Duke Williams suspended as AU smoke screen sets in

  • by ITK

In the latest episode of “As the Barn Turns,” we have the curious Duke Williams situation.

You remember Duke Williams, part of the boog’s 1-2 receiving punch this season. The latest idol for cult worship, Duke’s whereabouts during bowl prep and future standing on the team have been rather confusing.

Duke went missing from the practice field following the Tigers’ Iron Bowl loss to Alabama. No official word was handed down on Williams’ whereabouts or standing from Auburn until today.

Auburn’s sweatervested admiral announced that Williams broke unspecified team rules that will keep him out against the Badgers on New Year’s Day.

“I’m not getting into any details,” Malzahn said. “He’s just not going to play.”

I’ll get into the details, Gussy.

Word on the street is that Williams got the crap kicked out of him at a bar in Auburn…not very fambly-like if you ask me. His eye area was so badly injured he couldn’t get his helmet on. Then when he didn’t show up for bowl practices in Auburn, he was flown down to Tampa to supposedly work on the scout team as punishment, allegedly. And in another surprising twist, teammate Sammy Coates has, allegedly, been sitting out of bowl practices as a favor in preparation for the upcoming NFL combines and draft.

Duke Williams’ black eye…I mean, pink eye.

Williams has reportedly been mulling whether or not to return for his senior season or declare for the NFL Draft. But Malzahn did us the favor of an update on that front, too.

“He is planning to come back to school next year,” Malzahn said.

Gus, I know you haven’t been a college head coach very long, but when have you ever heard of a head coach making the announcement about a player coming back? I can’t ever remember that happening.

Speculation on Williams’ NFL draft status has been in question since late in the season. It’s important to note that Williams hasn’t said oficially he’ll return for the 2015 campaign, so what Gussy is actually saying is he is “welcome” to return. Williams has until January 15th to give the official word, and two weeks in boogtown after the last game is a long time to sit and think.

Auburn’s leading receiver, Williams caught 45 passes for 730 yards and five touchdowns while averaging 16.2 yards per catch. Williams had four games with more than 100 yards receiving in 2014.

Oh, the semantics game. Auburn, why can’t you just be above board and speak clearly?

And an even better question, can you imagine…in a thousand years…the state media letting Nick Saban off the hook with such bumbling, dismissive statements about one of his star players?

Incredible. But don’t worry, Auburn fans will just rinse and repeat. It’s what they’re told to do, and dangit, they better do it.

But Auburn fan, you have to feel at least a little bit dirty when unexplained, Bermuda Triangle events like this seem to happen every year. Especially now that Will Muschamp, a coach one of “the HBO Four” claimed gave him money, is back on the prowl.

How long can the game in Lee County continue? And are these the early signs of a program on the edge with discipline? I’ve said all along Gustav was the next Frank Chiznik, due the lightning quick, blind credibility afforded to him by the Auburn faithful, only to be shown the door once it’s apparent the “processing” was in motion.

But what’s the real deal with Duke Williams and the Auburn football program? Will he really return? And is there more to the bar fight story, if true?

Tune in next time on, “As the Barn Turns.” And with that clown show down there, there WILL be a next time.

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