Beth Moore calls nationalism a sin

Memo to this woman preacher: Loving America and promoting its interests is not a sin. Christians should not repent of the alleged sin of nationalism.

Beth Moore, a bestselling Southern Baptist preacher, err I mean Bible teacher, called nationalism a sin during a Twitter rant against Christian support for President Donald Trump.

Beth Moore tweeted, “Faith leaders, let’s do our jobs. Not sell our souls. Let’s repent of our own sins. Sins of nationalism, racism, sexism, hatred, white supremacy, murder, our lying, our cheating, our bribing, our abuse of power, our blood thirst, our greed. Church, if we do not repent, who will?

Since when is loving one’s own nation and promoting its interests a sin? Because that’s what nationalism is. Nationalism views the nation-state as a political entity of people bound together to the same fate.

As Rich Lowry explains in his new book The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free, “Whereas patriotism is loyalty to what is your own, particularly your own people and government, nationalism is more specific, namely, as the scholar Azar Gat writes, ‘the doctrine and ideology that a people is bound together in solidarity, fate, and common political aspirations.’”

Yoram Hazony points out in The Virtue of Nationalism that nationalists focuses on “the freedom of nations and their self-determination.”

So, understanding that all of us in America are bound together and that policies should be for our mutual benefit is a “Sin” that requires our Christian repentance.


Moore is a divisive figure in the Southern Baptist Convention. She’s admitted to preaching in church on Sunday morning and mocked those who were outraged by the affront to Scripture such a move made.

But, here is this “faith leader” teaching a generation of women and men that nationalism is a sin.

Also, notice Beth Moore’s repetition of the sin of racism.

She mentions it twice. Once as racism. Second, as white supremacy.

Why the double mention? Moore is a captive of Identity Politics.

Beth Moore appears to view white supremacy as a stain on the church. However, does she have actual examples of churches today practicing white supremacy? If so, she should name them and we should kick them out of the SBC.

Only real racism please. We can’t use the definitions of racism offered by Critical Race Theory—even if the Southern Baptist Convention approves of those “analytical tools” of Identity Politics.

Beth Moore is yet another example of the decline of the Southern Baptist Convention into the pit of Identity Politics and hatred of America. Beth Moore and others need to realize that one can love Jesus and love America by promoting its interests. You can be a Christian and American patriot. Nationalism is not necessarily evil and needs no repentance.