SEC Football Championship Game to be held in Atlanta through 2026

Russell Moore and his cronies at the Southern Baptist’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission hate Donald Trump, conservative evangelical voters and now football.

Yes, football.

Apparently, a critical element in advancing Christ’s kingdom is attacking Christians who love football. Unfortunately, this is how the ERLC spends its time and resources publishing blog posts like this one: Is Football Violence Worth the Cost.

In the post via spurious logic and random proof texting, the ERLC promotes the view that violence in football is somehow bad for Christian consumption.

The post approvingly uses this quote from an anti-football advocate, ““If a game is associated with violence, that should be of note to believers. Following Christ means avoiding unnecessary violence, no matter what macho culture and John Wayne manhood might say (Luke 22:36).”

The progressives at the ERLC now hate anything manly.

It isn’t shocking. The ERLC has a trustee chairman who is elder at a church embracing Marxist racial identity politics, and Dr. Russell Moore has embraced the progressive agenda and regularly works with the progressives at The Gospel Coalition to promote these harmful ideologies and undermine traditional Southern Baptist morals. Football is just the latest victim in Dr. Moore and the ERLC’s crusade against what it means to be Southern and Baptist.

Southern Baptists have ignored Dr. Moore’s dangerous thinking over and over during the last few years. Now that the ERLC is attacking football, maybe Southern Baptists will sit up and take notice at the dangerous thinking funded by your Cooperative Program giving.