The SBC Elites are upset that Conservatives are fighting back against the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Convention. Everyone knows the Leftward Drift is happening. It is happening with sexualized worship. It is happening as a woman teaching pastor is invited to perform at the Pastor’s Conference. It is happening as the progressives at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) develop a womb-to-the-tomb agenda—an agenda that elevates healthcare, immigration and tax policy to the same level as fighting murder.

The good news: Conservatives convinced the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention to stand against sexualized worship, women pastors and liberal politics.

And of course, the Elites don’t like that. So, the Elites attack the Conservative Baptist Network and the Executive Committee.

Russell Moore favorite and defender Erick Erickson chimed in with one of the craziest takes. He tweeted, “This whole ‘we’re purer than you’ effort to remake the Southern Baptist Convention in Trump’s image is really nuts.  Trying to ruin good conservative pastors because they won’t hump Trump’s leg reeks of fire and brimstone.”

Who are the “good conservative pastors” being ruined?

Is it the pastor with the sexualized worship themes?

I’m not sure that qualifies as good.

Is it the ERLC and Russell Moore?

Given the ERLC’s cavorting with the Soros-funded National Immigration Forum, I’m not so sure that qualifies as conservative. Given the ERLC published an essay urging Christians not to preach against abortion, how can any of us conservatives approve of the ERLC under Russell Moore’s leadership? Dr. Moore smeared Christians throughout the 2016 Presidential Election. Should we expect any difference in 2020?

But Erickson’s tweet is an example of the Good Old Boy Network of Elite Evangelicalism. Big Eva defends one another. They platform one another.

Erickson did follow that up with one good observation. He wrote, “I wonder how much of the SBC turmoil right now would not have happened had they not passed that critical race theory resolution. That thing comes up in every conversation I have with people who are angsty about the SBC direction — every single conversation.”

This is important.

The passage of Resolution 9, which endorsed the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality was huge. It was the tipping point.

The average Southern Baptist instinctively knows that Racial Identity Politics is Evil. The adoption of Resolution 9 showed how far to the Left that SBC Elites drifted.

The passage of Resolution 9 validated every single criticism leveled at the SBC by conservative blogs.

Elites prepare attack on Executive Committee and Chairman Mike Stone

Of course, Erickson’s response was mild in comparison to the frantic venting of the SBC Voices crowd. In posting worth of Izvestia, the Voices crowd delivered their message—They will smear and attack the good people of the SBC Executive Committee for standing against sexualized worship and standing against progressive politics at the ERLC.

In a rant against the conservative Chairman of the Executive Committee Mike Stone, Voices suggested replacing the entire EC and at the very least “we need to move to replace him (Stone).”

There you have it. Stand up for what’s right. Stand up and simply suggest that we should ask questions about Russell Moore and you’ll have Big Eva Enablers declare war on you.

Can the SBC be saved when there are many of the Voices ilk?

And you can tell that the Elites truly fear the Conservative Baptist Network. Baptist 21 attacked the new organization this morning.

Baptist 21 wrote, “No doubt, there are a wide range of views on how we should engage politically as Christians and as Southern Baptists. Let’s hope that the CBN doesn’t make a particular political approach more important to our cooperation than the BF&M2000.”

This isn’t a good argument. First, because there are varying approaches doesn’t mean all approaches are equally valid. Second, if someone were to promote voting for abortion supporting candidates, then that would be an issue that would trump whatever the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 might say.

Oh wait, some Southern Baptists are doing this.

We know one pastor admitted he voted for Hillary Clinton.

He also happens to be a huge Russell Moore supporter.

This is what makes the ERLC’s rhetoric of pro-life from womb-to-the-tomb so dangerous. It allows great sins (murder) to be equated to minor policy differences on healthcare or immigration.

You can tell a lot about Russell Moore by looking at the people defending him. Not only was there the Hillary supporting pastor, but there are others.

There is Thabiti Anyabwile—the pastor who said all white people were guilty of the assassination of Martin Luther King.

So, get ready. The Elites won’t stop in their effort to keep Russell Moore in power.

If you are a conservative, then get involved. Let the Executive Committee and others know that you are upset at the Leftward drift.

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  1. Over on SBC Echoes, Caiaphas Miller posted an article by some woman named Susan Codone. According to her authoritative word, “The ERLC is imperative.”

    It’s a wonder that Christianity was able to survive so many trials and tribulations for nearly 2000 years without the likes of Russell Moore, the ERLC, and the wisdom of Susan Codone for that matter.

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