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Last week, a group of evangelical elites supporting relaxed immigration published an open letter insinuating President Donald Trump, the Trump administration and border patrol agents were mistreating children. Fox News Radio Host Todd Starnes fired back at the Soros-funded Evangelical Immigration Table disputing the mainstream, secular media’s narrative of what is happening on the border. Starnes is a Southern Baptist and said, he would not support tithes going to support groups like this.

“So, I’m very concerned about this George Soros-funded organization, and I can tell you that as a Southern Baptist myself, you better believe I’m going to be making some calls to find out where my tithe money is going to because I sure hope it isn’t going to fund groups like that,” Starnes said on his radio program.

This is an important thing for all concerned Southern Baptists to do.

Call and let your pastor, deacon and/or elders know you don’t support what Russell Moore and his Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention are doing in partnering with liberal, progressive organizations funded by George Soros.

Let them know you aren’t interested in helping George Soros and the Democratic Party. If you aren’t aware of the Evangelical Immigration Table, then read about its links to Soros and the Open Letter the group published last week.

And if you need to know more about Russell Moore and the ERLC, then check out how the Liberal Washington Post defends the so-called conservative Southern Baptist.

Defending President Trump and Border Patrol against Democrats

Starnes took exception to what elite evangelicals implied in the open letter—namely, that President Donald Trump, the Trump administration and Border Agents were mistreating children.

“The insinuation is that Border Agents and the Trump Administration are not treating illegal immigrants in a humane fashion, and that is absolutely not true. This president, this administration and border patrol agents are doing everything in their power to take care of these children,” Starnes said. “When you have tens of thousands of people, city-sized groups of people, coming across the border it is impossible for border patrol or anyone else to get a handle on that immediately.”

Starnes isn’t the only evangelical Christian in the last week to defend President Trump and Border Patrol agents.

Prestonwood Baptist pastor and former Southern Baptist Convention president Jack Graham tweeted a strong defense of Border agents. He wrote, “Our great Border patrol agents and law enforcement are working day and night to protect our country and alleviate suffering. No one should question that.”

Graham also disputed secular media reports promoted by Evangelical Immigration Table member and ERLC president Russell Moore. He wrote, “This is a very inaccurate report! I’ve been to the border and seen the great work our Border Agents are doing along with churches like ours which are ministering in Jesus Name. Extremely disappointing @dmoore.”

Interestingly, Graham and a host of other conservative Southern Baptist leaders and former presidents like Executive Committee president Ronnie Floyd and former Southern Baptist Convention ERLC president Richard Land are listed as supporters of the Evangelical Immigration Table’s Immigration policies. Given the present information that the group is Soros-backed and that it is working to spread falsehoods about Border Agents, would these conservative Southern Baptists continue to support the use of their names on the EIT website?

All of this has major implications for the future of the Southern Baptist Convention, evangelical Christianity and the United States. You can’t forget, the 2020 election is already underway. With Russell Moore doing the Democrats work by partnering with a Soros-funded immigration group, it could have major implications for how Christians vote in 2020.

“If in fact, George Soros and the Leftists have infiltrated the nation’s Protestant denomination, that is a major, major problem,” Starnes said considering the dangers this would present heading into the 2020 election cycle.

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  1. God is in control of Soros is what I believe. My faith will remain strong in our Lord God to not let Soros win. Him and his cronies have been involved all along. We will keep our faith in our Lord God Almighty, prayers are powerful, (as You know).

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