ITKA funny thing happened in the Georgia Dome Saturday night. In the building that will come down in the near future, giving way to a new, better facility for such games, the walls of Cam Newton 2.0 came down with the thud of a thousand poorly thrown footballs.

In short, “Pick Johnson” showed up, and showed out. The much heralded Jeremey Johnson, Auburn’s “secret weapon QB,” looked instead like Secret deodorant…strong enough for a man, but played like a woman.

Jeremy Johnson: “Strong enough like a man, but plays like a woman.”
Every delusional Auburn fan had been salavating for a redo of Cam’s glory run of 2010. Heck, and why not? State mediots had taken their marching orders from the halls of Lee County itself, piping those dreams into every website and airwave available. But instead?

PICK ONE! PICK TWO! PICK THREE! And there should have been a fourth, thrown directly to a crossing Louisville defender.

But there’s a reason for Cam Jr.’s rough game. Haven’t you heard? Louisville is one of the toughest defenses Pick Johnson will face all season. Said it himself:

He even declared that Louisville’s defense was full of “1st rounders” (in the NFL draft).

Yeah, Pick. Sure they are. Truth is, you’ll never get close enough to the first round to see what a first rounder looks like. Well, that is until you play Bama.

The most astounding move of the night came with only a few seconds left, when all Pick had to do was take a knee and the game was over. But instead, Auburn’s oversized knucklehead heaved the ball up for grabs where one of his players and TWO of Louisville’s stood waiting. Whether that was Gustav Mazloon’s call or Pick’s, one thing’s for sure: Neither are ready (still) for prime time.

In an ESPN article about Pick, the World Wide Leader in Sports had this to say:

“Talking with an opposing coach about Johnson’s performance, he said Johnson will have to change some of his habits and hinted that on some similarly dangerous throws he made last year, things worked out because defenders failed to make plays on the ball.”

You can bet when the Tiggers take on Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, and other SEC defensive heavyweights, such failures won’t take place.

It’s gonna be a great season.

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5 thoughts on “Jeremy Johnson: Louisville’s defense full of “first rounders””

  1. Damn you show your football ignorance. Louisville’s defense is full of NFL talent. Do you know anything about football? Shaq Wiggins and Josh Harvey Clemmons are projected draft picks. As is former B12 Defensive POY Devonte Fields. Sheldon Rankins is also an NFL bound player. Louisville just had 6 defensive players drafted in the last draft.

    Damn you’re dumb.

    1. You missed the relevant parts.

      But I know to expect that from you. We all do.

      The only problem I have is you then calling him dumb. That’s just misguided and inaccurate, not to mention ironic. Drafted is one thing, first-rounders is another thing, but the best defense they’ll face this year?

      So you’re saying LSU has a worse defense than Louisville, for example? I just want to make sure we’re understanding what you’re implying because, well, wow.

    2. So I guess Jax St. has a defense full of 1st rounders too?

      If Gussy was pissing off the building you’d believe it’s raining outside.

  2. Peachy how many of those made an NFL roster ? I mean they all went from the 3rd round through the 7th!! whew talk about some juggernauts!!! and as far as projected draft picks goes there are 11 men on the field are you to have us believe only 3 guys who rotated in and out on defense caused ol’ JJ and that prolific awbarn offense that much trouble??? if that’s the case then the barn door has came off the hinges son! you may want to shut up and quit typing while you’re ahead… your ignorance is starting to shine bright like a diamond!!!!!!

  3. QB efficiency ratings week 1.

    Jake Coker 172+
    Cooper Bateman 141+
    Pick Johnson 94+(Last in the SEC and worse than Kodi Burns). That’s some funny shit there.

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