Don’t let Russell Moore, denominational elites and his friends in the liberal media deceive you! There are many good reasons to fire Dr. Russell Moore. Here are a few of them that include idolizing abortion supporters, aiding Democrats who helped elect Nancy Pelosi as speaker, insulting evangelical voters and his poor ethical scholarship.

Dr. Moore models his ERLC on Foy Valentine, abortion supporter

From the New Yorker, “A picture of Foy Valentine, daringly attired in a turquoise leisure suit, hangs on the wall outside Moore’s office, and his complicated legacy informs everything that the E.R.L.C. does today. ‘Courageous’ is not even a strong enough word for him—when it applies to civil rights,’ Moore says. The caveat is important, because Valentine’s political liberalism was not limited to matters of race. He was equally resolute in defense of abortion rights, even as most members of his church were starting to regard abortion as a national atrocity. In 1971, Valentine backed the denomination’s first resolution on abortion, which called upon Southern Baptists to support ‘legislation that will allow the possibility of abortion’ in a number of situations, as when the mother’s physical or emotional health was at risk.”


Would a real, pro-life advocate honor a pro-abortion Southern Baptist liberal?


Further, have you noticed how Dr. Moore is beloved by all these liberal publications? The New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker? Coincidence? Or is there something more sinister at play as these liberal publications support Dr. Moore and give him a platform to attack you and me? Perhaps it is the same reason Dr. Moore is associated with the extreme liberal George Soros! You can read more about that scandalous link between Dr. Moore and Soros here.


If that were not troubling enough, you should see the shocking connection between Dr. Moore and his support for a Democratic congressman who voted Nancy Pelosi as speaker!

Dr. Moore idolizes a congressman who voted for Nancy Pelosi

Seth Dunn reported these shocking details, “In 2006, Moore wrote an article in which he referred to Democratic congressman Gene Taylor as “the greatest public servant I have ever known.”  Moore worked as a staff person for the Democratic congressman early in his career.  In 2010, Moore donated $4,800 to Taylor’s reelection campaign.  Taylor twice voted for Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house and voted with Pelosi 82% of the time.  Is it a Southern Baptist value to support a partisan of Nancy Pelosi?”


Should a conservative, pro-life Southern Baptist leader give money to a Democrat who is enabling the pro-death and anti-family Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House and run the House of Representatives? Sure, he defends it by saying the Democrat is pro-life, but have you looked at the Democratic platform? It isn’t the platform of life and family values. No! There is a reason the pro-life movement abandoned the Democratic Party—there is simply no room there for those who believe in defending the unborn!


You know it and I know it. Why doesn’t Russell Moore know it?

Dr. Moore is a very shallow and unscholarly ethicist

Dr. Moore’s criticism of Donald Trump failed because he ignored the more significant moral problems with voting for or allowing the election of Hillary Clinton. This was a classic case of having to decide between the Lesser of Two Evils, and only an immature person would not be able to accept that.

One of the foremost philosophers of this era, William Lane Craig explained the presidential election and the necessity of picking when there are no good choices. From his Reasonable Faith podcast,

I think there is a kind of immaturity among some people about moral decision-making where they think that moral decision-making is a matter of choosing between the good alternative and the bad alternative. That is a very naïve, almost childish, view of moral decision-making. We are frequently confronted with moral choices in which we have no good alternatives or, alternatively, we have two good alternatives to choose from and you have to then choose between two goods. But sometimes you have to choose between two bads. Intro courses in philosophy or ethics major on this point by presenting moral dilemmas to clarify students’ values. For example, a textbook illustration is the runaway streetcar example where if you do not throw the switch the streetcar will hit and kill a man working on the tracks. But if you do throw the switch then the streetcar will kill five people who are on the tracks. So which choice do you make? You don’t have a good choice in a case like that. There are two bad outcomes and you have to choose the lesser of two evils. I think the most poignant illustration of this point is Sophie’s Choice where the young mother is presented by the Nazi soldiers with a choice as to which of her children will be sent to the death camp and which one she can keep alive. If she refuses to choose one of her two children then both will be sent to the death camps. In a case like this, this poor mother had no good choice. She had to choose the lesser of two evils and pick one of her two children to be exterminated. It is just horrible.


Similarly, in a case like this, we didn’t have two good candidates to choose from. Both were flawed in multiple ways, and the outcomes were flawed in multiple ways. Yet, that doesn’t exempt you from having to make a decision in a case like this. You choose the lesser of two evils – which outcome would be better for the United States of America than the other? I think, as you already indicated, the implications for the Supreme Court are just huge in this case. We were choosing which President would be appointing not only the replacement for the late Antonin Scalia but perhaps for other justices as well. That could radically affect the direction of the Supreme Court for a generation to come.”


Dr. Moore insulted fellow Christians

There is a narrative among certain Russell Moore defenders that the attacks on him are only about Donald Trump. That is false. We Southern Baptists upset by Dr. Moore have said not one word about Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler. Dr. Mohler was a vocal critic of Mr. Trump’s moral failings; however, unlike Dr. Moore, he never attacked, insulted nor questioned the Christianity of Trump voters. Here is one enormous example of Dr. Moore’s insulting tone. He wrote this not in a Southern Baptist publication, but he aired this attack piece to the cheers of the liberal New York Times op-ed page:


Most illogical is his support from evangelicals and other social conservatives. To back Mr. Trump, these voters must repudiate everything they believe,” Dr. Moore wrote.


He called you “illogical” and traitors to your Christian morals.


We aren’t complaining about Dr. Mohler who said very critical things about Donald Trump. We are complaining about Dr. Moore who was insulting. Plus, he aired our intramural discussion on the pages of the liberal NY Times and WaPo. He tailored his hateful rhetoric against conservative evangelicals to gain praise from the worldly secularists in New York and DC. That is the problem!


If you believe it is time for a change in the Southern Baptist Convention, then please share this post and reach out to your fellow conservative Southern Baptists. If we want change, then we must work together to force elites to accept it. I highly recommend you follow SBC Today as your only source of conservative, independent and orthodox Southern Baptist news.

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