Judge Roy Moore runs for Senate despite opposition from President Donald Trump and top Republican leaders.

Roy Moore announced he is running for Senate. Again. Judge Moore’s decision to reeks of selfishness. He is willing to jeopardize an important senate seat that the Republicans could claim in 2020 by running once again.

His announcement drew a sharp rebuke from President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr. who tweeted, “I can assure everyone that by running, Roy Moore is going against my father and he’s doing a disservice to all conservatives across the country in the process.”

Despite that, Moore claims he isn’t going against the wishes of the President.

One can understand Moore’s desire for vindication at the ballot box, and a general election with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket is a prime opportunity for it. However, Moore should ask himself if personal vindication is worth the risk of a necessary and perhaps critical Republican Senate seat?

Moore faces many difficulties in winning the seat.

Assume for a moment that Moore is correct that Mitch McConnell and his associates plotted against him—why should we expect differently now?

Cocaine Mitch has only grown more powerful. Why run afoul of him again?

Also, Roy Moore is a bad statewide candidate. Whether this is because of his conservative beliefs, because of dislike for him as a politician or a reflection of opposition within the establishment Republican and business community is hard to say. Whatever the case, Roy Moore underperforms other Republicans on statewide ballots.


There is no doubt Roy Moore was treated poorly last time. Christian conservative elites attacked Moore before the sexual misconduct allegations surfaced. The attacks were personal. However, the sexual misconduct allegations were what derailed Moore’s campaign.

Also, the sexual misconduct allegations were stunningly well-time and coordinated to do the maximum damage to Moore’s reputation and the GOP’s election prospects. It reeked of the blueprint later deployed against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

However, one views those allegations, Moore’s actions now are selfish.

One can doubt the veracity of the claims against Judge Roy Moore last time, and still believe this is not the best decision for Alabama or the United States.

This campaign appears to be a vendetta.

The issues at stake in 2020 are too important for one man’s personal quest for vindication to risk control of the United States Senate.

2 thoughts on “Election 2020: Roy Moore’s selfish Senate bid”

  1. Sadly, I have to agree. IF he cannot win and he doesn’t have the support (and I don’t know if this is the reality or not) he shouldn’t run. I don’t know what’s in his heart so I don’t know if this is him trying to redeem his name and himself. I will pray that Roy examines his heart and searches for God’s will and hears and acts accordingly. He is a hero of mine. Whatever happened 30+ years ago is anyone’s guess. I do not support convicting anyone of things doen 30+ years ago if their character today is wholey different and seemingly honorable. That has to be between him and God. I only know the man he has been over the last 20 years. I hope God gives him an ear to hear what HIS will is for this time and place in history.

  2. If he believes in his heart that he can win and he is the right person for the job, then Judge Moore has every right to run again. He lost because McConnell & Shelby & long-time GOPers like Leland Whaley would rather have had a ultra-liberal like Doug Jones. That says more about them, than a man who served his country with honor, been a great husband, father, grandfather, and had nary a hint of personal scandal in nearly 4 decades of service. Is Judge Moore the best candidate, probably not. But who is may be the question? Will any of his more “electable” opponents stand against the TRILLION dollar annual deficit or against the godless LGBTQ agenda literally trying to destroy our country from within and subjecting our children to unspeakable things that should be criminal. I will be happy to support another that can win better than Moore, and who will stand for biblical marriage, financial and personal responsibility, and insist SCOTUS nominees be pro-life, no ifs, ands or buts….

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