Beth Moore salutes attack on President Donald Trump

Southern Baptist preacher, err I mean Bible Teacher, Beth Moore saluted Christianity Today for its editorial attack on the President. CT’s editorial crashed the CT website for a brief time as the so-called evangelical magazine called for Donald Trump’s removal from office. And Beth Moore tips her cap to it.

On Twitter, Moore said in response to the CT attack on Trump, “My hat’s off to you, @markgalli. Respect.”

Hat’s off over the Christianity Today editorial? The one that read like it was penned by a partisan hack?

The one that was wrong on the facts about Ukraine? That editorial claimed there was an attempt to intimidate Ukraine, when Ukraine’s own leader and representatives said they didn’t feel pressured.

Of course, nobody bothers with facts when you can celebrate a Democratic victory. And that is really what is driving this whole Christianity Today editorial and the rally of Big Evangelicalism (Big Eva) figures like Beth Moore. This is about attacking President Donald Trump.

As Todd Starnes said, “some of our most conservative religious denominations have also been breached by sex and gender revolutionaries, open borders globalists and race-baiting charlatans peddling identity politics.”

We are experiencing a dangerous infiltration in the Southern Baptist Convention. Our Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission works with the George Soros funded Evangelical Immigration Table to throw open our borders.

Our seminaries are overrun with Woke Social Justice Warriors. We’ve got Southeastern celebrating Malcolm X. We’ve got Southern’s provost saying he is a white supremacist because he is white. We’ve got Midwestern hiring an Anti-Trump professor from Baylor. We’ve got Southwestern firing a conservative Latino Trump supporter because they didn’t want him talking about biblical sexuality.

This is a giant mess. Beth Moore’s a big part of it.

But, what else should we expect from a woman who preaches to men on Sunday mornings?

What else should we expect from a woman who thinks Nationalism is a sin?

This is a woman celebrated by the SBC elites. Are you happy about the platform she’s given in our SBC life?