Another state joins fight against Southern Baptist Leftward Drift

Louisiana Baptists vote

Louisiana Baptist Convention President requests SBC repudiate Resolution 9 at its next meeting.

Louisiana Baptists joined the conservative pushback against the Leftward Drift of the Southern Baptist Convention with a stand against the godless ideologies of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, which were promoted by the infamous Resolution 9 adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention 2019 meeting in Birmingham. The President of the Louisiana Baptist Convention promised to send a letter asking the SBC to repudiate Resolution 9.

According to the Baptist Message, the official publication of the Louisiana Baptist Convention, “I do sit on the Resolutions Committee, and after this meeting I will communicate and send a letter to our Southern Baptist Convention leaders, asking them, prayerfully, to address Resolution 9 at the Southern Baptist Convention level, asking them to help us in our cooperation and to address that resolution where it needs to be addressed — at the Southern Baptist Convention,” Cranford said. “And if that does not happen, I will bring a resolution to you next year to address that issue.”

However, SBC President J.D. Greear named known progressive Elite Evangelical leader Ed Stetzer to chair the SBC Resolutions Committee for the canceled meeting scheduled for Orlando, Florida. Will the progressive Stetzer be tapped to lead the Resolutions Committee for Nashville 2021? If so, no real condemnation of these godless ideologies should be expected as it will telegraph that progressive Elites intend to maintain a top-down control of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Yet, there is a strong conservative response to the Leftward Drift of SBC Elites.

Louisiana’s move follows other state moves against the Leftward Drift including Tennessee Baptists’ adoption of a resolution against Resolution 9.

Other state conventions are in open rebellion to the top-down bureaucrats leading to increased central control and progressive politics.  See: REBELLION: 6 State Convention Leaders Reveal Truth About SBC – Capstone Report

All of these developments shape up to make Nashville a make or break moment for the Southern Baptist Convention. Remember, the frontrunner for SBC President is an Evangelical Elite who refused to sign the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel, fired conservative professors for fighting Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality and employs major proponents of these godless ideologies. In other words, Al Mohler is unfit to be SBC President.

That means if you are a conservative, you must plan to attend the SBC’s meeting in Nashville or risk losing the SBC to progressives like life-long Democrat Russell Moore.