By Hunter Ford

In an extremely brief Wednesday press conference, Nick Saban’s most newsworthy comments may have been about his own feelings about changing jobs.

He was asked about former Alabama offensive Coordinator Jim McElwain, who is now the Colorado State head coach and is a rumored candidate for the Florida job.

Saban said McElwain deserved the opportunity to move to a higher-level position.  He said he had not talked to McElwain, but would be happy for McElwain and his family if he were to get a better job.

Saban said it was never easy to move from one program to another.

“It’s not easy to just pick up and leave,”  Saban said.  “I’ve done that way too many times.  I never want to do it again to be honest with you.”

Alabama will play Missouri in the SEC Championship game Saturday at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta at 3 p.m. CT.

The Tide players have been practicing well and understand the gravity of the game, according to Saban.  Alabama is ranked number one in the College Football Playoff Poll.   A loss in the SEC Championship could end Alabama’s chances of  making the four-team national championship playoff.

“Every game we play all year, it’s the same question.  I’ve got the same answer.  It’s the most important game, because it’s the next game,” Saban said.

On the injury front, Cam Robinson, ArDarius Stewart, and Brian Vogler have all practiced this week after suffering minor injuries in the Iron Bowl (Robinson) and the week before (Stewart and Vogler.)  Denzell Duvall is the most questionable Tide player for the game against Missouri.

Saban praised safety Landon Collins for being an outstanding player, no matter what role he has been given.  Saban said Collins was a “demon” special teams player as a freshman.

“He does all the things that are critical,”  Saban said.  “He practices hard, and plays hard in the game.”


6 thoughts on “Saban says he never wants to change jobs again”

  1. Saban is a youthful 60-something and I could envision him being Alabama’s coach for…at least two more recruiting cycles…8 years maybe 10

    He obviously can’t coach forever, but he could be around for a long while.

    Assuming Alabama is his last coaching stint, what other job would he do? Not that he needs one cause I’m sure he could retire and go to the lake…but that’s not his style…he has TO DO SOMETHING besides ride a jet ski and have competitions with Miss Terry over who can cook the best fried egg.

    U.S. Senator…not enough control. How about Secretary of Defense!!!!

    1. Aww heck man! why not shoot for all the marbles. As President he would make this country wake up and realize how important life is. Right now we have no leadership in the federal government, everyone seems to want to do their own thing, its one scandal after another and yes ISIS would indeed be in deep dodo.But come to think of it who in his/her right mind would want to even be President and inherit all the mess that’s out there!

      1. I would love to see Saban deal with the press as POTUS!

        “What did you say? I don’t understand the question?”

        He would have a lot of control, but Congress would prolly make him burst a vein.

    2. What about University of Alabama Athletic Director? It would keep him busy enough and he’d fit the role perfectly since he’s already entrenched with the leaders at the school and other sports programs within the university.

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think he does anything but coach. It’s more than a paycheck or a time sponge for him; it’s purposeful, which is why he says he enjoys college more than pro ball.

      In any case, Saban gets a pass as long as he wants it, and McElwain already getting hunted by the big-money programs shouldn’t surprise me but wow. I mean, Florida? Good for coach.

      1. I would like Saban t be AD. It might be harder fo the next coach if Saban is still round and is the next coaches boss.

        Saban sort of coaches the whole athletic department right now, by example doesn’t he?

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