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What does the ERLC have to hide?


Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission attacks Committee assigned to investigate it. What does the ERLC have to hide? Obviously, the divisive rhetoric and progressive political priorities of Russell Moore and his ERLC. The Leftward Drift is splitting the Southern Baptist Convention.

The trustees of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission declared their intention to #Resist the will of the Southern Baptist Convention. The SBC’s Executive Committee appointed a Study Group to examine how the ERLC’s past and present actions have harmed the spirit of cooperation in the SBC.

How did the SBC’s Elites respond?

In a letter posted on the ERLC website, the trustees announced they would order the ERLC and its staff to not cooperate with the investigation.

They called the investigation “unwarranted, divisive, and disrespectful.”

Divisive? Disrespectful?

Did they read Russell Moore’s 2016 Op-Eds against conservative Southern Baptist voters?

Why are trustees determined to Resist this investigation of Russell Moore and the ERLC?

Because they know the truth.

Churches have left the SBC in ever growing numbers since the 2016 Presidential Election fiasco—a campaign season that saw Russell Moore attacking conservative Southern Baptists on the pages of the Washington Post and New York Times.

More and more churches and church members see the Leftward drift of the SBC and its institutions.

Last summer’s Resolution 9 fiasco accelerated the number of churches announcing their departure from the SBC.

It alarms them.

Instead of dealing with these questions directly and realizing people have real concerns, the SBC Elites at the ERLC get defensive.

Very Christ-like.

Shouldn’t they go the extra mile for fellow Southern Baptists?

Especially, since these Southern Baptists fund the ERLC?

The reality is the Southern Baptist Convention is not truly representative of the people in the pews. Few churches attend the Annual Meeting—there is a crisis of participation. And the lack of involvement among the rank-and-file led to the celebrity culture that enables Russell Moore’s attacks on conservative Christian voters.

As Mike Huckabee said in 2017, How long will Southern Baptists continue to pay Russell Moore to insult them?

That’s a great question.

Maybe this Task Force is the first step of the People in the Pews retaking control of the Southern Baptist Convention from Elites—who would rather Resist than Cooperate.

Until the SBC Elites humble themselves and understand they work for the people then the division in the SBC will only increase.

Until then, everyone should be asking: What does the ERLC have to hide?

If they had nothing to hide, they would cooperate with this reasonable probe into its political operations.

12 thoughts on “What does the ERLC have to hide?”

  1. Hello Capstone,

    Sorry that this is off-topic, but does your advertising service allow you to have any control over the ads that appear on your site? The reason I ask is that I see all sorts of bad stuff pop up in your ad feeds. Mormon stuff. Meet Russian singles stuff. It’s not a huge deal or anything, but I thought I’d ask.

    1. We regularly ban such advertisers, but they somehow pop through. Planned Parenthood is another one that we see on the site–but exclude. Google should keep out anything adult like dating services, etc. So, I’ll see what is going on with that.

      1. Okay. I’ve never had a blog or website, so I don’t know how all that works.

        Good luck with Google. I think those ads are most likely being allowed to come through by Google on purpose—for trolling—since advertisers would typically only want to spend their money on a receptive market. Putting a Planned Butcherhood ad on a conservative Christian website is dumber than, say, advertising a steakhouse to vegetarians.

        1. Google serves different ads to each site visitor based and n what Google knows about your search history. So if you are seeing ads for Russian singles, that is because Google’s algorithms think that they are a good fit for YOU, based on your search history.

  2. Russell Moore’s praetorian guards over at SBC Echoes have themselves all up in a lather about the ERLC being scrutinized. He is apparently free to scrutinize the rest of us, but he himself is above such indignities.

    They’re also having a cow over the new conservative group. Why would that bother them so much., I wonder.

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  6. You did not answer the question. HOW MANY churches have left the SBC since the 2016 election? PLEASE answer and cite the source of your answer so readers can verify what you say.
    By the way, tell us who YOU are, please. How can we trust anything you say if we readers do not know your identity. And don’t get offended — I am simply following the wise counsel of another conservative President who said “TRUST, but VERIFY.”

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  8. Canceling and outrage are standard tactics by the progressive left.

    They will have no room in the SBC for those that do not follow Russell Moores brand of social justice religion.

    Already, there is no room for us in the universities, the media, social media, the entertainment industry, etc. When the social justice warriors take charge there is no room for anyone with Christian conservative beliefs.

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