ITKThere was a popular country song from the early 1990’s that spoke volumes of truth. The great prophet Garth Brooks shared this wisdom that will last through the ages:

“Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayer.”

At the risk of veering off on an avenue I don’t want to go into today, Biblically speaking, I believe God answers every prayer; just sometimes the answer isn’t what we want.

But there’s no doubt that a couple of years back, as Jameis Winston and family were teetering in their decision on whether to end up in Tuscaloosa or Tallahassee, there were a lot of prayers going up. A lot.

The kid was wanted; no doubt about it. A 2013 season in the spotlight and a Heisman Trophy suggest those prayers were well-founded. Winston scored a lot of touchdowns, won a lot of football games, and brought FSU their first taste of significance in what was beginning to feel like ages.

Kudos to the person who photoshopped this dandy.
But now here we are. Jameis once again has been playing footsie with that old nemesis called “trouble.”

Since arriving at FSU in 2012 there have been “incidents,” we’ll just call them. Once police spoke to him about windows being shot out with BB guns. on another occasion a local Burger King accused him of stealing soda – Jameis kept helping himself to soft drink refills even though employees told him to stop.

Then there was the sexual assault case…a kangaroo police job where the local state’s attorney blasted local authorities for botching the investigation. Just last month the New York Times reported that another FSU student sought counseling after a sexual encounter with Winston (but did not pursue charges. At least not yet.).

And now there’s this. Jameis Winston stealing roughly $32 worth of crab legs from a Publix Supermarket. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Yes, it seems the pride of Hueytown, Alabama is just one magnificent prize. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for kids Winston’s age to get into trouble, but the relative regularity with which the reigning Heisman Trophy winner is drawing headlines for all the wrong reasons is starting to become alarming.

Somewhere Johnny Manziel is saying, “Dude, you need to simmer down.”

There are schools and fanbases that will sell their souls for a taste of the rare air Alabama has earned for so long, even if it costs them their dignity and integrity. The drive to “be somebody” leads you to adopt immature behavior and obvious cheating as okay. We’re looking at you Auburn. But now the Tigers have a classmate.

Free Seafood University comes out looking mighty bad in this deal, as the kid Bama once wanted continues to expose the Seminoles’ “just win baby” intent. The only downside? Waiting for the narcissistic Winston to do something else.

But one thing is for sure; he WILL do something else. And once again, this guy’s prayers will be answered…correctly.

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41 thoughts on “What if Jameis Winston had come to Alabama?”

  1. Free Seafood U? That is beyond funny. You are right, this stuff cannot be made up…but it sounds like something from a Cohen (sp) Bros movie.

    I’m wondering if he really thought he could walk out the door without paying? Did he have some help? An employee that gave him the crab legs and a wink? Still stupid. Crab legs…really? GEEZ

  2. But let me answer your question “seriously”. If Jameis Winston would have come to Alabama you probably would have beaten Auburn last year and bama would have the first team in the BCS era, perhaps ever, to win back to back to back national championships! And despite everything he has done or even worse you gumps would be looking the other way and worshiping at his feet and already claiming your fouth national championship in a row right now. Just like most of you claimed three in a row at this exact time last year!

    1. Right.

      You honestly believe Jameis Winston would have played last year at the University of Alabama instead of back-to-back title winner AJ McCarron. Wow.

      Is it that crazy to think he chose FSU in the first place because he would play sooner?

      Of course it’s not. But don’t let that stop you…

      1. Are you really asking if a black quarterback would have played in front of a white quarterback at the University of Alabama, no matter how much more gifted and talented he is at that position? I think we all know the answer to that question now don’t we Cantdoit? Your comment inferred the answer that we all know, but if you want more concrete evidence all you have to do is look at history, right?

        That history includes your own admitted comments Conduit. You previously stated on this site that based your vast knowledge of college football as a result of the many years of following bama, that you thought, lets see how did you put it, oh yea based on your observation that AJ McCarron would be a “poor backup” to Phillip Sims! How did that work out for Phillip Sims?

        Now bama has a senior quarterback in Blake Sims who has been at Alabama for four years, learning this offense as an understudy to the “great” AJ McCarron. But now in comes Jacob Cocker, who has yet to even step foot on the bama campus.

        Now you tell me Conduit, who are bama fans talking about as being the starter and savior for bama football for next season? I guess we will see if history repeats itself in a few months now want we.

        1. Jamarcus Russell and Rohan Davey say “hey.” Saban has no quams with race, and neither does anybody else. It’s 2014. Bama’s pro-style offensive system doesn’t attract athletic quarterbacks the way other systems do. But if he can play and stand up under the pressure to be the man at Alabama, race has nothing to do with it. Phillip Sims was one game away from holding the records McCarron does. I don’t blame him for transferring, but AJ was almost the one deciding to avoid sitting by transferring.

          1. Jamarcus Russll and Rohan Davey played for LSU. I didn’t say, nor infer that Saban had any quams with race. Its the University of Alabama that has the historical problem. Yes it is 2014, but 2010 is not ancient history. I guess we’ll see if Alabama history repeats itself with Cocker/Sims want we.

          2. You’re still saying Alabama is racist if they play Coker because Sims is black.

          3. @LMAO

            Alabama has recruited and played several black quarterbacks in recent history. I don’t know any Alabama fan worth his/her salt that would care what color the QB is a long as they play well and don’t make headlines for (allegedly) stealing crab legs. I will grant you there are some racist Alabama fans, but that would be true in Louisiana too. It is hardly an institutionalized thing at UA.

            ITK pointed out that Phillips Simms transferred. Did he light it up somewhere else because he got a more “fair” chance to play? Did Star Jackson set the world on fire when he transferred because he was finally given a true shot to show his abilities? I don’t think he even started at Ga State for a whole season.

          4. NO I didn’t say that Cantdoit. I said bama has a history and we will see if history repeats itself. You call it whatever you want.

        2. @LMAO

          Excuse me? I’m sorry, but it’s hard for me to beleive anyone is that dumb or that racist in the 21st century. Please, enlighten us.

          You’re saying Jameis Winston wouldn’t have played at Alabama last season as a redshirt freshman behind two-time title-winning senior AJ McCarron explicitly because he was black?!

          I don’t think you actually believe that. If you do, please, shine on. Personally, I wouldn’t have benched a historic and talented track-proven senior QB for an entire season for a freshman with no in-game experience. I don’t think Saban would have, either. But you would have played him?

          My “observation” of AJ McCarron was at A-Day…a spring practice game.

          You’re suggesting not only did you already know Jameis Winston was one of the best quarterbacks in the league as a freshman before you had ever seen him throw a ball, but that you’d put him in at quarterback instead of a two-time title winner and a senior?

          Not only that, but you say Alabama wouldn’t do that only explicitly because Winston is black?

          Then you continue to suggest that Alabama won’t play a quarterback in the future explicitly because he’s black? Is it simply that upsetting to you that Coker is really good and he’ll play at the school you are obsessed with, or more importantly, that he’ll play under Lane Kiffin who is particularly skilled at working with QB’s of Coker’s play style?

          Do you see how you warp your mind with your hate for Alabama? It’s disgusting. It’s what your culture does, though. Disgusting, nevertheless. I’m having a hard time believing how convicted you are in these things though, especially the race part.

        3. Pardon me, but that’s exactly what you said. It’s the same thing you’ve said here many times, in fact. Making a choice based on race “no matter how much more gifted and talented he is” is racism. You keep saying it. Just you. And the only argument you make is race. You make me sick.

      2. No need to worry about that kind of behavior in Alabama anymore, Conduit. We haven’t had that problem since we voted out the Democrats.

    2. WE don’t need it, Sport. The sacrifice of young women don’t work with me or anybody I know. Don’t matter who he is or how good he is at football.

          1. Was Winston charged with rape? Must have missed that. Missed his trial and conviction too. But I do know Pettway participated in the beating and robbing of Alabama students. But hey, he didn’t rape them so he gets to come back and play football.

          2. That’s a gross misinterpretation of the facts, peachy.

            Don’t let that get in your way, though. Pretty epic trolling, I admit.

          3. Its actually a clear representation of the facts. What did I say that was untrue?

          4. @peachy There’s a difference between being honest and telling the truth.

            I didn’t say the facts were wrong, I said they were grossly misinterpreted, and I’ll add deliberately so. You could elaborate, but nah, just like LSU’s cultural identity is to deflect and point fingers instead.

          5. You need me to elaborate? Pettway participated in the beating and robbing of Alabama students. Nick Saban thinks he’s such a swell guy that he let him come back to play. Anything I left out?

    3. Jemais Winston as witnessed by a halfassed performance in the BCSNCG against a mediocre Goathumper defense, would not have won the IB last year. He would not have even played. If Jemais Winston were playing on an SEC team against SEC defenses he would not be a Heisman Trophy winner. FSU runs a pro style offense and there are no pro style offenses which play a full SEC schedule in which any QB can compile enough stats to win the Heisman Trophy. And isn’t it a shame that Bama’s opponents have to live vicariously through other teams to try and grab some glory against Bama.

  3. But lets be honest, every gump know if he would have come to bama and played for God….em I mean Saban, he would not have gotten into any of the trouble he has gotten into because bama players are perfect angels under Saban. Right? Don’t believe me? Ask any gump.

    1. But nobody would know Winston; they probably wouldn’t have noticed at all.

      See how that works? Right now Winston wouldn’t have a Heisman trophy because he wouldn’t have been the starting QB at Alabama last year. He would have sat behind two-time title-winning senior AJ McCarron.

      Instead, everyone knows his name and face, particularly in the city he stole crab legs in, because he won a Heisman trophy and a national championship last year as a freshman. How’s that for being honest?

    2. LMAO needs therapy. He is weirdly obsessed with Alabama and is making completely irrational arguments….as usual.

      Or….maybe he is a 9 yr old kid and completely normal.

      Not sure which….

      1. lamo will post a comment, think a few minutes and then post another, look at the time stamps, I am becoming convinced he has a serious obsessional dysfunction, in my opinion it may be best to stop the ridiculing and highlighting his obliviousness to reality because it’s obvious adverse consequences are trying at minimum.

        1. I think you are obsessed with me tinyhammer if you are actually checking out the time stamps of all of my post! LMAO

          1. Why is it no surprise you would mention obsessed along with a reference to small penises in the same sentence. The more you ramble, the more that is revealed about the secret life of lamo. However I’m not here to judge, whatever you’re into.

          2. LMAO AT YOU!

            You getting “small penises” out of the word tinyhammer actually says a lot more about your insecurities than is does about me!

            What a gump! LMAO

    3. Winston hasn’t stolen enough laptops to be Aubbie’s quarterback yet.

  4. FSU and Aubie are neck and neck for biggest retards. Aubie’s OC, ol’ whatshisname: “We could have named our score against FSU.” He should have named it 35 instead of 31. LMAO

  5. I think LMAO is just upset that Jameis Winston is one more arrest from being Auburn’s next quarterback. The waiting is getting to him.

    1. there are reports that his “street cred” is getting very close to qualifying for a gus bus visit

    2. You always get that one wrong. After all these years you still haven’t realized that LMAO is a dumbass Corndog?

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