David French invents new sins to attack Jerry Falwell & Donald Trump supporters.

Defending liberty is how Evangelical Voters love our neighbors. That is a blessing to all people.

David French’s virtue signaling is insufferable. It is so bad, he even accused Jerry Falwell of engaging in sin—all because he questioned Dr. Russell Moore’s competency to speak for Southern Baptists on the issue of immigration.

Here’s Falwell’s alleged sinful tweet: “Who are you @drmoore?  Have you ever made a payroll?  Have you ever built an organization of any type from scratch?  What gives you authority to speak on any issue?  I’m being serious.  You’re nothing but an employee- a bureaucrat.”

And here is David French’s accusation against Falwell: “Yet there are millions of Trump supporting Christians who would read that exchange and think, ‘That’s way too far. I’m not like that. My Trump-supporting friends aren’t like that.’ And they’re right! They’re not like Falwell. They would never act like Falwell. But I’d submit that a person doesn’t necessarily wash his hands of sin by delegating that sin to another person.”

What is sinful in Falwell’s tweet?

His rhetorical point is powerful. Dr. Moore is a bureaucrat. He isn’t a businessman who makes a payroll, but someone who runs an organization funded by Southern Baptists—and Dr. Moore espouses policies that don’t seem to be in accord with the feelings of the people of the Southern Baptist Convention.

As Falwell said, we can echo: What gives Dr. Moore authority to speak on immigration?

Asking that question isn’t sinful. It’s wise.

Of course, Dr. Moore can speak for himself and his opinions, but he can’t pretend to speak for the millions of Southern Baptists who openly disagree with him.

David French represents the problem with Elite Evangelicals—they invent new sins to burden pew sitting Christians.

Sounds like the Pharisees.

And why do they do this? The Pharisees were made more powerful from it.

And it is the same with Elite Evangelicals.

This is a hissy fit over how rank-and-file conservative Christians ignored their demand to allow evil to win in 2016.

No Thanks.

We will follow the advice of great systematic theologians and philosophers like Dr. Wayne Grudem, Dr. Norm Geisler and Dr. William Lane Craig over the virtue signaling enablers of progressives like David French and Russell Moore.

What is the best way to Love our Neighbors? Allow Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office?

French and other Elite Evangelicals impute sinful desires to conservatives for engaging in self-defense.

As French rants, “Or, to put things more plainly, one doesn’t comply with the command to ‘love your enemies’ by hiring someone to hate them for you.”

However, that is the opposite of what moral philosophy, law and Christianity teach.

For example, if one goes to fight in a just war for his country and kills a foreign solider, is one hating an enemy? Of course not, the state and soldiers don’t purpose the individual murder of soldiers, but their own safety and the safety of the state when they enter war.

Likewise, Christian voters’ election of Donald Trump actually IS a sign of our love for enemies. Donald Trump, at least so far, defends the foundation of Western Civilization from the relentless assault of progressives.

In this way, religious liberty and privilege for Christians, and in fact all peoples, are refreshed and renewed.

At least for four years.

Think of it this way, would Christians “Love our Enemies” by allowing greater evil to triumph?

Would allowing Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office demonstrate our love of neighbor or our country? 

When it is in our power to resist tyranny—and yes, Democrats are the Party of Infanticide and LGBTQ sexual tyranny—we must do so.

In politics, that often means working with people who do not share our convictions.

Often, that includes people who are sinners.

Every Election is a choice between Lesser Evils

Yes, politicians are often sinners. And unlike what French and his ilk suggest, every election is actually a choice between lesser evils. That’s a lesson of history and the Bible—that even good kings come with their baggage and bad behavior.

French’s rant continues and ends up in the usual place—trying to make a case that Christians should allow the election of baby killers to become truly Pro-Life.

What a joke.

His supposed “Trump” card is Jesus.

Jesus didn’t engage in political fights—so, that must mean that because the savior submitted to murder, that we Christians should do so too.

However, 1. We aren’t Jesus. 2. We are to be like Jesus and follow the Apostles’s commands. However, the Apostles never command Christians to surrender their influence on the state on virtue signaling grounds.

Again, this is where French creates a false dichotomy. In his view, holding and wielding political power isn’t loving our neighbors. However, we should reject this. There is no greater love to our neighbors in a Democracy than the restraint of tyranny.

Even if Democrats don’t know it, defending liberty through Donald Trump is in fact a blessing to the entire nation.

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