation to his almost 60,000 Twitter followers (59.7K to be exact).

Thabiti Anyabwile said, “Is this the person at the head of the investigation of Dr. Moore? Is this the perspective being used to judge the ‘effect’ of Moore’s leadership at the ERLC? If so, there needs to be an investigation committee launched to focus on the Executive Committee, not the ERLC.”

Do you see the what Thabiti and others objected to in Martin’s writing?

He praised Robert E. Lee (something common in American life including Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s placing a portrait of Lee in the White House). He admitted to his love of the South.

Another race baiting Southern Baptist is Dwight McKissic. He’s racialized many things before regarding the ERLC. And this time was no different. He retweeted the same post. He wrote an attack on Founders, “The Founders Ministry has been featuring this guy. This probably explains why they want to remove the three African American professors. The affinity that Ascol, Longshore & the Founders ministry have with lovers of the Confederacy is astounding-“Confederate Baptist Theology.”

And of course, the dishonest progressives in their attack ignored the last line of Rod Martin’s post decrying racism as an evil before God. And thankfully, a Southern Baptist layperson pointed it out for all to see.

She wrote,“They conveniently left off the last line! Stop with the race baiting!!!”

The progressives will try to cancel everyone who is a conservative.

It is only a matter of time.

Thankfully, this time the race baiting deceit was exposed.

But you need to know this about them. These are Christian leaders. This is how they conduct their political operations.

2 thoughts on “Race Baiting and Cancel Culture comes to the SBC”

  1. Quote from the article:

    “But you need to know this about them. These are Christian leaders. This is how they conduct their political operations.”

    I think a better way of writing that second sentence would be: These are “Christian” leaders.

    It would be a compliment even to call them wolves in sheep’s clothing. They never even bothered with the sheep outfit. They out and out demonstrate hatred for White people every time they bear false witness against same. I remain at a loss for how that is supposed to advance their social justice gospel of “racial reconciliation,” but I’m sure Dave Miller could provide a logical, cogent, lucid explanation of the matter. I somehow get the funny feeling that their definition of “racial reconciliation” will not be complete until all White people hate themselves. They’re going to be very disappointed.

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