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Beth Moore Is Still Bitter About Donald Trump’s Election

Report: Beth Moore says American Evangelicalism died in 2016.

Beth Moore declared nationalism is a sin. She saluted a partisan attack on President Donald Trump disguised as piety from the pages of Christianity Today. Now, Beth Moore, the female preacher, err Bible Teacher who pulls in $250,000+ a year and lives in a $1.8 million-dollar home declared American Evangelicalism dead. According to Moore, it died in 2016.

Todd Starnes was first to report Moore’s calling the time of death of American Evangelicalism, “Evangelicalism as we knew it, as imperfect as it was because we are imperfect, passed away in 2016. History will plant its grave marker there. A disclaimer is always necessary these days so I’ll add this: This, of course, is not to say conservative Christianity passed away.”

What happened in 2016? Well, Donald Trump won the presidency. And Moore is a rabid Never Trumper.

Also, her tweet calling the death of evangelicalism was in response to a tweet pointing out the recent Christian Post editorial critical of Christian Elites attacking Donald Trump.

That speaks volumes. She’s blinded by Never Trumpism.

Moore is the new face of Never Trump Evangelical elites. The liberal Atlantic magazine featured her in a secular hagiography: The Tiny Blond Bible Teacher Taking on the Evangelical Political Machine.

Moore is following the example of other Evangelical Elites like Russell Moore (no relation.) Russell Moore declared the Culture War lost and that he “hates” the word evangelical. His dislike of evangelical was written for the liberal Washington Post.

Notice a trend?

These Elite Evangelicals love the acclaim of the culture—they crave the laurels of the Atlantic and the New York Times and the Washington Post.

And what better way to win the praise of progressive secularists than joining their attacks on President Donald Trump?

Trump deserves the praise of evangelicals for his pro-life and pro-religious liberty record. Trump has surpassed expectations. He’s not perfect. Yet, he has delivered on his promises.

Only those blinded with Never Trump rage fail to see the evidence—Trump deserves even higher levels of Christian support in 2020.

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