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Baptist seminary professor tweets attack on Fox News, conservatives and Donald Trump

Baptist professor also says OK for Christians to vote for any party. Reminder: Democrats support abortion.

A Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) professor tweeted attacks on right wing populism, Fox News and President Donald Trump Thursday. Thomas S. Kidd is a professor at Midwestern, a professor at Baylor University, and a Research Fellow of the Russell Moore led Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention.

He’s also rabidly Anti-Trump. And what better way to virtue signal your Never Trumpism than tweeting attacks on Trump on the day of the partisan travesty of impeachment. So, that’s just what a professor supported by Southern Baptists did. He approvingly shared and agreed with a David French attack Fox News and right-wing populism for “getting in bed with racists.”

“Right-wing populism is in bed with too many racists, and so long as it gives aid and comfort (including on Fox prime time) to some of the worst voices in American life, it’s doomed ultimately to fail.”

Of course, those words were by Big Eva’s highest profile Never Trumper—David French. Then, Kidd tells everyone he endorses all of French’s rhetoric.

“Yep // “It’s hard to sell arguments on family stability and social cohesion when you support a thrice-married adulterer who seeks only to ‘own the libs.’” @davidafrench @thedispatch

Do you see the problem in the argument French advances and Kidd endorses?

It is patently obvious that Trump has done more than “own the libs.” While French whinged and Kidd tweeted, McConnell was pressing forward confirming conservative federal judges.

That’s big.

That’s the best way to protect religious liberty for Christians.

Also, French and Kidd fail to see that one can support Trump without endorsing his sinfulness. Just as I can shop at a retailer without endorsing its politics, or I can watch a football game on ESPN without embracing its progressive agenda.

This is a critical distinction. Of course, its lost on Never Trump Evangelicals. Big Eva depends on hero worship, and it never crosses their mind that individuals can make choices based on policy instead of personality.

But, this Baptist professor who lectures at your Southern Baptist seminary—a seminary supported by your tithes and offerings, believes it is OK for a Christian to vote for the Democratic Party.

Here is Kidd’s tweets endorsing the view that a Christian could support the Party of Infanticide:

“Before y’all @ me, I say again – I am ok with just about any voting choice that traditional believers make in this dismal situation. For me, the major parties are still not acceptable options and show no signs of becoming acceptable in 2020.”

It may be a dismal situation, but there is no way a Christian who holds to any semblance of a biblically centered worldview could vote Democratic.

But, Kidd doesn’t rule out that option.

Of course, he would prefer Christians follow his example and toss their vote away.

That’s political suicide.

A third-party vote or staying home only helps elect Democrats—the party that wants more baby murder and to destroy religious liberty.

Kidd and his cronies in Big Eva care more about virtue signaling than doing right—and right in politics is protecting the lives of the innocent and defending religious liberty.

That’s done by Donald Trump, right wing populists and Fox News far better than the likes of Kidd, Russell Moore and most of our Southern Baptist supported institutions.

Seriously, why did a Southern Baptist seminary hire this Never Trump professor from Baylor—the place that let Beth Moore preach?

It says a lot about what our SBC seminaries value.

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