ITKJohnny Manziel was a Heisman Trophy winner. He was amazing, on and off the field.

On the field, he defied laws of nature, and was exhausting to watch.

Off the field, he defied laws of culture, and was exhausting to watch.

Yet last summer, the Texas A&M quarterback stood up under the brightest lights college football has ever seen at SEC Media Days, answering for his missteps and taking ownership of the leadership placed on his shoulders by his team and coach.

Contrast this with Auburn’s quarterback, Nick Marshall, who coaches quickly exited stage right in order to avoid something. What is that something, you ask? That’s a great question.

Video from WRBL-TV shows Auburn's QB in cuffs
Video from WRBL-TV shows Auburn’s QB in cuffs
Marshall was pulled over last week and cited for possession of marijuana. Dashcam video shows Marshall in handcuffs in front of his very expensive DODGE CHARGER, shortly before being escorted to the police squad car. A new Charger goes for about $33,000, for the record. Mack it out and that number grows exponentially.

dodge-chargerSide note, Auburn fan: The fact that an Auburn player from a troubled past…once dismissed from a former team for allegedly stealing from teammates…is driving this particular vehicle is absolutely priceless. Thank you for your past allegations about Bama players and Chargers. This little nugget absolutely makes our summer over here in Titletown. Alanis Morissette sang a song about irony that fits nicely.

Okay, where was I? Oh yes…

Marshall was pulled over for excessive window tint, but cited for “8 to 9 grams” of marijuana found over the passenger side visor when police searched the vehicle. Of course, using barner apologist logic, since it was found on the passenger side visor, it couldn’t have been Nick’s.

Instead of giving Marshall the opportunity to stand up under the bright lights of scrutiny, Auburn’s head man, Gustav Malzahn, chose to do something he doesn’t like other teams to do: Substitute.

Instead of hearing from Marshall himself, we heard from Auburn tightend C.J. Uzomah. The story would have been dead in 48 hours had Auburn’s inexperienced head coach given his team leader the chance to speak. Is the barn’s head coach…a distinction he’s only known for 2 seasons…still learning on the job?

Regardless, was there a looser cannon on the planet than Johnny Manziel? Kevin Sumlin gave him the courtesy of clearing the air. Why didn’t Gustav offer Nick Marshall the same courtesy?

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44 thoughts on “Why didn’t Gus Malzahn let Nick Marshall face the music at SEC Media Days?”

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    1. Holy Shit Batman! Pick your battles. PEACE AND LOVE! Tell you what! That was interesting. It is talking season fo-sho! ROLLLLLLLLLLL Tide Roll!

    2. You are one sick puppy, motherfuker! And full of shit as a Christmas Turkey! Why don’t you bring bring your ass on over here to Texas so I can snuff it. And I don’t give a shit what color you are, except that there wouldn’t be more blacks in prison than there were slsves if the motherfukers weren’t criminals. You motherfukers can’t even stay out of trouble when you’re given the oppotunity of a lifetime. How many of these football players we’re discussing are black? ALL OF THEM! Stupid ass!

  2. Funny how obsessed Alabama fans are about Auburn. I guess losing last year really stung.

    1. Welcome Jake. We’ve known your true colors for years at TI. Glad to see you showing them proudly here.

      And I wouldn’t say pointing out your QB’s obsession with the wacky weed translates to an obsession with Auburn here. It just makes us belly laugh that your team leader isn’t much of a leader at all.

      Now strike up the chorus of Aubie Kumbaya and let’s get this party started.

      1. Were you belly laughing Reed got arrested for DUI and Kenyon Drake was arrested for fighting a cop? (((crickets)))

        1. Reed is a reserve lineman, not our QB…the face of our team…and crossing a tape doesn’t exactly sell tickets at a UCF match.

          But thanks for trying.

        2. Drake was beating a cop now?

          And Marshall had 8 to 9 grams of bluegrass, not pot?

          Everyone was wrong. Sorry, Auburn. Continue not to respect your fans—-they sincerely don’t care and will love you even more for it.

      2. You probably need to stay on Tiderinsideher. Looks like Racer and 3rd Rome are eating your lunch on this. WDE!

        1. It seems the only ones who feel that way are their mothers (who proof read their posts) and desperate barners like yourself fighting little brother syndrome.


          1. ITK,

            They need a “like” button on here bro! Spot on. And how desperate/obsessed/little brother do you have to be to not only post on opposing fans’ websites, but PAY MONEY for the privilege? Talk about belly laughs!!! Hahaha.

            The difference between the barn and any other self-respecting college football program is they will all rally around their pot smoking QB, blame the cop, the system, society, etc, while any non-cult program would quickly condemn the player’s actions and mete out punishment.

            Hell, Kenyan Drake didn’t play a down at the barn last year because he mouthed off to a coach.

            Oh and Jake is an idiot.

            This year’s “tiger walk” to BDS is gonna look more like a death march!!! LOL.

    2. It is hilarious to scroll down the front page and see half the articles have something to do with Auburn.

      But they only care about winning championships.
      They care NOTHING about Auburn…..

      1. They care about their audience. You’re part of that audience.

        You would come here no matter what they wrote, peachy.

        Besides, I don’t hear you complaining about (insert nationwide sports site here) writing about the same issue.

        You’re a treat, peachy.

    3. Losing last year not only stung Jake, but it actually was an embarrassment! Any time the ‘stump climbers’ from Lee County lucks out and actually out scores you in a game, it is an embarrassment. and you can bet ol Nicky Marshall will park his new Dodge long enough to be the starting q-back against Arkie.

  3. I can’t disagree with anything here. The hypocrisy that is college football – in this case, Auburn – is so very clear and hard to just let slide any longer.

  4. “Instead of giving Marshall the opportunity to stand up under the bright lights of scrutiny, Auburn’s head man, Gustav Malzahn, chose to do something he doesn’t like other teams to do: Substitute.”

    That was flippin’ hilarious!

    1. It’s why ITK is the best. I’m still loving the name “Cheech” Marshall. LOL!

      1. You’ll love it even more when AU’s season goes ‘Up In Smoke.’ 🙂 You think we’ll tie that in a few times here?

        1. Just hurry up already with the posting about their claim their website was hacked by the media when Evans bio was posted prematurely on signing day.

          I need some more laughs!

          1. I’m pretty sure Nick Marshall’s Dodge Charger was hacked. No way that pot got in there on his watch.

        2. Why are you so convinced that auburn will be bad this season. Based on one year that was the greatest turn around in college football history? Let’s see what happens during the season before u start making “predictions”. I don’t think we will be undefeated but we will be good. Better than last year. On paper it looks that way at least. Let’s wait and see.

          1. “Let’s see what happens during the season before u start making “predictions” ”

            Don’t you make preseason predictions before the season, instead of during?

            Have you been riding around with Nick Marshall, today?

          2. Auburn will be better than last year. Their defense was one of the worst in the league, so they have almost nowhere to go but up.

            What they probably won’t be is luckier than last year.

            The HUNHNS will keep some of that luck on their side again this year, but Malzahn was prepared for the high school rules changes that happened in 2008 because he coached high school football at a high level while college football tried to catch up to the rule changes (the same ones people still blame Saban for trying to correct).

  5. So if he would have gone u mean u wouldn’t have written an article that Malzahn is a hypocrite and should be fired because he let a thug felon go to SEC media days when he should be suspended instead of rewarded???

    1. @Auburnfan

      No, nor would every other website that’s writing about this story so don’t make it out to be Big Brother picking on Little Brother. Did you read the article above?

      This really doesn’t bother Auburn fans though, does it? You just make an excuse for why it’s the “right” decision instead of thinking for yourself, or of the other players who lost more for less.

      1. I personally do feel it is a privilege to go to Media days. Not a right. It is an honor to represent your school at the biggest day of preseason college football. If this were an Alabama quarterback I would be saying the same thing. I don’t agree with you or ITK. That doesn’t make me wrong.

        1. K, I can definitely understand the point of view of it being a “privelage” to go to SEC media days in Hoover, AL.

          But is NOT going to media days really a “punishment?” Hell, after an incident like this it seems like more of a reward than anything else—–now you don’t have to answer hard questions for your actions.

          “But it was just weed.”

          Then ask yourself this—–if Marshall did get to go to SEC media days, do you think that would have been his answer to the media? It’s just weed?

          Look, Marshall’s made mistakes at two of the three schools he’s played football for and he’s never really gotten in trouble for it—–by all accounts, he’s been rewarded instead, at least by Auburn.

          For example, Marshall wouldn’t have played at Georgia last year even if he hadn’t been kicked out for stealing (don’t tell me they would have benched Murray), and therefore he wouldn’t have gone to a BCS title game, and therefore he wouldn’t be a Heisman candidate and a senior starting quarterback for the 2014 season…except Auburn. I’m not saying he didn’t earn his position, but he’s gotten more rewarding benefits out of his crime than he would have had without it.

          Instead of being questioned about his arrest, er, I mean his fine, by reporters at SEC media days, he gets bailed out. For all we know he’s smoking weed right now watching SEC media days at home, and while I don’t doubt that he’s sorry for getting caught, I don’t think missing SEC media days is much of a punishment at all and, at least in Marshall’s case, is more of a reward to avoid the scrutiny and a requisite public apology.

          The worst part is it doesn’t seem to bother Auburn’s culture at all. It bothers everyone else enough to ask, and Auburn’s culture reacts with the typical little brother response, “it’s us against the world.”

          1. Way back in the DAY…Brent Fulwood (SP?) anybody remember him? Like on the Cosby Kids No Class

  6. In my opinion, I think Gus took him out of Media Days as a punishment. I really believe that it’s a great opportunity to be considered by your coach to even go to a day like this. The media was looking forward to Marshall coming anyway. But I just think Gus wanted him to learn, “Do it again, you’re off the team.”

    As for Manziel, Sumlin never seemed to have control over the kid. At least it seems Gus is trying to handle his players with discipline.

    As an Auburn fan, I agree that Marshall was really stupid for his actions. I mean how many times does something like this have to run through the news for these college athletes to learn that EVERYONE is after you. Anything you do, anytime, anywhere. Ridiculous!

    People worship these players down here in the SEC so they watch every move. And then Drake, Drake should have just listened to the cop when the cop told him that it was a crime scene and they couldn’t remove anything yet. IF he’s not authorized to enter, Do NOT DO IT. Instead, he just went on. I have a bunch of bama friends though that say he has always seemed the trouble maker though.

    Honestly, though, Marshall lost his grand opportunity to go SEC Media Days.

    1. Just as well. They would have had to employ an interpreter just to understand what Mushmouf Marshall was saying anyway.

  7. How often does Saban allow his arrested players to “face the music” and address the media?

    1. @peachy You’re right. He doesn’t.

      Because doing media interviews isn’t a reward.

      It would be one thing if a player were scheduled to talk to the media, then instead of anything else he just substituted the player.

      But keep deflecting—-it’s what you do best. Good grief. You really will swallow anything Auburn feeds you, won’t you? None of this bothers you as an Auburn fan? Hell, didn’t you want to hear from Marshall, too? Everyone else did, before and after he got his drug fine.

      1. @nope

        peachy will swallow, lap and slurp it all down with two straws, never questioning the company line. He’s brain dead, brain washed, and in turn, brainless.

        1. Of course Peachy swallows. I’ve been telling you that for over a year. Why do you think her husband married her. Bwaa Haww Haww!

  8. Rashaan Evans Bio Quote:

    “Media personnel were able to hack into the site and ‘find’ the code to pull up the bio,” Auburn officials explained..

    Does the IRS have Auburn alumni working for them ? I’m noticing a correlation…..

  9. Just the good ole boys…never meaning no harm…been in trouble since the day the were born.

  10. But, But, But! But Marshall wasn’t arrested! But, But, But! But he’s been handcuffed. I don’t know about you people, bit where I come from if you’re cuffed you’re under arrest. By some technicality they may decide to release you, but while cuffed you are under arrest. In fact I had an Alabama cop tell me that once you’re cuffed most cops won’t release you because then they would be liable for false arrest. So what’s this shit with Marshall?

    1. I have a dick. Why don’t you come and suck it, bitch! Bustin’ Barnturd chops is my hobby, and I loves it!

  11. Oh I know that most of my posts are rude and crude and maybe a tad bit on the extreme side. But we’re talking about Barnturd, Corndog, Gayturd, Volunqueer, etc, trolling flamers. So you know what they say – If the Foo Shits —–! Ya’ll come back now – ya’ heah! ROTFLMMFAO!

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