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Video surfaces of Alabama Senator Doug Jones promising to do “everything” possible to obstruct a Trump nominee to the Supreme Court.

Sen. Jones said it is likely a Supreme Court vacancy could open prior to the 2020 Presidential Election.

Democrats are the Party of Infanticide. The only hope for ending the modern atrocity is to wrest control of the Supreme Court from Democrats and moderate Republicans. Right now, Democratic Senator Doug Jones promises to obstruct a Trump nominee, according to video posted on Twitter.

Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted video of Jones talking to constituents about the possibility of a Supreme Court nominee before the 2020 election. Trump Jr. wrote, “New video of supposed ‘moderate’ @DougJones saying that he will do “everything he can” to stop @realDonaldTrump from confirming more judges. Make no mistake about it, Doug Jones is just another radical leftwing resister. A vote for him is a vote against the Trump agenda. #ALSEN.”

On the video, Sen. Jones is asked about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusal to bring an Obama Supreme Court nominee forward before during the 2016 election, and that now McConnell likely would bring forward a Trump SCOTUS nominee. A woman asked Jones, what he would do to stop it.

“Everything I can,” Senator Jones responded.

Of course, there is no guarantee that a Supreme Court seat would open prior to the 2020 election; however, Jones seems to think such a fight is a real possibility.

“I think there is a chance we will get another Supreme Court nominee before the 2020 election,” Jones said.

Jones pointed out he is only one of 47 Democratic voices that will be yelling Stop at Senate Republicans pushing another Trump Supreme Court nominee.

Alabama voters must take notice and prepare to vote in a pro-life senator in the 2020 election. This means Evangelical Christian voters must choose wisely in the Republican primary by helping select an electable conservative candidate. Also, Christians must be prepared for a fight in the General Election to defeat the Pro-Death Party radicals. The errors of 2017 must not be repeated.

2 thoughts on “ALERT: Alabama Senator Doug Jones promises to fight next Trump Supreme Court nominee”

  1. McConnell already promised, no Supreme Court nominees in the last year of Trump’s term. It’s the new rule he made up to try and justify blocking Garland. Are you predicting he’ll go back on that promise? On what basis? Hopefully it won’t be just Doug Jones, but all senator on both sides of the aisle, and voters as well, holding him too that.

    1. Sen. McConnell has already said he would bring forward a nominee in 2020.

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