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ITKWith the 2014 NFL Draft now in the books, things that were hazy a few days ago are now clear. Questions regarding the NFL futures of several Alabama players are now answered…or at least starting points have been determined. And the wisdom regarding the decisions of some Tide underclassmen to come out is now under the microscope.

But before we go there, check out these headlines on from Saturday morning:

Our biased in-state media strikes again.
Our biased in-state media strikes again.

Keep in mind, the Alabama player pictured went in the 2nd round, while the Auburn player wasn’t taken till the 3rd. We’ve beaten the drum about media bias in Alabama for years; this is just another small taste. Through the first three rounds, Alabama and Auburn had the same number of players selected…by virtue of round selection Bama even had a slight edge. But the headline spin paints a positive for Auburn while a negative for Alabama. Just pointing this bias out, again.

Cyrus K to the Bills in the 2nd
On to more important things, following the 1st round selections of CJ Mosley and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, offensive tackle Cyrus Koundjio became the Tide’s 3rd player taken in this year’s draft, going in the 2nd round to Buffalo as their 2nd pick (the 44th player taken overall). Their first pick (#4) was Clemson WR Sammy Watkins. Kouandjio becomes the 9th offensive lineman taken in the NFL Draft in the Nick Saban era at Alabama. Of those, seven (7) were selected in the first three rounds.

We've been had by these two.
We’ve been had by these two.
Speaking of media bias, if you were to watch SEC games on CBS the last few seasons, you would’ve thought quarterbacks Aaron Murray, AJ McCarron and Zach Mettenberger would’ve been taken long before Saturday’s draft clean-up duty. In his broadcasts of Georgia games, were you able to hook a generator to Gary Danielson’s mouth, just on the CBS color analyst’s praise of Murray alone you could light the city of Atlanta for four days. Similar praise was volleyed for AJ and Mettenberger. But when it came time for the NFL money to change hands, QB’s from Eastern Illinois, Fresno State and Central Florida were tapped looong before these three.

Of course, for years CBS has had a contract with the SEC to broadcast their “Game of the Week,” obviously standing to gain from any hype (manufactured or natural) generated from viewer interest. But this variance of NFL scout and CBS analyst opinion just leads me to ponder, how much of what we buy into in the fall is real, and how much of it is a media creation?

Oh, AJ. The 2014 NFL Draft was especially brutal if you were pulling for him to have a good weekend. Between the self-projections (of “going between #16 – #35 overall) to all the tweets, to the reports of his attitude and meeting cancellations rubbing teams the wrong way, McCarron’s draft stock plummeted like a shot turkey crashing to the earth.

I still maintain that his body of work should have had him drafted before Eastern Illinois’ Jimmy Garoppolo, Pitt’s Tom Savage or Virginia Tech’s Logan Thomas…Logan Thomas is awful…but something happened in the minds of NFL owners making McCarron poison. Nobody wanted any part of him.

May we all learn from McCarron in whatever line of work you’re in. Nobody likes a cocky punk unless the cocky punk is thought to be a can’t miss sparkplug, bringing instant success to your franchise. AJ isn’t thought to bring that kind of “add water and win” type ability, so in the eyes of NFL owners everywhere, he’s just a cocky punk. Hopefully today’s lesson in humility was well received. And hopefully his fiance’ can comfort him in his time of need.

War Ram Eagle…Phhssshhhhh
Shifting an eye to the never tiring hype machine in Lee County, Auburn’s Tre Mason was taken in the 3rd round by St. Louis where he’ll join his former teammate Greg Robinson. Have you heard? Mason eclipsed Bo Jackson’s single season rushing record!! That’s a standard nugget the barners like to throw out. They served up the same tired sound byte early and often when Michael Dyer did the same thing.

Nevermind that Bo’s playing days didn’t include a 12th regular season game, nor did it factor in a league title game between the regular season and the bowl game. And B-b-b-o’s team’s offensive bread and butter wasn’t hurrying up to the line of scrimmage to try and catch you before you were ready…Auburn still played man football in the 80’s. But, if it sounds good, the Auburn hype machine will spew it for the underlings to slurp it up. And slurp it they do…with two straws. Oh you dumb, predictable barners. Facts are such a hassle for you.

Keep these facts in tow as well: It’s worth mentioning that Rams Coach Jeff Fisher’s son played at Auburn; their GM Les Snead is an Auburn grad, and former Aubie Barrett Trotter is a Rams scouting assistant. Similar to Ozzie Newsom’s affinity for Bama players in Baltimore, the Auhbuhn Fambly may now have a chapter in St. Louis. In a related note, Auburn’s style of play and late Rams draftee Michael Sam have a lot in common.

Final draft tidbits:

41 players from the 2011 Alabama/LSU games have been drafted. No wonder those games were so good.

102 under classmen came out in this year’s draft. After the three “money rounds,” only 41 had been selected. Much of the remaining 61 were probably certain they’d hear their names called.

C’mon 2014 underclassmen…learn from the mistakes of your elders. Please? If you’re gonna get paid, come out. If not, stay put.

Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin has had four 1st rounders over the past two drafts, with tons more being taken in later rounds, but A&M has yet to so much as win their division. You’d think that much talent would translate to hardware. Of course, the same can be said of Les Miles…maybe more so.

• Much to my surprise, former Bama safety Vinnie Sunseri was taken in the 5th round by New Orleans. I’m glad I didn’t bet on this, but good for him. Hopefully he’ll continue to prove me wrong.

• Nick Saban should make a life size picture of Adrian Hubbard and put it somewhere in the Mal Moore Athletic Complex. Under it should just be the words “Listen to me.” Hubbard came out, seemingly against the coach’s advice, and finished the weekend undrafted. Going back to the earlier point above, if you’re gonna get paid come out. If your uncle is just telling you you’re gonna get paid, stay in school and improve your draft stock. I promise you, Nick Saban knows what he’s talking about and isn’t trying to stick it to you.

• Bama’s draft total for 2014 reads like this:

1. CJ Mosley 17th – Ravens
1. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix 21st – Packers
2. Cyrus Kouandjio 44th – Bills
4. Kevin Norwood 123rd – Seahawks
5. Ed Stinson 160th – Cardinals
5. AJ McCarron 164th – Bengals
5. Vinnie Sunseri 167th – Saints
6. Jeoffrey Pagan 177th – Texans

• Alabama head coach Nick Saban has now had 41 players drafted in his time in Tuscaloosa, just a handful shy of a complete NFL roster. What would that depth chart look like?

• Bama landed 8 in this year’s draft. Auburn only had 4. Florida State only had 7. Someone please get Danny Kannell on the phone and tell him to shut his pie hole. FSU’s Auburn-esque flash-in-the-pan last season was cute, but daddy is still daddy. Only LSU had more players taken than Bama (9).

• Player selections by conference: SEC (48), ACC (42), Pac-12 (34), Big 10 (29), Big 12 & Mountain West (16 each)

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70 thoughts on “AJ’s slide, Gary & Verne lied, and Michael Sam’s gay pride…it’s all in your Sunday Cup ‘O Coffee”

  1. Bias in that report? Do you understand how newspapers work?

    First, those stories were written by two different people. Do you think the newspaper told one to write a negative article about Alabama and the other to write a positive one about Auburn? Did you even bother to read the articles? The one about Alabama was correct. It was a slow night for Alabama in the second evening. They had 3 players drafted in the first 3 rounds. That was the fewest Saban had drafted in the first 3 rounds since 2008.

    To say these stories show bias is ignorance. And you must have missed the follow up Bama article where the SAME writer praised their 8 draft picks. Was he showing bias then?

    1. Editors are usually responsible for writing the headlines, not the writers/columnists. Being that one headline is positive and the other is negative for what is basically the same story, yes, there is a bit of bias there. Unfortunately has followed the trend of evolving media that now ignores substance in exchange for stirring up message board trolls for page clicks.

      1. So when they have a negative headline for Auburn and a positive one for Alabama that’s also showing their bias? Because that happens as frequently as it does the other way.

        There was no bias there. Both articles were correct. Alabama had a slow first 3 rounds compared to recent years. And neither headline was negative. It said Alabama had a quiet night (100% true considering they only had ONE pick that night) and then it goes on to say that they’re going to have a busy Saturday. To see that as a negative headline is reaching.

  2. And this right here:

    “In a related note, Auburn’s style of play and late Rams draftee Michael Sam have a lot in common.”

    Its a shame that you had to make that comment. Of course, being from Alabama and being an Alabama fan pretty much guarantees things like that will float around your head. Im surprised you have don’t articles praising the Alabama sororities for winning the right to keep Blacks out of their clubs.

    1. I think your own bias has just been exposed. There was no distinction whatsoever in my comment. Bigot.

      1. ITK, if Peachy misinterpreted your comment concerning Michael Sam and Auburn’s style of play, then why don’t you clear the air as to your intent with that comment so that no one will think you are a biggot or a homophobe.

        1. I don’t play the game of political correctness. Sorry to disappoint. But then, away from your sticky keyboard and internet one-liners, neither do you.

          1. No PC here. You called out Peachy as being a “bigot.” I was simply asking you to clarify your comment since you were calling out Peachy as a bigot when your comment regarding Michael Sam and Auburn appears to be disparaging and bigoted. You opened the can of worms, not me. I don’t care if you like Michael Sam or not. It’s just fine with me if you use his sexual orientation to make a joke or disparage your archival. I just find it amusing that you call out Peachy as a bigot when you were clearly making a bigoted comment. If it wasn’t a bigoted comment then please clarify.

          2. Auburn’s offense is feminine, cheap and somewhat prissy. Michael Sam is a self-proclaimed homosexual, generally characterized in culture as feminine and prissy. I don’t know if he is cheap or not; having been drafted I suppose his generosity is now up to him. I hope this helps.

          3. I’ll defer to the experts on femininity and prissiness but my guess is that your comment and further clarification crosses over into the homophobic and bigoted category – 10 hail marys would be required for proper penance.

          4. How can you not be an expert if you watch Auburn football every weekend? My guess is your opinion is as expert as they come.

          5. Wow you are a real piece of *#&% ITK!

            You’re also a real gump, generally characterized in culture as a delusional fool, dolt or oaf.

      2. At least be a man and own your comment. You knew what you were posting. Don’t chicken out when you’re called on it.

        And its quite evident by your follow up posts with afan who the bigot is here.

        “Auburn’s offense is feminine, cheap and somewhat prissy. Michael Sam is a self-proclaimed homosexual, generally characterized in culture as feminine and prissy.”

        That says a lot about you right there. I bet you catch your toes in the holes in your sheets too.

        1. The greatest reach on this board so far is you saying I’ve chickened out. But then, you’re an Auburn fan, so fantasy is nothing new to you.

          And whatever you were trying to accomplish with the sheets comment…good grief…I feel bad for you.

    2. Don’t come over here playing the holier than thou game! Even if you really feel that way and it’s not just a crock of internet bullshit; you’re still just one of a very small minority in this country. The vast, vast majority in the US do not voice their feelings on the internet, to the media, or in protest rally’s. And the vast, vast majority do not approve of homosexuality, or forced racial integration of non compatible moralities; the type of which has plunged this country into crime, drugs, violence and perversion, which in the past was unacceptable. Furthermore, because I do not intend to enter into a flaming, bashing, racist accusation, pissing contest here; then I won’t expand on the integration part – you can just read between the lines. Good day.

      1. Well said. The problem with political correctness is people hide behind B.S. in public that they don’t subscribe to in their own homes. You, my friend, nailed it.

        1. The fact that you support that statement is sickening. Are you going to start posting burning crosses and swastikas next?

        1. I’ll say this once, and then you can shove it up your whatever, since I could care less what you think. I travel a good portion of the world and I can guarantee you that I have more friends of more ethnicities and more differing moralities than you or probably most of these bloggers would ever have in 10 lifetimes. For your retarded information, It is only Racist when opining out of hate against other ethnic, religious or cultural groups; and that opinion is wrong and or just a downright lie. It is not Racist to state the truth and factual or statistical data about those groups. When smartasses get on their high horses concerning truths and facts because they shine an unfavorable light on someone they like or even on themselves; the first dumbass thing they spew out of their mouths is Racism and Bigotry. Why? Because of ignorance, hatred or just plain dumbass liberalism making them think they are ‘all that’ by backing up ‘Political Correctness’. I have no use for anyone who fits into any of those 3 categories. And if you don’t agree with what I said in my first post, then you are either really stupid, or you were born after 1970. Fortunately I was born into a different United States and therefore I know the difference. Certainly this country was not perfect pre JFK. But it wasn’t a criminal, immoral, perverted cesspool either. I don’t think anybody posting here 1900 owned slaves, or even desired to. Giving someone the right to sit where they want on a bus is a long damn way from forced integration with an ethnic group who has an unacceptably high percentage of socially corrupt members. I’m not talking about decent people here. And color of skin is not the issue. That their skin may be a different color is completely irrelevant. To put it simply, In what country is the only ethnic group left in the 21st century who systematically wipes out their own people by the hundreds of thousands and some of them even cannibalize? You can answer that yourself. Call it what you want, but I’m a realist – not a Racist.

          1. To Observer:

            I have been a part of the media in Alabama since the mid 1990s. I know, yeah…don’t say it. But you were the only person who commented on my “Alabama Derby” column. So give me some DAP! If this is the same Observer, then keep following. Maybe we can talk about other things besides football. Football, NASCAR and bass fishing seem to be the only things that draw attention. However, Capstone Report has endeavored to cover the gymnastics team, and the softball team. Even….GASP…the basketball team. Keep your thinking cap on! The purpose of a newspaper is to print the news and raise hell…o paraphrase another writer. Newspapers are dead and the Internet is the last bastion of raising hell! This is a good site and I hope you will keep following. Don’t let it get under your skin too much…but keep raising hell! DAP!

          2. Observer, let me help you.

            Auburn fans LIVE on this site. Their team just completely backed into the BCSNC game, a feat of complete and utter luck mind you. But they should be occupied with fantasies that what they saw last season was real and can happen again, though we all know 4 losses (at least) are in store for 2014.

            So they come here, a Bama website, and disagree with any and everything that’s said. It’s very “little brother” of them, but then…well…that’s who they are.

            I hope this helps.

          3. You mean like bama backed into the BCNC game against LSU after LSU had already beaten them that year. Yea yea yea I know bama won the game, but LSU had already beaten that a$$ on bama’s own home field.

          4. @LMAO

            Alabama didn’t just win the game.

            They embarrassed the Tigers.

            They put on a shut-out in LSU’s backyard.

            Alabama was the best team in the country that season. If it wasn’t so blatantly obvious someone else would have played LSU for the title.

            Instead, zero points. I know it was two championships ago but it’s still hard to believe and fun to reminisce over. Zero. I’m gonna watch that highlights again right now. What a beat down. Thanks for the reminder LMAO.

  3. How many of those 41 Bama players are still with their original team? How many are still in the NFL?

  4. I will give ITK credit. He is the master of Tap Dancing around questions. Cantdoit tries to copy ITK’s style and falls short every time. The one thing ITK lacks in is that he opens doors to other arguments that he is not prepared to defend. For example :

    Conduit is the man. I bow to his abilities to put you in your place.

    He calls Auburn’s offense gay , and then hints at the only reason Mason was drafted by the Rams was because of a couple of guys in the Rams front office and their ties to Auburn. SOOOOOOO a gay offense lead (The correct usage here should have been “led”)by a mediocre Running Back just rushed for 300 yards on your defense, and crushed you (shouldn’t this have been “your”?)hopes of the National Championship? Please explain how that was allowed to happen by the mighty tide/saban/smart ?

    My word, how many times can a barner rehash the leprechaun luck you lived off of in 2013, as if it was real? We all heard how great Gene Chizik was after 2010. What’s he doing these days? Your bliss is always shortlived down on the plains. Success is never sustained by our little “Ever To Yield brethren.” But if all I got was a flash in the pan every few years, I’d probably do the same, so I can’t blame you.

    He brags about the number of players saban has had drafted while at bama but completely blows off the guys question about how many of those players were not busts? If you are proud of the 41, why are you not proud to answer the question that Mikee asked? Did you run out of spin tactics on that subject, or do you not know the answer? Is it not true that bama has had more NFL busts than any other college program since saban arrived? What about the number of busts saban put in the NFL while at LSU? as someone posted in another post…..Jamarcus Russell says Hi.

    The problem here is your definition of a bust vs. the real definition, clear of orange and blue bias. Many of the players’ careers to which you want to assign this distinction are still too young. It’s too early. But please don’t let this fact stop your incessant babbling on the subject (like we all thought it would). When has facts ever slowed a barner’s delusion?

    But just so I’m clear, Nick Saban is responsible for his players’ success long after they leave his watch care? And all the scouts and NFL GMs aren’t to blame, even partially, for the misgivings of their own evaluations and/or player development? Got it. Thanks barner!

    You keep talking about a ” Hype Machine ” when anything positive is published about Auburn, but is that not what CSR is for bama? You and Cantdoit continue to post blindly about how great everything is at bama. Then when confronted with facts , you guys come back with the 3rd grade insults.

    You write on a third grade level but yet complain about third grade insults. Now THAT is precious.

    Oh and congrats to cantdoit. The other day I said his time in the limelight was over. Boy I could not have been any more wrong! Congrats on your new relationship , and I hope you and Michael Sams are happy for a long time. What kind of cake was that?

    I’m sure we’ll soon see the homophobic outrage from peachy and afan over this last paragraph. Peachy? afan? … (crickets) …

      1. You’re a better man than I am, ITK – I stopped reading Cant’s post during the first paragraph. If I wasn’t so stinking bored with the current sports coverage and early baseball season, I wouldn’t read Peach’s, afan’s or Cant Spell’s posts at all. Unfortunately, their rantings are all there is to read for most of the stories on CR these days. You’d think there would be all kinds of great letters and articles for them to read on the Boog message boards and sites, but they come to flame a Bama site instead. Didn’t they play for some championship or something only 4 months ago? And still trolling Bama? Thanks, all you little brothers!

        1. Pete, it’s like this…and forgive me for insulting your intelligence with this response, because this you already know:

          In the boog’s mind, there is no other game on the schedule but the Alabama game. Everything else is a warm up or an after party.

          Alabama is the focus of every Auburn fan, supporter, player and coach. It’s not that way in Tuscaloosa, in regard to Auburn, and it drives the boog fans crazy.

          That’s why blowing the National Championship game and breaking the SEC’s streak was a blip on the radar.

          Because, as they all would say, “Eht leeest Weh stihl beet bammar!”

          Their respective sun rises and falls on this notion. It’s literally all that matters.

          Which is what makes them little brother.

          1. “It’s not that way in Tuscaloosa, in regard to Auburn, and it drives the boog fans crazy.” ????

            The Bear begs to differ with you…

            “Sure I’d like to beat Notre Dame, don’t get me wrong. But nothing matters more than beating that cow college on the other side of the state.”

            Nothing matters more to Alabama than beating Auburn.

          2. And that quote is how old? It had to be before 1982, the year all Auburn fans agree time, space and football began. I’ve gotta cry foul on you for that one.

            Since that quote we’ve won at least four National Championships, all without him. Sorry, but it was a good try on your part. I give you a C+.

          3. Cry all you want but you can not change the culture of UofA no matter how much you post on here…

            Nothing matters more to UofA then beating Auburn.

          4. That has never been true, but feel free to assign your own obsessions to our fan base if you like.

  5. All I see is a bunch of empty gibberish in your response. Sounds to me that you might be a little upset that I asked questions that pain you to answer. I will try to break down your response , but I am not fluent in bammer , redneck gibberish , so be patient.

    The only think funnier than someone being unable to communicate intelligently is them then immediately accusing someone else of being a redneck. Thank you for continuing to display what a subcultured sewer rat you really are.

    ” Conduit is the man. I bow to his abilities to put you in your place. ”

    I guess if telling lies about his social status and claiming to know about football when he really does not is putting me in my place……Yeah he is DA

    I’m mad at myself for entertaining the thought of asking you to substantiate whatever the hell it is you are trying to say here. Oh, and more communicative errors…surprise, suprise.

    300 yards rushing = Luck? Really? Even if the Davis return had never happened , bama’s defense was gassed. Look at the last Auburn drive that tied the game. They drove it down bama’s throat with ease ( ran the same play over and over before the pass) and scored. Auburn would have scored at will in OT.

    A defense tired in the 59th minute of a game? You, sir, are an architect of sheer wisdom. But you forgot to mention the illegal play hurting them even more.

    As far as your argument about saban not being responsible for player development after they get drafted, you are somewhat right.

    Your “somewhat right” = everyone else on the planet’s “totally right.”

    That being said , how many of the drafted bama players just dominated their first year then faded after that? Since you are hinting that saban is getting these players ready for the NFL , then they should be at their highest point in their first year then go down after that for your argument to be valid.Plus I could understand your point about blaming the NFL for bama players not making it if majority of other school’s players were failing in the NFL like bama’s are. Are you now saying that NFL coaches, scouts, Trainers , etc are only not training/building up former bama players ?

    This paragraph is so full of vast generalizations and fantasy, as if you’ve conducted your own personal quantitative research to support the idea that “the majority of other schools'” players aren’t, how you say, “failing” in the NFL like Alabama’s are. My gosh, does your hatred for big brother keep you up at night to the point you think of such idiotic, incoherent crap? Let me answer that. Yes.

    ” I’m sure we’ll soon see the homophobic outrage from peachy and afan over this last paragraph. Peachy? afan? … (crickets) … ”

    Why would there be any outrage over me giving cantdoit props? And for the last time, that is not crickets. That’s roaches running around your trailer.

    Ahhh. The old roaches and trailer bit. I’m afraid the judges had to deduct for lack of originality, but no hard feelings.

    Then the first sign of having your ass whooped on the internet is for you to start going after the person that is kicking your ass grammar. Good for you ITK! You really got me there! I will be forced to carry the scars from that beat down for life! PFFFFTTTTTTT What the hell ever. When are you going to admit that you and cantdoit are either a couple / or the same person? There are no 2 grown men on earth that defend each other the way you two do , unless they have feelings for each other. That or it really is the same person trying to put out the illusion that his POS site has more readers/contributors than it really does. Judging by the responses lately…….numbers are lower than normal ( if that is possible). BWAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAA

    Actually, the first sign of a person panicking when they know they’re in over their head is the discounting of standards in communication. But that humor is second only to a person like yourself who LIVES to argue with big brother on turning right around and throwing hail mary’s at the idea that no one comes here. The irony that you sling every time you hammer out a post with one finger is absolutely worth it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    1. Again, I slapped you in your own post (above). Give your mom my best, and ask her to explain my responses to you.

  6. The Bengals may have gotten a steal on AJ. I don’t know how much they are paying him, but I’m sure it isn’t nearly as much as he was hoping for. If he will get over his “attitude” problem and get to work, he has the ability to be a good NFL player.

    1. He doesn’t have an attitude problem! He’s a gump through and through. IF he has a attitude problem, then that would mean 98% of all bama fans have an attitude problem. Right?

  7. Shame on you ITK. Not only are you being kicked around on your own website , but now you resort to school yard insults? Well your mamma is fat! Ha! Take that ITK! Lmao

    1. Do you have any friends? I mean real ones. That you don’t by $2.99 a minute for?

      I’ll be your friend if you need one.

      1. Do you have any readers? I mean real one. That you don’t have to make up fake screen names for ? I know this website needs people like me , peachy , LMAO, etc. It damn sure would not survive on your journalistic skills. that is why you have responded to everyone of my posts the last few days. How many people have posted on over the last 5-6 months? 10? 15? Then as much as I hate to beat a dead horse , I see CSR is up to a whopping 250 facebook friends after years of being on facebook. Out of those 250 likes how many are active posters? CSR is dying a slow , painful death and everyone can thank ITK, Cantdoit, shane, crimsonshite, RC, and other turds for that.

        1. You really have no idea how web revenue works, do you?

          I know (you probably do too) sportswriters who are on TV and radio every week who have fewer commenters on their stories, and they write more.

          I’m not going to argue about it, I just think the comment and Facebook argument is funny and reveals a lot about your perceptions and bias.

        2. I love it when desperation leads a barner to try and connect dots to arrive at a predetermined conclusion.

          BTW, can you pick me up an FSU National Championship shirt? I’ll need a large. There are some great stores in Pensecola.

  8. peachy, can’t spell, afan, y’all have reached a new epic level of trolling and disillusionment.

    If your team was as talented at football as you are at trolling, Nick Saban would be named the second-best coach in college football.

    Auburn’s HUNHNS style of magic-trick football is about as gay as a bag full of dicks wrapped in a giant pink bow and delivered on a polka-dotted Vespa to a poolside screening of Top Gun.

    Comedy is the difference between intelligence and hatred.

    You see, comedy carries responsibility because it doesn’t have to be politically correct. How funny would comics be if they only said the right thing? They’d be politicians, not comics.

    For some reason the last bastion of comedy that people relentlessly carry the PC torch for is gay people. I don’t get it. For example, I have these two friends, one of them is gay and he’s always trying to sleep with the other one. He invites the straight one to events to try to get him drunk and makes the most outlandish come-ons, all in plain view, all while the straight guy is virtually oblivious. It’s hilarious. But some people think you’re not allowed to consider it funny? That’s even sillier.

    The problem though isn’t making fun of anyone for any reason.

    The problem is when you say things that are in no way meant to be funny, like the way you do for us here, or the way you say Alabama would never play a black quarterback only because he’s black. It’s one thing to call me gay or Alabama racist, but the things you say here are so much more deliberately worse and explicitly hateful due to the lack of any comedic intent that I don’t even think it’s ironic to get on the high horse of ethics, but rather it’s irresponsible and insultingly misguided.

    Look, I get blind rage and unprecedented bias. I don’t succumb to it, but I get it. What really bugs me though is that you can let it affect you so much to come to the point of hate crimes and lies. It’s absolutely disgusting.

    But hey, don’t let that stop you from caring about how you represent your school’s culture.

    AJ McCarron is a champion. 10 missed field goals changed his career (perhaps more than AJ himself) but we won’t know what he can do in the pros until he plays. Otherwise, tell it to Tom Brady after being drafted so late, or Mark Sanchez for being drafted so early. Perhaps AJ is a victim of his own success? I didn’t expect Mason do drop so far, either. I don’t pretend to understand the NFL though.

    Good call on TAMU and Sumlin, too. TAMU is the SEC’s longest slide for an out this side of Auburn. I’m more curious than optimistic about what they’ll look like this year.

    PS – I love Cincinnati. The German food, the river, the beer (holy cow), the music, art, the Reds, even the Bengals new stadium. And I hate Cleveland. It’s nasty, ugly and sad. AJ may have dodged a bullet. Who Dey and Roll Tide.

    1. Why don’t you present this post and all of the comments at the next GLA meeting at the Capstone and ask them what they think. I thought ITK’s post was funny. But you are being delusional if you think the GL crowd would think so.

      1. Tell me again why we should assign care to what a GLA meeting thinks? As long as there is no intent to harm, we still have the freedom in this country to think, believe and say what we want. That is until the president you elected takes it from us.

      2. @AFAN

        I didn’t say it was nice. I didn’t say it was politically correct. I said it was comedy. That’s the difference. I explained that, too.

        I love comedy. I love comedians. Have you ever heard of Brad Williams? He’s a midget comic.

        I say he’s a midget comic because that’s what he calls himself. He’s hilarious and very successful, not to mention outrageously politically incorrect.

        Meanwhile, there’s an entire alliance of little people who are offended that he uses the word “midget.” None of it stops him from making little people jokes, bringing crowds to his shows, or being independently successful.

        The difference between that and what some people say here in terms of sexuality and race in particular is the difference between comedy and hate. To answer the allegation more directly, yes, I have a lot of friends on both sides, and plenty of people would laugh at it, gay or straight.

  9. Capstone facebook page is a true reflection at the interest level even your own fan base has in your BS. Since the beginning of the year , the most ” liked ” post on capstonereport’s facebook page got 9 ” likes”. Yes I said 9. Then there was two others that were so popular they got 4 ” likes ” each. Majority of the garbage posts made by itk and crew got zero likes. You mean to tell me out of the ” thousands” of readers/fans that ITK and cantdoit claim they have , not a single 1 could take a single second to click the like button? Was ITK’s hard work with his cute cartoons not worth the effort a simple like? Truth is capstone report prays to reach the number of hits, likes, shares of a mediocre youth league football page/site.My kid’s former youth league is well over 200 friends on facebook. I would even say that CSR is the least liked/viewed bama site / page on the internet. That is saying a lot with the insane , klan like mentality of the bammer fanbase. Hell you could put houndstooth on a dog turd and a bammer would buy it, but that same crazed fan will not hit the like button for ITK / CSR on facebook? Keep your fairy tales to your self because it is very clear that you count likes, hits, and viewers like you count national championships.

    1. Again with the Facebook.

      Let me say this part very clearly; Facebook is not the internet. I get that you love Facebook, I do, but wow.

      Ever heard of Jay Mohr, for example? Tell me he’s a failure because you found the number of likes he has on Facebook.

      Actually, don’t tell me that. It’s inaccurate.

      Know who else doesn’t use Facebook? Nick Saban. Heard of him? He’s pretty successful. No Facebook though, so his success could be an illusion.

      Your kid’s former youth league is not better than Nick Saban because of Facebook. Yep. I said it.

      1. Maybe we’ll concentrate on our Facebook page one day. But if we do, it won’t be because some boog has come on here pleasuring himself to the idea that he’s found a foothold. The fact is, we’re living rent free in Can’t Spell’s head, and I LOVE IT.

      2. Nick Saban does not run a website and then have a facebook page to gauge his popularity now does he . Yep. I said it. It is cute that you feel like you can compare csr and it’s different social media pages to Jay Mohr and Nick Saban. That tells me just how delusional you are. Real cute. lmao

    2. Again, Cant spell, with the complete misunderstanding of how internet sites make money. Does your kid’s youth league FB site make a nickel for the league? Does your’s? Facebook is a ship passing in the night on the internet – even in the social media world, it is on it’s way out.
      However, when you and your boog friends come to CR’s site? $$$$$$$$$
      The irony of your statements – I’m sure – are completely lost on you. But I’m sure that the Capstone Report doesn’t mind at all. You and all the other little brothers just need to keep coming on here and spouting your nonsense as much as you want.
      Sorry for your loss. I’ll take an XL size FSU National Championship shirt.

      1. Yep, and we thank you. (click, click, click…)

        From Facebook? $0

        And again, I want my FSU Natty shirt in a large. Get off your arse and go get it.

    3. That’s a reach, but then what else would I expect from you.

      I can tell you on full authority that we don’t invest energy into that page at all. I’ve been with CR since it was “”. I know what I’m talking about. You don’t. Of course, that’s about just about everything.

      Nice try though. Keep fantasizing. It’s all you have.

    4. If you put houndstooth on a dog turd and try to sell it you will get sued by Bill Battle and the U of A. Unless you get permission to license it. It would be a great present for Auburn fans, like a pet rock. Good idea. Just get it licensed and send me a commission! Cause I told you what to do.

      1. Truth is if you put a houndstooth on a dog turd and try to sell it, you could bet that gumps would be lined up to buy it. They will buy anything with a houndstooth on it! LMAO

        1. And Bill Battle will make some money. I’m watching this Donald Sterling , Magic Johnson thing. You have a take LMAO? When I write a column, I do it in a professional way. Strong intro. Strong closing. 500 to 600words ideally. Comments are more free form. But they matter in this Twitter world we live in. Get back. Invite your friends.

          P.S. I love Bill Battle

  10. I am done helping raise the numbers here. Lets see how many posts you get without me stiring the pot. Judging by previous numbers….this place is about to come to a slow crawl. See you turds after gus hands lil nicky beatdown 2.0

    1. Poor Aubie. They AUmost beat bad ol’ Jameis. Don’t let the door slam your ass on the way out.

    2. You judge Capstone Report’s success by Facebook “likes” alone, but not Nick Saban or Jay Mohr?

      Doesn’t that mean they’re less successful for not having Facebook pages to have likes on? It doesn’t, I know that, but we’re talking your logic here, that’s why I’m asking.

      Then you think people can’t read without commenting, I guess? I can’t tell you how many things I read online without leaving a comment. Yikes.

      I’ll just say this to make it clear since I know you are reading this; we will all be ok. You don’t control anyone’s destiny but your own. Something tells me you’re not controlling that one very well. As for the Iron Bowl, you’re adorable.

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