Former French Prime Minister François Fillon warns that persecution of Christians in Middle East is a prelude to ‘our own fate.’ Fillon was Prime Minister under former French President Nicholas Sarkozy (2007-2012) and was the Republican Party (France)’s nominee for president in the last election (2017).

“Together we know that the future of the West and the future of the East are intimately linked, and that the fate of Eastern Christians and other minorities is the prelude to our own fate,” Fillon said in a speech to a conference held in the French Senate chamber on the protection of religious minorities in the Middle East. (“Le sort des chrétiens d’Orient est le prélude de notre propre sort.”)

Now that Fillon is out of office, he wants to focus on the plight of these Christians who are among the most persecuted people in the world. In fact, one aid group warns of a “Second Genocide” as Christians face extinction in some countries at the hands of terrorists and repressive Islam.

Fillon spoke in support of religious liberty or pluralism for the Middle East and rebuked Western leadership for allowing the destruction of Christian communities in the region.

Among the many causes which are worthy of being defended—that of the Christians of the East has always touched me. No doubt because this cause has long been defenseless. It cannot be said enough how silent and cowardly the European states and their elites were in the face of the gradual disappearance of one of the oldest and most brilliant communities in the Middle East. Why again this cause? Because I am convinced that the decline of fundamentalism and peace for all requires freedom of belief and freedom of conscience.”

“In the midst of all these errors, at the heart of all these storms, the Christians of the East were the hostages and sometimes the necessary accomplices of the harshest regimes, then the victims of the Islamists who promised them the coffin or the suitcase.”

No doubt Fillon is right. Western elites have ignored the plight of persecuted Christians in pursuit of shortsighted policy goals. Will these same shortsighted goals lead to our own destruction? The loss of our religious liberty?

4 thoughts on “Former French PM: ‘The fate of (Middle) Eastern Christians is the prelude to our own fate.’”

  1. Globalists will never cease at pulling at levers to make us do their bidding – for their is always a reason why we have to send our boys to the other side of the world, overturn a sovereign country, and then, after we have grown impatient with the consequences of our deeds, abandon it, at which point another massive refugee crisis begins and is aimed for European lands.

    I pray folks will see through these machinations, and remember that our culture in Dixie has always believed in minding it’s own business – or, at least, before we became intoxicated by the notion of participating in the construction of a New England Yankee Puritan empire, which, in reality, is anything but ‘puritan’ for those who live under it.

  2. Fillon was the front runner for the presidency before the mainstream media engineered a pseudo-scandal that eliminated him from the race.

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