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REPORT: ERLC is a stumbling block to the Great Commission

Russell Moore should resign and stop doing the bidding of the Democratic Party if he cares about the Gospel and the SBC

The SBC report on the Leftward Drift of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission showed that Russell Moore’s pro-Democratic talking points alienated conservatives. In fact, his anti-GOP rhetoric in January directly related to several state conventions reporting big donor churches are furious at Dr. Moore.

According to the special report of the ERLC Study Committee of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, “In early January as the task force was finalizing this report, some of our largest state conventions initiated contact with the task force. Multiple churches in those states have more recently defunded or are now considering defunding the ERLC. The contacts included one of the largest contributors in the Southern Baptist Convention. Two additional churches described as significant Cooperative Program churches in one state convention have recently defunded. There were calls for the resignation of Dr. Moore.”

The ERLC Study Report highlighted Russell Moore’s double standard—he is silent when Democrats do something worthy of criticism (like a summer of riots) and then goes crazy with attacks on conservatives as illustrated by his deranged attacks on conservatives following the January 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol.

Everyone knows this simple fact: Russell Moore is a Democratic Party operative.

If his goal is to destroy the Southern Baptist Convention and weaken the chances for pro-life politicians to win US elections—he is doing his job with aplomb.

However, it comes at a huge cost. Russell Moore’s behavior undermines the Great Commission efforts of the Southern Baptist Convention.

As the ERLC Study Report said, “The leader of a large state convention reported, “The ERLC has been a stumbling block not worth the mission dollar investment.”

That is the bottom line.

If Russell Moore cares about the Gospel and the SBC, he would immediately resign his post leading the ERLC.

Will he?

Or will his trustee enablers double down on the Leftward Drift of the Southern Baptist Convention? Are they willing to sacrifice the CP and all the good mission work done through it to keep this pro-Democrat in power?

You can read more about the ERLC Study Report here.

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