This is breaking news. Conservative leader Tom Ascol collapsed this morning while at church. Ascol is the Southern Baptist leader who led the fight against Identity  Politics during the SBC Annual Meeting where the infamous Resolution 9 was considered and approved. Ascol is also head of Founders Ministries.

UPDATE 2: The family posted an update Monday saying Ascol is in ICU but improving.

UPDATE: Here is the latest news on Dr. Ascol. According to a post from Jared Longshore:
“Over the past few hours, as his church, family, and other congregations have prayed, Pastor Tom Ascol has become much more coherent and responsive. While he has little mobility he is speaking clearly, smiling, and talking of the goodness of God. He could hear our singing, prayers and words throughout the day when unresponsive. As I held his hand and told him how much I loved him, I added with a smile, ‘Whenever you do die, I’m going to use it to publish the gospel of Jesus far and wide.’ He smiled and whispered, ‘You better… tell them it’s all of grace.’

“We hope to give further updates as available. Unspeakable glory and grace has rained down upon Tom, his dear wife Donna, his family, Grace Baptist Church and Founders Ministries this day. We have seen a man fighting the good fight. We have seen a man spending himself and being spent for the gospel. He has taught us what to do. And he has pointed us to Christ.”

Please continue praying for Pastor Tom, his family, Grace Baptist Church, and Founders Ministries. We thank you.

Here is the earlier statement posted by Founders asking for prayer for Pastor Tom Ascol:

“While ministering to his church this morning, Pastor Tom Ascol of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral Florida suddenly fell to the ground and was unresponsive. He was taken to the hospital where he now, having stable vitals, is in and out of responsiveness. We request your earnest prayers for Pastor Tom, his family, Grace Baptist Church, and Founders Ministries. We are all worshiping our good and sovereign God. We are putting our hope in the Lord Jesus Christ whose gospel is the only way of salvation. Thank you for praying with us.”