President Donald J. Trump's trade policy forced China into error as Xi decides on 'socialism or bust.'

Is Donald Trump a deep strategic thinker? I don’t know, but he has a knack for getting his opponents to self-destruct. President Trump goaded Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, wait sorry, I mean Pocahontas, to take a DNA test. The outcome was not so good for Warren. In a much more important bit of news, analysts now see China making a significant error caused by Trump’s trade policies.

So much winning.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential aspirations imploded when she revealed the results of a DNA test purportedly revealing her native American ancestry—ancestry that after close analysis shows her less native American than the general population. It was an unforced error that revealed Warren’s lack of common sense. 1/1024th Native American?

Really? And you thought that was a good idea to reveal with a slick video?

Trump’s rhetorical barbs score points because they point out the absurd. That’s why Pocahontas irritated her so much. While the Left gave her a pass because she championed the right social causes, Trump doesn’t play nice.

One barb had a United States Senator turn herself into an even more hilarious punchline. Does anyone think Low Energy JEB! would have been able to do the same?

But the future presidential aspirations of the Massachusetts senator is a small matter when compared to the geopolitical future of China. And yet, Trump’s trade policies seem to have forced yet another error. China is focused on current growth and the expense of the future.

Sound familiar?

That’s what happens when a state adopts a strategy of “socialism or bust” And all in response to Donald Trump.

According to a blog post at CFR, “With growth under threat from an escalating trade war initiated by the Trump Administration, Xi has shifted his chips. China’s strategy is now ‘socialism or bust.’”

There’s more in the blog post including some informative graphics. Take a look, but here is another important bit of analysis:

“China’s new strategy is buoying the economy in the short-term, but undermining it in the long-term. As shown in the top-right figure, return on assets in industrial firms is falling as business shifts to the less-productive state sector. This fact bodes badly for both future growth and debt levels,” according to the CFR blog post.

While China isn’t Venezuela, picking the path toward more socialism and less growth will only result in a weaker economy.

A weaker economy means a weaker China.

It is an unforced error. China’s centralized regime fears lower growth now. Instead of embracing market reforms that would make China more prosperous in the future (at the expense of some pain and political discontent now), the leadership panicked. Stability appears to be the focus. It is the weakness of authoritarian regimes.

The great problem with centralized economies like China is the inefficiency. China’s move to double down on socialism means more inefficiencies. That’s bad for China. That’s a geopolitical win for Trump that could pay dividends for decades.

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  1. I don’t think that we have decades. Check out Dane Wigington on youtube. The biosphere is imploding. Trump maybe be better than hitler clinton, but he is no messiah, as some fools like false prophet mark taylor believe. The problems facing us are too big. They are not solvable.

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