Elite Evangelicals tell Christians to avoid partisanship, attack Republican Party. Advocate Womb-to-the-Tomb pro-life ethic. Say support for Trump, GOP is bad for Gospel witness.

Jenny Yang of World Relief has a history of outrageous comments. In 2018, she compared immigration to fulfilling the Great Commission.

“We are fulfilling the Great Commission when we welcome people from other nations to our country” -@JennyYangWR #EFL2018 (see image for tweet that was later deleted by the ERLC.)

Now Yang has compared National Security to the Prosperity Gospel and the Rule of Law to failure to love your neighbor.

“National Security and comfort have become the new Prosperity Gospel in America today,” Yang said. “Instead of seeking wealth and resources, we have elevated the rule of law above the love of neighbor.”

She made the explosive comments during a conference on the future of Christianity and Public Life held at John Brown University October 15. The conference video is available online here. The IRD was first to report on the conference. It features Yang with other Big Evangelicalism favorites Jemar Tisby and David French. All three eschewed partisanship and attacked white evangelicals for strong support of conservative Republican candidates.

Yang promoted social justice and the Christian’s involvement in politics. But it was exclusively a progressive view of political engagement. Yang wants evangelicals to have a “consistent pro-life ethic” that advocates for life “from womb to the tomb.”

“If we become overtly partisan then we will become tools of an empire to perpetuate injustice,” Yang said. “I believe we are called to be political but not necessarily partisan.”

The attack on partisanship was a theme echoed by all participants.

“Partisanship is actually an obstacle to the spread of the Gospel. It hinders the integrity of our witness,” Tisby said.

His focus was on white evangelicals and offered from the perspective of a black Christian.

Tisby said, “Today white evangelicals have become synonymous with the Republican Party. This continues to have extremely negative effects not only on our public life but on the integrity of the Gospel itself in the eyes of Christians and non-Christians alike. Why focus on the Republican Party? Not because there aren’t plenty of huge issues with the Democratic Party but because…one party has set itself up as the one true Christian Party.”

David French provided a similar attack on partisanship from white evangelicals.

“As the most dedicated partisans, we become tribal and we act tribal,” French said.

French attacked conservative Christian voter’s support of Donald Trump because it exposed a spirit of fear and not of hope and confidence from white evangelicals.

Why do so many elite evangelicals eschew party politics? Or, more specifically, Republican Party politics? Why is partisanship a bad thing?

Because it is effective.

They fear partisanship because white evangelicals behaving like black evangelicals or other voter groups is dangerous for progressive policies. They must stop Donald Trump and the only way to do that is suppress white evangelical voter turnout.

Get ready for the 2020 Presidential Election. Elite Evangelicals are going to do everything to destroy President Donald Trump and defeat Republicans.

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  1. Although blind partisanship should be avoided, we cannot ignore that the goal of the liberal anti-christians left is not necessarily to vote for them, but to not vote for viable candidate that are not them. They want to neutralize the massive effect Conservative Christians have in politics.

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