By Hunter Ford

Rest in peace UAB football, your life was short and full of turmoil.

Your passing comes as  no surprise to those close to the scene.  The Blazer football program was young, but suffered a lifelong illness.

It appeared to be recovering this year, with increased attendance and a bowl-eligible 6-6 record on the field.

The question now is will UAB football be the lone casualty of shake-ups in major college football?  Will other programs either discontinue football, or downgrade to lower divisions?

Some Alabama fans will mourn for the loss of UAB football; some will feel a sense of satisfaction in the demise of a program with a fan base that was largely antagonistic to the Crimson Tide.

The majority of Alabama fans probably don’t care one way or the other.  Those folks are simply awaiting the SEC Championship game this weekend and hoping for the birth of another Crimson Tide national championship.

A funeral for the Blazers won’t be part of their weekend plans.


3 thoughts on “UAB Football’s funeral: Some Tide fans will weep, others will laugh, most won’t go”

  1. How about Bill Clark to Crimson Tide? As recruiting coordinator and special assistant to the head coach?

    Kirby Smart gets a head coaching position.

    Saban hires Muschamp as defensive coordinator.

    Saban, Kiffin, Muschamp, and Clark

    Sounds like a law firm or accounting firm, right???

  2. Let me first say I am by no means a UAB fan, and starting a football program was a mistake from the beginning. I also don’t understand where all these so called UAB fans came from to protest??? Maybe if a quarter of them would have supported their team they might still have one.

    However, it is pretty piss poor the way it was handled, and very disturbing to see how it affected the players and coaches. The BOT and in particular PB Jr should be ashamed and embarrassed! I am certainly ashamed of them!

  3. I don’t think Bill Clark will have trouble getting another job. His assistants will probably land on their feet also.

    I do feel badly for the players. The best ones can transfer, but a lot of them will probably have to give up on college football

    Then there’s another can of worms with what will happen to Legion Field?

    Legion Field is another polarizing debate people tend to love it and want it saved or hate it and want it razed not a lot of n between

    Time marches on

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