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NCAA Tournament: AU fans now say Mercer “owns” Duke

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The NCAA tournament is good for dramatic surprises every year. My bracket was helped dramatically by a few early round surprises, but no one saw Duke falling to Mercer. Afterall, the Blue Devils are coached by a living legend, arguably the greatest living coach still in the game.

And, nobody thought Duke would fall in their first game two years straight. But they did, as a small Baptist school in south Georgia called Mercer took them down.

Now, fans of another small school in Georgia think Mercer “owns” Duke.

The chances of Saban losing to Malzahn...I mean Duke losing to Mercer...ever again are the same as this cold treat making it in this lake of fire.
The chances of Saban losing to Malzahn…I mean Duke losing to Mercer…ever again are the same as this cold treat making it in this lake of fire.
If Mercer and Duke played ten times, Duke would win at least eight. Any thinking Mercer fan knows that, and understands that in order to win Mercer had to play at an unreal level and Duke had to contribute their “C” game. Friday’s 14 – 3 seed matchup shouldn’t have been close.

But it was, and in an improbable turn of events, a team with little or no basketball tradition or championships to speak of took down one of the most storied programs in the history of the game.

Sound familiar? I’m trying to put my finger on where I’ve heard this scenario before, but in another sport…

The difference is, Mercer fans don’t have their heads supplanted squarely in their nether region, claiming that Coach K is now “scared” of their brand of basketball.

No, Mercer fans are enjoying the moment, and they should…their team played out of their shoes and earned an incredible win. All while Duke fans pack up and lick their wounds.

But fans of both schools know the chances of Coach K ever losing to Mercer again are slim and none.

Again, that scenario sounds strangely familiar.

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94 thoughts on “NCAA Tournament: AU fans now say Mercer “owns” Duke”

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  2. Once Mercer beats Duke in 16 of their last 30 meetings, then a comparison of Auburn’s ownership of Alabama would be apropos. Until then I guess Alabama fans and this site will have to continue defining themselves in terms of their relationship with Auburn.

    1. I guess the truth is you need to get your head out of your ass. Trying to create a pattern out of ancient history which has been totally irrelevant since Bama came off of scholarship limitations and acquired a decent coach, is tantamount to an extreme fantasy. There is nothing in the last 6 years even remotely similar to the periods between Bear and Stallings nor between Stallings and Saban. The only thing relevant now is the past 6 years and the future, which represents 2 Weagle victories by way of some kind of Witchcraft; and 26-21, 36-0, 42-14 and 49-0. I do not believe you will find even the most timid Bama fan in the least bit worried about Weagle.

      1. Why are only the last 6 years relevant? Oh, because those years favor your numbers, right?

        FACT: Auburn has won 8 of the last 12.

        FACT: The only 4 wins Alabama has came over teams with records of 8-5, 8-5, 5-7 and 3-9.

        When Alabama is good, Auburn can still beat them.

        When Auburn is good, Alabama cant beat them.

        1. Why are you still on here you stupid bitch? My Goddamn post clearly explains why the last six years are the only ones relevant. That explanation is 100% correct and not debatable. I will not explain it again just because you’re too fucking retarded to understand. I don’t give a shit what a dumbass Weagle retard troll thinks anyway. 3 Crystal’s, 71 wins, 6 of 7 years recruiting NC, 6 years ranked #1, 36-0, 26-21, 42-14, 49-0, expected to play for NC this year, no end in sight. RFTR!

        2. Is that a fact, slut? Lets just look at that bullshit statement. In 2010, fucking Weagles were 14-0 National Champs. Bama was 10-3. In 2013, fucking Weagle was 12-2 and played for the National Championship. Bama was 11-2. Looks very fucking much like Weagle had better records than Bama, and Bama managed to throw away those 2 games to Weagle teams with better records. Not The other way around dumbass. In fact all that cockamamie horse shit you fuckers have been spewing as in your dumbass post above – is just that – lying horse shit. Since the Punt Bama Punt game before your ass was born, Weagle has beaten a Bama team with a better record only ONE time and that was in 2002. Bama was 9-3 and Weagle was 8-4 and won by 4 points. WOW! On the other hand, Bama has beat Weagle on numerous occasions when Weagle had the better record. I’m not going to list them all, but two were 1984, a 4-6 Bama beat an 8-3 Weagle. In 2001 a 4-5 Bama killed a 7-4 Weagle 31-7. As for Bama not beating a 10 win Weagle when Bama had a better record – that dumb fuck is because Weagle hasn’t had enough 10 win records. The one time it would have happened was in 1994 when you fucked around an tied Georgia, so a 10-0 Bama beat a 9-0-1 Weagle and kept your asses from winning 10 games. So you stupid goat fuckers take your bullshit somewhere else.

          1. First of all, I said Auburn could beat “good” Alabama teams. I didn’t say anything about beating a team with a better record (though Alabama was 11-0 and Auburn was 10-1 when they played this year). I said Auburn can beat good Alabama teams while Alabama cant beat good Auburn teams. And over the last 12 years Auburn has beaten “good” Alabama teams with records of 11-2, 10-2, 10-3 and 10-3. All of those teams finished ranked in the top 15 (and 3 of them in the top 10). Over that same time span the ONLY Auburn teams Alabama has beaten were 8-5, 8-5, 5-7 and 3-9. In fact, Alabama is on a 9 game losing streak to Auburn teams that finish with 9 or more wins.

          2. And Weagle had equal or better records in all four of those games. But what is more relevant is that those games you reference all came during a time of turmoil, useless coaches and NCAA sanctions. Even if Bama managed to win 10 or 11 games, they were playing on a short roster and didn’t have reserves when the time called for them. And the two modern wins came on Witchcraft, not because of better teams. But the truth is, weagle has always played over their heads against Bama by using the disrespect motivation. Regardless, since ’82, no matter how good Weagle was or how bad Bama was, Bama has always kept it close, whereas on the other hand, Bama has stomped shit out of Weagle most of the times we won.

          3. 2010 and 2013 were “during a time of turmoil, useless coaches and NCAA sanctions”?

            And this past year Alabama had the better record going into the game (11-0 v/s 10-1). And in 2002 (which Auburn won) Alabama had the better record before the game (Alabama 9-2, Auburn 7-4) and finished with the better record (10-3 to 9-4).

            You really should do some research before making these untrue statements.

          4. Peachy,
            Crimsonite has more excuses of why bama loses than he has empty bottles of moonshine lying around him. And you know when his arguments are weak and he can’t intelligently debate you (LMAO which is never) he just falls back on the only thing he can knows, vulgar language and name calling.

            If bama really was all that the gumps think they are and they really weren’t worried about Auburn there would be absolutely no reason for ITK to write an article like this. But just know by the fact that he did feel the need to have to write this typical gump garbage about Auburn instead of writing something about bama tells you a lot more than his actual words do.

            This article by ITK is typical gump crap that permeates their fan base in the minds of the likes of the tree killer, the teabagger and out of control mom who’s actions went viral recently.

            LMAO ITK, for somebody who’s supposedly not concerned nor worried about Auburn, you sure do waste a lot of your time thinking about and writing about them.

            With all the basketball games that were played in the last couple of days, and as bad as you say bama’s basketball program and coach is, you would have thought you could have found something about a coach or a team currently playing in the tournament to write about that could have supported all or any of your negative articles about your own team. But you’re so obsessed with Auburn and bothered by their victory over bama in football that’s all you could think to write about.

            LMAO and every Auburn should be LTAO

        3. @ Peachy…ROFLMAO ….Just like a Barner (JLAB)…

          Hey Peachfuzz I seem to recall that when Teletubby had 6 years of success against BAMA that THOSE were the ONLY years that mattered in the entire history of UA vs AU football to you Barnterds…Huh?

          Well butt munch…you can’t have your cake and eat it too…

          FACE IT Saban OWNS Gus…

          Roll Tide Y’all
          Protect America, Build Submarines

    2. Wow, this story is full of mistakes. First, we have a bald-faced lie, as Duke did not lose its first game two years in a row. The Blue Devils made the Elite Eight last year. Duke lost to Lehigh in 2012, not 2013. Twice in three years, Duke has lost its first game.

      Second, the author of this clearly did not watch Mercer’s win over Duke, because Mercer did not play at an unreal level. In fact, Mercer’s performance was about a C-level game. Nor did Duke play its C game, the Blue Devils played about a B-plus. If Duke had played a C game and Mercer played its best, the Bears would have won and made it look easy. Truthfully, if Mercer had played an unreal game, Duke would have been lucky to stay within 20. You’re right that Friday’s game shouldn’t have been close. But it was, because Mercer didn’t play its best and allowed Duke to stay in the contest.

      The other proof that this author did not watch the game came in the assertion that Duke would win at least eight matchups with Mercer if they played 10 times. After seeing them play, I think Duke would be very fortunate to get three wins over Mercer. The Bears just match up so well with the Blue Devils.

      Stick to football, basketball is clearly not your thing.

      1. I think you just plain missed the point is all, which relates to football (and now Alabama didn’t play its best game either) like you suggested he stick to, so now I guess everybody wins?

  3. Which Auburn fans are saying Mercer owns Duke?

    I guess if they had won 8 of the last 12 meetings they could say that. Especially if Duke could only beat them when they were mediocre or down right awful

  4. Rumors are floating that Anthony Grant is persuing
    the South Florida job. That would free bill battle up to hire the Mercer coach.

    1. No such luck. Grant is not going to leave a cushy $2,000,000 job until his time runs out, which is at least next year. And that’s all we need is another damn small school coach with a year of success like Grant was. We better be looking at someone like Izzo who once again has Mich St knocking at the door. Fuck it, lets go for Krzyzewski. LMAO!

  5. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

    Mercer does ” own ” Duke…..This year. Auburn owns bama this year as well. Stories like this proves that Auburn owns bama fans as well. Only a envious bama fan could find a way to tie a basketball game to the biggest rivalry in college football. If saban , and bammer nation are not worried about Auburn, why do you continue to talk about us? If bama is truly the dominant team in this rivalry, why even mutter the word Auburn? Is this the only way you turds can make yourself feel better about your program? What is even worse is to watch cantdoit comment on footage from bama’s practice like he really knows what he is looking at. Truth be told is the only reason he watches any type of football is the guys wearing the tight pants. Now go come up with another fairy tale. Maybe one about how great Coker is going to be , or how the REC is funded by the KKK. Maybe thats the real reason a Black QB can not get a fair shot at bama.

    1. Get out of here with that racist bullshit two LL .way to try to spin it towards racism . Fail . Go back to your fucking double wide bitch . It’s you who are racist . GTFO . I swear ….

    2. We comment on your dumb fuck asses because it entertains us. We would spend more time on other subjects except for the fact that you stupid motherfuckers attract controversy faster than shit smeared sugar attracts flies. Ummm, are we on your shit stained blogs following you? No. You are on our sites with your noses two feet up our asses 24/7. It’s you goat fuckers who are worried shitless. You had a damn lucky season with even luckier wins against half a dozen teams who Bama blew out. Now you poor saps have visions of Sugar Plum Fairies in your heads thinking it’s something you can sustain. One fucking problem asshole; Bama is in your way and you know it. Fasten down those seat covers securely, cause you know damn well that ass is gonna be sucking at em thinking about Bama. Bwaa Haww Haww! ROTFLMMFAO!

    3. Go do your favorite thing and eat a dick, cum breath. Walter Lewis was black when Weagle still burned crosses at mid field. Star Jackson and Phillip Simms couldn’t make the cut, proven by the fact that they also bombed out at lesser schools. Yeah, Bama just wasted recruiting time, money and roster positions on black QB’s with no intent to give them equal chance. Bama was recruiting blacks at other positions when your coaches still dressed in white robes and pointy hats. The truth is, there are no other great teams running offense’s similar to Bama’s who have Black QB’s either, except FSU, and I believe Winston is their first. Georgia doesn’t, So Carolina doesn’t, LSU wishes they hadn’t, So Cal doesn’t, Arky doesn’t, Wisconsin doesn’t, UCLA doesn’t. These teams don’t need a QB who can run like a deer. They need pure passers who are cool under pressure. Obviously none of them have found a black QB on their rosters who met those standards. And for that they are all racist? You stupid, retarded fuck toy. I shouldn’t even respond to your vomit. It’s the boring season.

  6. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

    Umm UCLA’s QB is not Black???? Really??? You amaze me all the time showing you lack of sports knowledge. Wisconsin Just had Russell Wilson. Arky can not recruit a decent QB of any color. FSU had Charlie Ward and E.J. Manuel before Winston. USC had Rodney Pete but none sense. Please, please, please stop making this so damn easy for me crimsonshite. I bet ITK cringes everytime you try to defend bammer football. Baww hawww hawww

  7. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

    Also love how your true racist side comes out when you are confronted with it. Are you saying that Black QBs can only run fast???? Are you fucking insane? If Warren Moon ran anything below a 5.5 in the 40 yard dash, I want to see it. Hell look back at Reggie Slack for Auburn. POCKET PASSER. Even one of only 2 black QBs bama has ever have start a game , Andrew Zow, was slow as hell. Do you ever think before you post your ignorant, racist garbage???

    1. Obviously you can’t read you stupid bastard, so /I’m finished arguing with you. Keep it up and I’m going to make a special trip to Gulf Shores.

      1. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

        OH PLEASE DO! You might have a hard time finding somewhere to park your ” Rig ” here. There is no truck stops here , and it is Spring Break. And I did read and responded to your dumb ass post. I responded to each team that your brought up and almost each of them have had more Starting black QBs in the last 10 years than bama has had in 100+ years. You scare no one even when you have your white hood on.

  8. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

    And yes I realize I spelled since wrong and a couple other words. I just got excited when crimsonshite set up another tee ball for me to hit out of the park. lol

  9. Auburn had a losing record against Alabama when Bear Bryant was the coach. Other than that, we have matched up well, in terms of wins and losses. No AU fans are saying Mercer “owns” Duke. We will say they just beat them. Not a fan of Duke or Coach K, but his example of class regarding his team losing, is something this site needs to emulate, not the crap that usually comes from most of the Bama fans. Was his disappointed his team lost? Yes. Did he think if his team played better, they would have won? Yes. But he congratulated the other team on the effort they gave, and in winning the game.

    1. Elite Tiger,
      If you think the gump nation has the ability to emulate the class of Coach K, or to even know what the word emulate means, you obviously have not been around them or here much.

      1. But that’s why he comes here. Think about it. He wants to make us better by making us aware of how bad we are. He thinks we are the ones that need to be changed. It’s classic cult behaviour, just don’t act so surprised.

        1. I don’t think you (Bama fans) need to change their line of thinking. I know you do, because on so many things, y’all are just wrong. And yes LMAO, I know they don’t know what emulate means. That is why the word was used by me. When you have the line of thinking of this article, with no shred of evidence AU fans think that way, you need to change. But you won’t, and that is your pregorative.

          1. I love pregorative, especially fresh pregorative. I had a pregorative sandwich for lunch on the plane today.

            Spelling, punctuation and grammar are just too easy for me. Of course, they teach that stuff at The University of Alabama.

            Then again, they teach that stuff in elementary school, come to think of it. Maybe emulating a grade-school-age child is the way to go?

          2. Sorry I didn’t go back and correct spell check on my phone. If that is the only mistake I make on here, (other than spending any time here), I can live with that.

          3. You’re the one calling out people for lack of word comprehension.

            That’s kinda strange, no?

            You’ve got an extra comma there, too.

    1. Cant have the third best season in school history without 2 l’s, racism is the ugliest of behaviors and has plagued this state for many years including Auburn (black face frat parties ring a bell?) However for you to suggest that any coach at Alabama or any other major university and likely any school at all would not play a player at a certain position because of their race proves to me that you obviously played little to no organized sports and if you did, you and or your coach didnt get it. Phillip Sims had every opportunity to win the starting qb job, but when he was put in the game he did not perform as well as McCarron. There was little doubt who was more prepared and I can only guess it was the same in practice. Blake Sims has served as McCarrons backup and when he was put in the game it was obvious as well. It seems these allegations you are making are far too serious for you to understand and it is such ignorance that keeps racism alive.

      1. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

        Please explain why majority of bammer nation has already given the starting job to Coker, who is not even on campus yet? Why assume/hope that Coker is the starter when the logical next QB in line is already , and has been on campus? Blake sims had better numbers passing and rushing than coker last season, but bammers can not get him out of their fast enough. I mean the only logical guess there could be would be skin color , unless one of you fine bama fans could point out a better reason? Now you are comparing Sims to McCarron and that is not the arguement. The arguement is Sims Vs. Coker. The arguement is the lack of starting black QBs in the history of alabama football.

        Now back to crimsonshite. I just caught on to ANOTHER racial bashing statement you made. You said “The truth is, there are no other great teams running offense’s similar to Bama’s who have Black QB’s either “. So not only are you saying that black QBs can only run fast, but you are also saying that for a team to have a better shot at being great , they better have a white QB? That the great coaches at these great schools know they better only start white QBs if they want to win? Please tell me that is not what you are saying? Notice none of the bammer regulars have come running to your resuce yet ? They can not believe what you are posting here either. Bwaww hawww haww.

        1. After your last post it has become very clear that you should remove “Roll Tide without 2L’s” from your moniker for a much more accurate description. Now, why would you be confused that Bama fans are excited about a qb transfer who was actively competing the next Heisman winner for the starting job last season?
          CNS has stated that the qb competition is wide open and will likely stay that way until the start of the season. Secondly, exactly who do you think its job is to determine EVERY aspect of Alabama football? I would imagine fan input is not taken into any consideration, but obviously you must have access to information that nobody else does. It would be much easier to understand your posts if you would stay consistent with your points. In one sentence its the fans, in the next its Bama doesn’t play AA qbs, That inconsistency is an obvious indication of… well I have already made that point more than once. Have a nice day!

        2. @Can’t Spell

          It’s a little off-topic, but, wait, no it’s completely off-topic.

          Not only that, but it’s not even accurate?

          I don’t think much more response than that is merited.

          However, I’ll give you one anyway.

          Never having an Asian starting quarterback doesn’t make Stanford racist.

      2. The third best season?

        First we have 7 undefeated, untied seasons that would rank ahead of this past year. We have 13 seasons where we had no losses and 3 or 4 more 1 loss seasons.

        This past season barely makes top 10.

        1. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

          Don’t ruin his good time Peachy. It is fun watching the bammers waffle back and forth when they are slapped in the face with facts. Notice the Grand Dragon crimsonshite has vanished since I called him on his hate propaganda. Then this guy wants to say that Coker really challenged Winston for the starting QB position?! HA! They said the same thing about Barrett Trotter and Cam Newton. The gumps will believe anything that is made up positive about bama football. Like a bunch of mindless sheep. Hell cantdoit has already said that withing the first day or two of practice IN NO PADS that bama’s o-line play is much improved. This shit is so crazy , that you could not make it up!!!!!

          1. Peachy, “we” didn’t have anything, were you ever a part of any of those teams? Secondly, if you think 4-0 in 1900 is better than a SEC championship and a trip to the BCS title game, it leaves no doubt as to where “little brother” comes from. 2004 was a better season but no BCS, so barely and 2010 was obvious. The 93’s,83’s and so on just aren’t quite the same. Google it, you can learn something about Auburn’s history. Cant spell, what exactly does withing mean? What facts exactly have you pointed out? That is precisely what I have been waiting on from you. I didn’t say Coker competed with Winston for the job, Kenny Shaw did, but hey you have already displayed your privileged knowledge of Bama fan influence on the starting roster, so I guess you know more about FSU football than their own players do. Imagine that!

          2. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

            So yellowhammer wants me to go and bring back examples of bammer fans being giddy over the thought of Coker starting in front of Sims. You come here and act like you have not heard the finebaum callers or read the posts made on sites such as Capstonereport,, etc. You are either dumb as hell , or in complete denial. You can look on this very same website and read posts by crimsonshite and others claiming coker is a better QB than sims. And no you did not fully say that Coker was as good as Winston, but you posted a story about it. You are playing the same game as cantdoit. You try to make statements by posting links / quoting other stories , but when called on it , you back pedal screaming ” I did not say that!” . Have the balls to stick to your posts or do not post them. Lets play this simple game and see what your answers are. Then dispute the facts .
            1). How many Black QBs have started games for bama in their entire history? How many was named starter for the season prior to the start of the season?

            2). Why does Saban continue to recruit black dual threat QBs , when he runs a completely different system?

            3). How many Black QBs transferred from bama in the last 10 years? Why so many?

            4). Name another Major College football program that has had less Black Starting QBs over the last 50+ years?

            Truth be told , saban and staff keep recruiting this dual threat QBs in hopes of moving them to another position. Saban and prior coaches lie to these kids to get them to sign and then ” gives them a chance” to play QB…..yeah ok. When the kid gets word of the thoughts on changing position, they leave bama.

          3. @can’t spell

            “This shit is so crazy , that you could not make it up!!!!!”

            Um, except that someone did make it up.

            You did.


          4. No I haven’t vanished faggot. I’m just finished conversing with retards. You don’t rate a rebuttal. I have plans for your ass, but you don’t rank very high on the things to do list. But you’ll get there eventually. Meantime think about me when you start your car. Fuck fart.

          5. An there’s a Bama fan doing what Bama fans do better than any other fanbase: make threats to people over football.

          6. Cant spell, are you lamo’s vicarious Auburn alter ego? Until you came along, there was nobody who could get more confused more quickly than lamo, but you would easily give him a run for his money. If you two aren’t the same then you must be his apprentice or something because this is amazing. How do you conclude that I wanted you to provide evidence of Bama fans being “giddy” over the Coker transfer when you can simply look at the post yesterday and clearly, easily, with the most basic English comprehension see where I asked why you are confused at Bama fan’s excitement over Coker? Why is this so hard to get? How would I know how close the competition for the starting FSU qb job was if I had not read it somewhere? Hence the link trying (key word) to explain the reason for Bama fan’s joy. Now a book chapter later of explaining to you to slow down and read on to your questions. (this could be another valuable lesson for you, answer questions with answers not questions) #1 don’t know and have already wasted enough time on this to bother researching it #2 Contrary to your beliefs, as a fan it is not my job to evaluate recruits, recruit them, or place them on a depth chart. #3 I think Phillip Sims is the only one, could be another really don’t remember, if that is so “many” I guess none is the only acceptable number in your requirements to not be racists. #4 I will leave that research for you, in fact I challenge you to find out. Start your research and PROMISE NOT TO RETURN to this blog until you have completed a full 50 year, all D1 programs qb race analysis. I look forward to your return with your findings next year!

  10. Talking shit about football seems pointless to me. The way i see it, all football smack talk is based on 3 different aspects:
    1. Who had the better team in the past
    2. Who has the better team now
    3. Who will have the better team in the future
    It goes without question that Alabama has had more victories in the past, so this can’t be argued. If you consider the “now” to be this past season, then you can debate that Alabama was the better team and just somehow lost to Auburn, but no matter what approach you take at making this argument, this argument is solely based on speculation. No matter how you may try to argue that Alabama was better than Auburn last season you can’t do so without using words like “if” to describe what could have happened. Thus you have to say that Auburn was the better team last season, any argument in the contrary is pointless. Finally, the most shit that is ever talked about football is generally related to who will be better in the future. Since the invention of football the odds of accurately predicting who will have the better team have been dubious at best. If i remember correctly, ITK predicted auburn to go at best 7-5 last season, and this was his best case scenario. This is also why the preseason #1 very rarely wins championships, and why there is no shortage of people who have gone broke betting on football games. Thus shit talking is pointless, unless you just get a kick out of doing it. If so then go for it i’m glad that y’all are having fun. Just keep in mind that it is utterly pointless.

    1. I think a lot of people look at football as simply wins vs losses.

      I’m not one of them, mostly because I simply like good football and there’s an awful lot of good football out there these days.

      Scratch Alabama though. Auburn wasn’t the best team in the country last year, but I don’t think that means nobody should talk about it, or that their success in terms of wins vs losses is inherently all that matters.

      For example, Florida State won the national championship. For the last 5 years or so though they could have done the same thing except for crucial injuries almost being solely responsible for their losses. The inherent difference between making any one of five missed field goals and injury versus “who is better” is only important because of the perception of what it means for the future. In other words, if all football games came down to making just one of any of five missed field goals, does that make them the better team or not? Frankly, it’s what makes sports worth talking about.

  11. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

    cantdoit = The queen of deflection. You have got to love it when someone’s best trash talk on a message board is about grammar! I will take a page out of cantdoit’s book and demand you answer the questions!!! Why dont you answer the questions? Cantdoit , you know why the asian thing does not really matter. You even asking such a questions shows the insensitivity of the bammer fan when it comes to the hardships blacks have had for thousands of years. Throw in crimsonshites ” blacks can only run fast” arguement , and you have a regular klan meeting here. SMH….

    1. @Can’t Spell

      I don’t answer questions about things you make up.

      Wait, Asians don’t matter? Shame on you, sir.

      Now you’re saying the US is thousands of years old?

      My word, you are truly abrasive. And you wonder why I don’t respond to every hateful comment you create. Maybe it’s more fun to watch you put words in my mouth?

  12. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

    Settle down ” I buy my clothes at Big K” ! The best thing to ever happen to the bama program was the years they did not play Auburn. Auburn was dominating the series until bama got their panties in a wad and took their ball and went home. Auburn WOULD be ahead in this rivalry if not for that. Now to Crimsonshite…..Why lie about why you did not post in a few days? It is 1 of 2 things. Either you was so butt hurt from me bitch slapping you again, or 2 You could not find a truckstop with free wi-fi. Cantdoit, I could not care less if your sugar sweet ass responded to anything I post here. Now to yellaBammer I made a point based on facts. Alabama has had as many Black QBs transfer over the last 10 years than they have had start in the last 100+. You disputed it with opinion, but now you want me to prove my point? I could blindly pick any bama website and you would see that majority of bammer nation have already voiced their opinion that they want coker to start. Now as far as Saban…why else bring coker in? You have Sims and a few other 4* / 5* QBs already on campus. Is saban just looking for a quality back up for Sims? VERY UNLIKELY! Sims is about to get the same shaft that Phillip Sims , and Star Jackson got when they told bama coaches they did not want to change to another position. The entire nation knows about the Good Ol Boy system at the University of Alabama. Stories like this one is flooding the internet

    Will not be long before Black QB recruits stop believing the BS fed to them by bama.

      1. @peachy

        You left out an apostrophe in “can’t.”

        Also, the comma is in the wrong place.

        Technically “its” is spelled correctly, just not the way it’s used in your sentence.

        These are free lessons that will help when you start applying for schools after your senior year.

  13. aubarn sucks at everything – we have destroyed them to living life like they turded in their pants…and i feel bad about it

  14. In an interesting development, Jovon Robinson has been cleared for recruitment to Auburn. This comes from the NCAA. That means Auburn has been cleared of any wrongdoing, in his previous recruitment. Aww, that has got to hurt. Another time when we were going to burn, but this site and others like it, are wrong once again. Imagine that. Actually,it is not hard to imagine. It is pretty much a daily occurrence.

    1. You’re the only one talking about him

      That doesn’t count.

      Never mind being completely off-topic.


        1. I think you’re confused about whose medicine is being given out.

          Regardless, the off-topic comment still seems to be standing alone as your diatribe and no one else’s.

          Meanwhile, AJ McCarron got engaged to Katherine Webb. Roll Tide.

          1. Congrats to both of them. Hope they find happiness with each other. Marriage is impossible if not the right person. Hard enough with the right person.

  15. Are these mental midget Barnterds OBSESSED with everything Bama Football or what? I NEVER visit any BARTERD Blogs… Not ever…Not for ANY reason…Not even to harass them…Not even on…

    Further PROOF that “Little Brother Syndrome” is alive and well at the Barn…I’m glad we give Y’all something to talk about/bitch about/cry about…

    Now get off your lazy A$$ and get out there and put that Chicken Science Degree from Auburn to good use and throw out all the dead Chickens from your Mommy and Daddy’s 600 foot Chicken houses before the get home from Wal Mart and catch you pulling your pud and trolling Bama Blogs looking for a fight…

    Hey…you want to fight? Stick your head up Gus’s A$$ and fight for air…Bitches…

    And clean that damn trailer up…It looks like a Rat Nest…
    Don’t forget your shift at Mc Donald’s tonight…

    See Ya…Wouldn’t want to be Ya…BARNTERD…

    Roll Tide Y’all
    Protect America, Build Submarines

  16. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

    I want to be the first to admit that I might be wrong. I have been here for months saying that Cantdoit has a hard on for ITK. There is no better example of a man on man crush than the one cantdoit displays here on a regular basis. With that said , I am starting to think that ITK and Cantdoit is really the same person. That or they have become really close in their relationship and now finish each others sentences/thoughts. Notice how the number of cantdoit’s posts increase when ITK’s decrease? Strange in deed. Maybe he only speaks when ITK pulls out of his mouth?? Your act has become stale cantdoit. Even bammmer die hards like crimsonshite can not stand the thought of you on this board. Might be time for you to go create a blog about knitting , or how rainbow patterns are in style this spring. BWAWWW HAWWWW HAWWWW

    1. There is some seriously sweet poetic justice in being accused of having a double identity by the guy who has changed his name too many times to be taken seriously.

      As for your hate crimes, I feel like I have a responsibility to mankind to at least ask you to stop (again).

      1. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

        Ironic = a bammer fan talking about hate crimes. If it makes you feel better, Coker would have been George Wallace’s pick for starting QB also. lmao

        1. Um, only that’s not ironic at all.

          It would be ironic if you said you were not a hateful person after saying all the hateful things you like to say, things I never said anything even remotely similar to.

          Please, never stop being you, LMAO.

          But could you really blame anyone for picking Coker though? And if you could, maybe it’s good he doesn’t yet have the starting QB job yet, huh? It’s ironic to point fingers and throw insults at a coach for picking a guy as the starting QB…who hasn’t yet been picked as the starting QB.

          Again, please, never stop. Please.

          1. Cant spell roll tide without 2 L's

            If he is not going to be the starter, why transfer to bama? Why bring coker in if you are Saban? Maybe he holds a clipboard better than the other scrub QBs on bama’s roster????? Oh I will always be me, and never have to make up things about myself like you and crimsonshite. Please tell us again how you are such a worldly man but make time to post numerous times a day on a POS sports website? Why such a wealthy man would be worried with what other fan bases say ? I would say please never stop being you , but would be nearly impossible for you.

          2. Did you just ask why a football player would play football at the University of Alabama?

            I also have a lot of down time in airports, especially during the week. Take my word for it, that doesn’t make me unique.

            You are totally adorable.

  17. Still no story on the Alabama RB that got arrested? Starting to feel like you guys don’t want to talk about it.

    1. @peachy

      “Still” no story? It’s not even a day old.

      The Art of Trolling…

      You left out an awful lot of information in your off-topic comment. Tenpenny was arrested for some pot.

      Freaking pot.

      On Spring break, no less.

      No guns. No intent to distribute. No pile of cash. No altered grades. No resisting arrest. Hell, he wasn’t even speeding.

      That’s really all there is to say, but you knew that already. Grow up.

        1. I already told you everything you need to know.

          Feel better, peachy; it’s not much of a story at all anyway.

          Maybe anyone would care if he had a gun or a wad of cash or dead panda bear cubs in his trunk instead of, wait for it, a malfunctioning 4w license plate light.

          If you want to talk about the epidemic of 4th or 5th-string positional players not taking proper care of their license plate lights, go ahead and write that, right here. I’ll read it. I promise.

          If you think we’re all hypocrites for not having Tenpenny publicly drawn and quartered, go to Colorado.

          Seriously, it’s awesome there, but I went to Breckenridge last month and anyone can buy weed. Anyone can buy it, right there on the slopes, as long as they are at least 21 and have an ID. I’ve been to lots of places like that (Oregon, California, London, Paris, Canada, Vermont, etc.), just none where I didn’t need anything more than a driver’s license from any state whatsoever. It’s treated like alcohol, only it doesn’t kill.

          Speaking of alcohol, did I neglect to mention he wasn’t drinking?

          Tell me how bad you hate Alabama again. You’re adorable. Tenpenny made s stupid mistake, hurt nobody and broke a team rule; the only people that should care are people that love Alabama, not the ones that hate it. .

  18. And ANOTHER Bama player arrested.

    You guys trying to compete with Georgia this year?

    University of Alabama junior linebacker Dillon Lee was arrested Thursday on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s website.

    Lee played in all 13 games last season, racking up 16 tackles and two pass break-ups. He is expected to compete for a starting position after C.J. Mosley and Adrian Hubbard’s departure for the NFL.

    “I don’t have all of the details at this point and will handle it appropriately once I’ve had a chance to review all of the information,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said in a statement.

    1. I like how you included the, “I don’t have all of the details at this point,” quote.

      It seems you believe you know more than Nick Saban. That’s very interesting.

      Peachy, you really are a peach. Never change, please. You’re my favorite troll.

      1. So no story on this one either?

        For some reason I get the feeling if this was Auburn with 2 arrests in 3 weeks you’d have a little more to say.

        1. Maybe there would be more to say if there was more infomation? You pretty much copied everything we know about Lee’s story from another website and you even linked to it; is that not enough?

          You are still my favorite troll, though. I’m not an admin here. They haven’t been around much lately if it makes you feel better, but haven’t you noticed that yourself after being here so much?

          If you want to talk about Alabama all day you can, and if you don’t like the stories, why not submit them or start your own site to document this epidemic?

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