ITKIn the latest episode of “As the Barn Turns,” we have the curious Duke Williams situation.

You remember Duke Williams, part of the boog’s 1-2 receiving punch this season. The latest idol for cult worship, Duke’s whereabouts during bowl prep and future standing on the team have been rather confusing.

As-The-Barn-TurnsDuke went missing from the practice field following the Tigers’ Iron Bowl loss to Alabama. No official word was handed down on Williams’ whereabouts or standing from Auburn until today.

Auburn’s sweatervested admiral announced that Williams broke unspecified team rules that will keep him out against the Badgers on New Year’s Day.

“I’m not getting into any details,” Malzahn said. “He’s just not going to play.”

I’ll get into the details, Gussy.

Word on the street is that Williams got the crap kicked out of him at a bar in Auburn…not very fambly-like if you ask me. His eye area was so badly injured he couldn’t get his helmet on. Then when he didn’t show up for bowl practices in Auburn, he was flown down to Tampa to supposedly work on the scout team as punishment, allegedly. And in another surprising twist, teammate Sammy Coates has, allegedly, been sitting out of bowl practices as a favor in preparation for the upcoming NFL combines and draft.

Duke Williams' black eye...I mean, pink eye.
Duke Williams’ black eye…I mean, pink eye.
Williams has reportedly been mulling whether or not to return for his senior season or declare for the NFL Draft. But Malzahn did us the favor of an update on that front, too.

“He is planning to come back to school next year,” Malzahn said.

Gus, I know you haven’t been a college head coach very long, but when have you ever heard of a head coach making the announcement about a player coming back? I can’t ever remember that happening.

Speculation on Williams’ NFL draft status has been in question since late in the season. It’s important to note that Williams hasn’t said oficially he’ll return for the 2015 campaign, so what Gussy is actually saying is he is “welcome” to return. Williams has until January 15th to give the official word, and two weeks in boogtown after the last game is a long time to sit and think.

Auburn’s leading receiver, Williams caught 45 passes for 730 yards and five touchdowns while averaging 16.2 yards per catch. Williams had four games with more than 100 yards receiving in 2014.

Oh, the semantics game. Auburn, why can’t you just be above board and speak clearly?

And an even better question, can you imagine…in a thousand years…the state media letting Nick Saban off the hook with such bumbling, dismissive statements about one of his star players?

Incredible. But don’t worry, Auburn fans will just rinse and repeat. It’s what they’re told to do, and dangit, they better do it.

But Auburn fan, you have to feel at least a little bit dirty when unexplained, Bermuda Triangle events like this seem to happen every year. Especially now that Will Muschamp, a coach one of “the HBO Four” claimed gave him money, is back on the prowl.

How long can the game in Lee County continue? And are these the early signs of a program on the edge with discipline? I’ve said all along Gustav was the next Frank Chiznik, due the lightning quick, blind credibility afforded to him by the Auburn faithful, only to be shown the door once it’s apparent the “processing” was in motion.

But what’s the real deal with Duke Williams and the Auburn football program? Will he really return? And is there more to the bar fight story, if true?

Tune in next time on, “As the Barn Turns.” And with that clown show down there, there WILL be a next time.

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20 thoughts on “Duke Williams suspended as AU smoke screen sets in”

  1. Just for you, elite tiger, albeit I don’t see any national media outrage like you were so certain would happen just mere hours ago.

    It’s funny that way.

    Now, get mad at Auburn or stop pretending Alabama not publicly giving you everything you ever wanted about DePriest’s suspension when he was a backup was one of the worst things ever and as good a reason as any to spite the entire program.

    Or don’t, you little brother, you.

  2. Word at Auburn was he talked to an agent, and his name was Luther Davis. May have even gotten some money from him. So we have nothing to worry about. And Trey wasn’t a backup when he got suspended. And you call yourself an Alabama fan, and don’t know who starts, and who doesn’t.

    1. That was the most little brother-esque response possible!

      I knew you wouldn’t disappoint, elite tiger!

      I could have sworn DePriest wasn’t the leading LB when he was suspended (I thought it was Mosley moreso) so I misspoke when I said “starter” instead of “leader.” My mistake.

      Still, you totally missed the point, probably on purpose.

      And, cult-like as ever, pointing instead at “what are your crimes,” deflecting from the start, and avoiding the actual topic at hand entirely, even though you speculated on what the result would be before the story happened.

      The irony is I think even you would admit what Duke allegedly did is arguably worse than what Adolf Fluker allegedly did.

      But one thing I didn’t and would never presume to know more about than you is Alabama football. I love Alabama football, but I’m not obsessed about it the way you are.

      I love you elite tiger! You are my favorite choad of all time! I could just eat you up! I can’t believe the cult-ness that comes out of you and it never gets old! I can’t make this stuff up, but you can’t stop! It’s genius, really. Who knows? Maybe you could have gotten into Auburn after all?

      1. Cue the “Mosely was gone” argument in 5…4…3…2…1…

        Sorry again, elite dlck. I was at the WVU game and still not as obsessed as you, but it’s easier to do that you think (at least for me).

        It’s crazy to think that was mere months ago, isn’t it? What a season.

        For us, that is.

        Roll Tide.

      2. Actually we don’t know who did the worse thing. But unless it comes out that Duke took $45k or more from an agent, Fluker did worse. It is rumor what Duke did. Word is he was in a bar fight, but I don’t know that, and neither do you. So, let’s go with that. Did he start the fight? Was he jumped from behind, or sucker punched? Was it a one on one fight, or 2 or 3 on 1, on either side? If he started the fight, he was wrong!!
        But this story, and your responses prove what I have been saying. This site rushes to put out any story of things that go wrong at Auburn(whether it is actually true or not.) And there was no story about the suspension of Trey. He was voted preseason 1st team All SEC, so it is not true that he wasn’t expected to be an important part of the team. And his suspension was a NCAA minor infraction, not a violation of team rules.
        I don’t care how many rules UA players break, but it is almost never reported nationally, like if that same player was from Auburn. But it is the way it is, and that will never change. Doesn’t make it right.
        One last thing, in the last thread you finally typed the two words I asked you for 3 times or more. I typed it in, and found the same articles I found in my searches. In none of those articles, was even one item refuted as being untrue, in the Yahoo story on DJ. Which is what I have always said.

        1. Fluker’s documents have never been verified because there is no original documentation. PDF Files and copies do not count. Duke was beat up in a bar while trying to assault a woman. Common sense says Duke could have been charged with a crime

          1. The Yahoo story led to UT losing Mo Crump, costing him the rest of his college career. They were able to back up payments. MSU got off, and Bama will as well, because they can’t find Davis. Has nothing to do with PDF, because those can be verified. It is called Freedom of Information Request, which is how Robinson got the story.
            I have read lots of speculation as to what Duke did. This is the first time I have seen what you allege. If it is true, he should be charged.

          2. No ELITE TIGER,

            PDF FILES ARE NOT VERIFIABLE. UcheaT and MSU were paranoid and were not well advised. You are not talking to an idiot here, and it’s obvious you have NEVER been to law school or ran a business or even at least been through business law courses. You are the typical dumb ass Barner who believes other dumb ass Barners and journalists that accepts faulty facts without conducting their own research. I have actual trial time under my belt, you dumb mother fucker. Vase is closed on your continual stupidity

          3. ITK, that is exactly what happened with Duke. Just glad it didn’t happen on UA’s campus or it would have been a major headline

          4. The documents the PDF came from can be verified. In Utk case, they did verify them, which lends credibility to the other accusations. I hope you are more professional in court than you are here. Justice system exists only to make lawyers rich, and is not about justice. And until the NCAA says it is closed, it isn’t. Though it may as well be, because they can’t find Luther. Then again, they aren’t trying. Anyone who does that kind of thing for a living, could find him inside 1 month

      1. At least I don’t have to have 2 personalities posting, each seeing which one is more boring. You may be wrong, and usually are, but you are never in doubt. Great thing for me is I get off this hate filled site after today. Say what you want about me, because I don’t care, and won’t be hear to read it, even if you write it. But as I said, if UAT wins the playoff, I will come on the next day, post congrats, and a special congrats to Nope/Conduit.

  3. @Pete: In the last thread, you said I had no “right” to know why Trey was suspended. I don’t have to know. But the point is, on this site there is one standard for UA, and a much higher standard for AU. In this article, ITK questions why Gus won’t tell why Duke was suspended.
    As Nick has the right to tell or not tell for his players, Gus has that right for his players. And if Gus doesn’t, neither does Nick. But as I have said several times, the hyprocisy from here is something to behold. This is supposed to be a UA site, about UA sports. But when a Bama player is out the first game, no article can be found on here. It was news at the time, just like it is news about Duke. This site has an article about one of the suspensions, but not both.
    And he speculates on why Duke is out for the bowl game. Nothing wrong with that, but when I ask the same about Trey, it’s because I am stupid, hate filled, and who knows what else.

  4. @EliteTiger
    Thank God you don’t have to congratulate these fing losers!
    Poor little mullets are too busy beating on their wives today and kicking in those hound dog ribs.

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