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Todd Starnes endorses Mike Stone for SBC President

Todd Starnes: ‘Pastor Mike Stone is awake, not woke’

Todd Starnes a Southern Baptist, bestselling author and national radio show host endorsed Mike Stone in the race for President of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Starnes cited Mike Stone’s character, pastoral leadership and opposition to Critical Race Theory.

Todd Starnes said, “I’m proud to endorse Pastor Mike Stone as the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention. He’s a great pastor, family man and soul winner. He staunchly opposes critical race theory. Pastor Stone is awake, not woke.”

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a flashpoint in the Southern Baptist Convention. It was promoted as an “Analytical Tool” by the SBC and has many adherents within the SBC. It is even taught and espoused by some professors at SBC seminaries.

Whistleblowers have exposed how Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) has professors promoting CRT. Even an SBTS trustee detailed Mohler’s failure to stop the Woke spread at SBTS. Also, Ed Litton is a known Woke radical.

Overturning Resolution 9—the infamous resolution approved at the 2019 SBC Annual Meeting in Birmingham that approved the use of CRT—is an important effort heading into the 2021 Annual Meeting in Nashville.

Mike Stone announced his resolution declaring Critical Race Theory as unbiblical and in contradiction to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Stone’s resolution is co-sponsored by more than 50 other Southern Baptists.

Stone is also a leader fighting the Leftward Drift of the SBC. Stone led the ERLC Study Committee report that exposed how Russell Moore’s progressive politics was harming the Great Commission work of Southern Baptists.

Stone is also endorsed by the Conservative Baptist Network of Southern Baptists—a group launched to battle the Leftward Drift of the SBC.

At present, the SBC race includes four candidates, Mike Stone, Randy Adams, Albert Mohler and Ed Litton. For context, Ed Litton co-preached a sermon series with his wife and Al Mohler “knows Russell Moore’s heart.” Here is a map showing Al Mohler’s takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention and how he has platformed all the Woke fanatics causing trouble in the SBC.

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