By Hunter Ford

I didn’t realize corndogs paired so well with whine and cheese. That is, until I read LSU’s head football coach Les Miles’ and athletic director Joe Alleva’s boo-hooing about the “bias” of the SEC football schedule.

The SEC recently adopted rules to keep an eight-game conference schedule and to keep the traditional cross-division schedule, playing one fixed opponent and one rotating opponent. The SEC added one new wrinkle, making it mandatory for each SEC school to schedule at least one non-conference game against an opponent from one of the other big-time conferences (formerly known as BCS).

Apparently, Miles and Alleva believe this is grossly unfair. Here are choice quotes:

Miles said, “We play the toughest schedule in America in our conference, and then we have the (bias) of the permanent partner. We’re now also being mandated to take a BCS team. The bias of the schedule continues to be disproportionate. Fundamentally fair is not something they’ve given thought to.”

Alleva had this to say: “I am very disappointed that the leaders of the SEC disregard the competitive advantage that the permanent partners award to certain schools…LSU has played Florida and Georgia 19 times since 2000, and Bama has played them eight times. Is that fair?”

It seems they are singling out Alabama for having a competitive advantage, more than any other school, because LSU has to face Florida as a permanent opponent and Alabama has Tennessee as a fixed cross division foe.

Disemboweling their argument is easy. For starters, LSU is 6-4 against the Gators in the past 10 meetings. Alabama is 8-2 against Tennessee in that stretch, but Tennessee has simply been on a down cycle. That won’t last forever. The Alabama-Tennessee rivalry has historically been one where one team tends to dominate over a period of several seasons. Tennessee is historically one of the top-tier teams not only in the SEC, but also the entire NCAA.

Looking at the history of the SEC Championship game, the East and West Divisions are an even 11-11 in wins and losses. Ten of the 14 SEC schools have played in the championship game. Six schools, three from each division, have won championships- Alabama, Auburn, and LSU from the West, and Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee from the East. That is about as “fair” as it gets. Miles and Alleva must envy Ole Miss, Kentucky and Vanderbilt for some odd reason.

No SEC school has repeated as champion since Tennessee did it in 1997-98. If you look at the records since 2000, Tennessee is 0-3 in SEC Championship Games, Georgia is 2-3, Florida is 3-1, Auburn is 3-1, Alabama is 2-1, and LSU? The Corndogs are 4-1. Obviously, the “bias” is killing them.

What about the “mandate” to play a major non-conference opponent? What about it? The best SEC schools, including LSU, have been doing that for years now, and with great success. It is the wise thing to do, especially in the new playoff era when strength of schedule should weigh heavily come selection time. Miles is the only coach in BCS history to win a national championship with two losses; he shouldn’t be scared of playing a tough schedule.

Miles and Alleva should blow their noses, wipe their eyes, and shut their funnel cake holes. Their half-fried argument just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Note: Nick Saban has openly advocated for a nine-game SEC schedule. He reasoned that both fans and players would rather see more SEC competition than games against directional schools. Playing a nine-game schedule could allow each SEC team to play every other SEC team at least once in a shorter cycle than the current format.

41 thoughts on “LSU’s Miles cries ‘bias!’”

  1. LSU has dominated non-conference foes from the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12 during the BCS era to the tune of 11-2 (.846). That’s the biggest margin in the SEC against the same competition. So LSU obviously is not afraid of tough competition. So what do the gumps have n against LSU’s argument against more fairness in the SEC schedule? Well let’s look at the facts and see if we can determine that.

    Using your stats from you own article here, since 2000 Florida and Georgia are the only two teams from the SEC East that have won SEC Championships, having done so 5 times combined over that period. During that same time period LSU has had to play Florida and Georgia 19 times compared to only eight times, less than half that of LSU. You asked the question “Is that fair?”. Why don’t you answer it? Your fellow gump says bama believes if your the best then prove it? If that was true then you gumps would be writing articles in agreement with Les Miles and Joe Alleva instead of the BS you wrote here.

    Even a dumb gump wouldn’t argue against the fact that Florida, Georgia and South Carolina have been the best three teams in the SEC East over the last seven years since Saban has been at Alabama, right? Well lets compare the LSU and Alabama’s regular season schedules over those seven past seven years. LSU has had to played either Florida, Georgia or South Carolina 13 times during the regular season from 2007 to 2013. Bama has only had to play those three teams 5 times during the regular season, less than half as many. Now I ask you again Hunter Ford, do you think that is fair?

    And before you make the gump argument that bama played them in the SEC Championship games, I didn’t count either LSU nor Bama’s championship games against those teams. And besides how much easier was it for bama to get to the championship game over LSU when LSU had to play the best teams in the SEC East twice as many times as bama did during the regular season? Fair? Bama doesn’t want fair. They are scared of fair. If not you would not have written this piece of shyt article belittling LSU’s representatives for arguing for fairness. You would have written an article agreeing with them. Facts are facts, but that never got in the way of gump logic.

    1. Yellowhamer are you quoting Nick Saban in front of the NCAA rules committee when he tried to change the rules against the no huddle hurry up offense? LMAO

      1. @LMAO

        Didn’t you just clarify a day ago that the rule you’re now once again blaming Nick Saban for wasn’t Saban’s idea or rule in the first place?

        It’s unbelievable how much the hate you have for Alabama clouds your ability to think. I understand that’s part of your culture, but good grief.

        Just to clarify, he’s satirically quoting LSU and the other SEC teams who voted against more conference games. The SEC wanted to increase schedule strength, Alabama voted for it, your team voted against it and LSU publically cried about it explicitly complaining about Alabama.

        1. And once again for the slow minded gumps like you Cantdoit, I didn’t claim here nor previously that it was Nick Saban’s rule or idea! But do you deny that he went in front of the NCAA committee and argued for changing the rules? See how that works.

          I know you are a gump cantdoit, but come on, how slow are you. This is the second time I’ve explained this to you. Don’t make me do it again! Forget clouding my ability to think, do you even have the ability to comprehend?

          Besides simply adding a 9th SEC game doesn’t guarantee an increase in schedule strength. For example if LSU would have to drop a non-conferece game such as the one it has against Wisconsin this year, in order to add a SEC game that could be Vandy or even Tenn, its strength of schedule for next year would go down!

          I don’t expect someone a slow as you cantdoit to get how that could work.

          Your team voted against getting rid of the permanent ties, because it is an advantage to bama.

  2. I don’t always eat corn dogs. But when I do, I eat them with Crimson ketchup in the Super Dome when the 50 yard line is a super force field. LSU has the best record of any SEC team since 2000, you are arguing against yourself. Why are you’re Corn Dog chiefs crying like babies?

    1. Hunter Ford predictably your response is written with the maturity a grade school student, but hey if that’s how you want to represent yourself and your fan base, by all means go ahead and blend in with the rest of the gumps.

      I notice you refused to answer my direct question to you. Is that because your afraid what the rest of your gumps will think if you answer it honestly or that if you don’t answer it honestly and try to put a gump spin on it all of the intelligent readers of this site will know how intellectually dishonest you are in your writhing (as if they don’t know already) and your inability to apply standards of rational evaluation?

      By the way if you’re immature enough to think calling me or anyone associated with LSU a corndog bothers me in the slightest, then by all means continue your small minded behavior why I laugh at you.

      I’m sure there is a high probability that your comment about eating a corndog in the Superdome is just another untruthful statement(read lie) on here by you, but if not I’m glad you enjoyed it because I sure enjoyed eating corndogs and laughing at all your fellow gumps passing in front of our tailgate with sad faces after LSU beat bama on it own home field that same year.

      And you are right LSU does have the best record of any SEC team since 2000, but just think how much better that record would more than likely be if LSU’s played bama’s schedule and therefore played the best three teams in the SEC East only half as many times. Because despite LSU’s record being the best in the SEC since 2000, 10 of its losses came against those teams.

      1. @LMAO

        I’m going to forego pointing out the ironic poetic justice of insulting Hunter Ford for his comment being “written with the maturity (of?) a grade school student” in a comment littered with writing mistakes a grade school student himself would know better than to make and instead focus on the cult-mentality tactics you deliberately use to fuel your blind hate for all things crimson & white.

        On second thought, why bother?

        You are a fool. You cannot listen to reason. That’s not meant to be an insult; I’ve come to terms with your inability to inject rational, objective thought into anything related to college football, but you’re arguing against the point I think you’re trying to make.

        While I can understand teams like Georgia and Florida not wanting to sign on to play Alabama more frequently, what I don’t understand is LSU’s leadership (plus you) publicly complaining about favoritism for Alabama’s schedule in the same statement disputing a vote to strengthen the schedules of the entire league.

        Alabama led the charge for years to increase conference play, the SEC supported it, but teams like LSU voted against it and, as a result, the rest of the college football world now cries at the entirety of the SEC.

        If LSU wanted Alabama to increase their schedule strength even further they just missed their chance with purpose. It’s like being pro-life but voting pro-choice, only you’re the one complaining to the baby about it.

        Instead, now it still simply comes down to a committee not all that different from the BCS. We’ll have five conference champions, four spots for the best teams, and one or more conference winner isn’t getting in.

        But isn’t that the point? Trying to figure out who the best team is? You laugh at Alabama missing 6 field goals, but let’s assume one of them wasn’t missed, Alabama goes to the SEC title game undefeated, and what do you think happens to LSU? Do they get to the title game anyway like Alabama did?

        Do you think the 21-0 title game is reversed in LSU’s favor, or do you think the best team was crowned champion? You suggest LSU was better because they played South freaking Carolina some other season while Alabama played and beat two of the winningest teams in college football history (while also playing Florida, don’t forget that part if you’re going to cry about it), but head-to-head the BCS simply got it wrong? Or that 21-0 doesn’t count because LSU played Western Kentucky instead of Vanderbilt that year?

        You’re mad at Alabama. You’re always mad at Alabama.

        But if you really wanted to make things harder for Alabama, you should have listened to Alabama, the SEC and everyone outside of the SEC, not LSU. LSU just did Alabama a favor Alabama didn’t ask for and voted against. Something tells me you can’t be critical of LSU, but they screwed up and publicly cried about it for illegitimate reasons and the best you can do is complain about Alabama too.

        At least you represent your culture the same way your leaders do.

  3. The argument is it’s not fair for Alabama to play Tennessee.

    Guess what program has beaten Alabama more than any other team in Alabama’s football history? I’ll give you a hint; it isn’t Indiana.

    Playing SC isn’t fair, you say? They were never good. Never. Now they are good and they’re in the SEC East so let’s complain?

    Playing Florida is too hard, you say? But Alabama plays them again this year and next year anyway.

    Then LMAO says playing teams in the conference championship game doesn’t matter? Those are some of the best games we’ve seen in the BCS era, but they don’t matter? These are for the championship! Bama aren’t the ones scared of being fair—-Alabama is the only team publically on record for pushing to have a 9-team conference schedule. This may be hard to swallow, but your team VOTED against it, not Alabama. Sit on that for a few minutes before you respond.

    You want fair? Is it fair that 7 teams in a single season were allowed to take bye-weeks before facing Alabama?

    Didn’t matter; Alabama still won the championship, but it wasn’t “fair,” was it?

    At least in the argument against Alabama getting a “fair” treatment against LSU, they got to settle it on the field, the most fair way possible to determine who is the champion. I believe it was a shut-out.

    Look. Alabama can’t help how bad Auburn and Tennessee are at football. If teams like Auburn, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Arkansas and Texas A&M (LSU not withstanding) would become better football teams, nobody would complain about Alabama’s schedule bias. It’s not Alabama’s fault they are a much better team than the competition they face in the SEC.

    Otherwise, what’s your solution? You say it’s “not fair” the last 5 years LSU had to play teams like Florida and South Carolina? So what, take the best team, Alabama, and make a judgement call on who they should play next year based on who you think is going to be good? But then the worst teams in the SEC like Tennessee and Auburn only get to play each other; talk about unfair, they don’t even get a chance to prove anything, but is that the solution? Or is it just unfair that Alabama gets to play Tennessee, the team that has beaten them more than any other, only because they have been bad for 5 years? Seriously, how would you make this “fair?”

    I say it isn’t fair to let SEC teams vote on whether or not to have more conference games. The NCAA should decide, not the nay votes from LSU, Auburn and Tennessee.

    Steve Spurrier said it best. “College football isn’t fair.” No matter who is champion and how they get there, someone will complain it wasn’t fair. If you think we still can’t tell who the best teams are, you’re wrong. If you think Alabama doesn’t get tested, you’re kidding yourself.

    1. Can’tdoit for someone who cries as much as you do when you think someone has twisted your words or put words in your mouth that you say you didn’t say (even though they can quote you word for word), you sure like to do it to others.

      I never said playing SC isn’t fair, I never said playing Florida is too hard and I never said playing teams in the conference championship game doesn’t count.

      What I said was that since 2000 LSU has played Florida and Georgia, the only teams in the SEC East to win the SEC championship, 19 times compared to bama who has only played them 8 times in that same time period. Not 19 to 15, nor 19 to 12 or even 19 to 10, but 19 to 8! I’m sure that’s fair to bama fans like you right can’tdoit?

      What I also said was that it is easier to get to the SEC championship game if you don’t have to play the best teams in the SEC during the regular season. And the fact is that since 2007, when Saban got to bama, Floridia, Georgia and South Carolina have been the best three teams in the SEC East and that LSU has played those three teams 13 times in the regular season compared to bama having played them only 5 times during that time frame. It is my opinion that it has been harder for LSU to get to the championship game compared to bama, unfairly if you wish, because LSU has had to play the best teams in the SEC East twice as many times as bama has in the regular season. In order to support my opinion and give relevant facts(a foreign idea to gumps I know) of how many more times LSU has played the best teams in the SEC East compared to bama, I did not count the championship games of either LSU nor Alabama against those three teams. That is because playing those teams in the championship game didn’t help or hurt your teams chances of getting to the championship game! I DID NOT say playing those teams in the conference championship game doesn’t matter! See how that works Can’tdoit? If you can’t understand that, get someone with an elementary education to explain it to you.

      You and Hunter Ford run from and won’t answer my questions, but let me answer yours.

      You ask is it fair that 7 teams in a single season were allowed to take bye-weeks before facing Alabama?
      I will agree that it is usually a competitive advantage for one team to have a bye week when the other team doesn’t before they play each other. However in typical Gump fashion trying to unnecessarily exaggerate bama’s accomplishments you fail to point out that Alabama also had a bye week before playing 2 of those 7 teams, LSU and Auburn. Therefore bama was only at a possible competitive disadvantage 5 times, NOT 7, during that season. But in order to be intellectually honest, something you and Hunter Ford refuse to do, I will grant you that is highly unusual, and would seem to be unfair. But unlike the unfairness of the SEC schedule, there is no way to make that situation more fair unless the NCAA mandated two weeks during the season that all teams play no games therefore giving all teams the same bye weeks and us as fans no football during those weeks. In order to be fair I would not vote against that if it was proposed, in order to make the game more fair.

      You like to point out that it didn’t matter because bama won the championship anyway that year. Well if I wanted t be just like a gump I could point out that despite LSU playing the best teams in the SEC twice as many times as bama since 2000, it didn’t matter because LSU still has the best SEC record during that time period. But that doesn’t make it fair now dose it?

      YOU say The “argument against Alabama getting a “fair” treatment against LSU, they got to settle it on the field”. I disagree. Did Alabama get crowned the champion for that year? Yes I will grant you that, but they were not the best team that year. LSU was. Just like in 1973, one of several bogus Championships bama claims, in which Notre Dame not only beat bama but had a better overall record, LSU had a better overall record than bama that year against a MUCH tougher schedule and was 1-1 against Alabama; however LSU having beat bama on their own home field while losing on a neutral field (however must gumps, including you can’tdoit, claim they owned the Superdome that night and had as many bama fans there as LSU fans). It’s just that the last game was designated as the championship game. The game LSU won on bama’s home field was designated as the game of the Century, so I guess that makes LSU the Champions of the Century, therefore making their program surpass that of bama over the last Century. Now that sounds as absurd as you calling it settled on the field when the two teams went 1-1 against each other now doesn’t it? And lets not be hypocritical Can’tdoit and forget your claim of it being unfair when one team has and extra week to prepare for the other team by having a bye week that the other team does not have. Remember bama players and coaches got to sit home and scout and prepare for LSU an extra week before that BCS championship while LSU was having to play a very tough game against a very good Georgia team in the SEC Championship game. Was that fair? I know you wont answer that and if you do you want be intellectually honest with your answer.

      So Saban supported 9 SEC games. What real difference does 9 vs 8 SEC games make regarding fairness? Is it more fair than 8? Perhaps slightly, but then 10 SEC games would be slightly more fair than 9 right? And 11 or 12 would be more fair than that. BUT It’s not the number of SEC game that is causing the current unfairness, its the permanent games against teams in the other division and the inequity in schedule rotations that is causing the current unfairness that results in absurd numbers like LSU having played Florida and Gerogia 19 times compared to 8 for Alabama. But Saban and bama voted against untying those permanent games now didn’t he?

      Cantdoit you say bama motto is “if you’re the best, then prove it by playing the best”. Well I guess bama’s recent vote proves it doesn’t really live by that motto now does it.

      1. The problem with everything you just said is comparing it to the only team you and LSU are complaining about.

        That team is Alabama.

        If ANY other team had the kind of success as Alabama, you’re not complaining about Alabama.

        Then again, it just wouldn’t be the University of Alabama if it wasn’t the litmus test for success in the SEC.

        1. You are wrong once again cantdoit. Do the teams that play Vandy or Kentucky every year compared to the ones that play Bama or LSU have an unfair advantage? You bet your ass they do. I know you will agree that, but to be a gump you will say otherwise, don’t you think Tenn would rather play Miss State every year rather than Bama?

          I only compared bama to LSU because you gumps like to think your team was perfect and didn’t have an unfair advantage when it comes to strength of schedule during the regular season in the SEC over the last 10 years. And the numbers are SO skewed when you compare its schedule to LSU over a 10 year period that only a gump could argue otherwise.

          It is highly likely that if bama and LSU’s schedules were reversed over the last 10 years that bama would not have made it to as many SEC championship games as it did and therefore not as many BCS championship games. It is highly likely that LSU could actually own some of those Crystal balls bama currently owns. But unlike you can’tdoit, I am smart enough to know no one who wears crimson glasses all the time would ever believe that.

    1. And LSU used to be Alabama’s homecoming game; for decades it was an easy win.

    1. So having a 3-1 record means you ” own ” a team ???? Well that means since Malzahn is undefeated against bama as Head Coach at Auburn , that Gus Owns Saban and bama? Just using bammer philosophy.

  4. Nick Saban really laid the foundation for what LSU still is today. Before Saban, LSU ranked among the middle or bottom of the top-25 at best.

    My main point in the article was to show that LSU can’t complain so hard when the record shows they have excelled under the current format.

    Saban is 5-3 against LSU and 4-3 against Auburn since he came to Alabama. The three natty’s he won are impressive, and his record against other SEC schools is dominant…But LSU and I hate to say, Auburn, have held there own. LSU shouldn’t complain so hard about the current situation, and if it wants more equity, then support the 9 game schedule.

    And Tennessee won’t stay mediocre forever. And Florida wasn’t so hot last year were they?

    1. Saban is responsible for everthing, bla, bla, bla. Truth is Mark Emmert is most responsible for the foundation laid while Saban was here. But I wouldn’t expect a gump to know anything about that. Just like I don’t know why teams like Oregon or Texas are “scared” to play bama according to Cantdoit.

      Hunter your statement that “LSU can’t complain so hard when the record shows they have excelled under the current format”. Is just plain ignorant. Are you really that stupid? LSU excelled despite the current format is a more accurate statement.

      Let me put your concept in an example that maybe a gump can understand and see if you still agree with your way of thinking.

      If a gump was making a “excellent” wage performing certain task at his job, but an LSU fan was making the same wage or higher than that gump while performing much easier task within that same company, would you say that the gump can’t complain since he is excelling under that company’s format?

      The point isn’t that Tennesse won’t stay mediocre forever nor that Florida wasn’t so hot last year, the point is why not do away with those permanent ties and make the schedules rotate evenly where each team plays the other teams in the conference the same number of times over the shortest period of time possible? What would be wrong with that? Bet you won’t answer those questions will you?

      1. I promise you this, if LSU’s permanent rival was Vanderbilt and Tenn was no longer mediocre and was beating bama every other year allowing LSU to go the SEC championship game more often than bama, their would be much more and louder complaining coming out of Tuscalooser than what you have been hearing from LSU. And I bet you wouldn’t be claiming bama shouldn’t complain about that despite still excelling.

        1. @LMAO

          If LSU’s permanent rival was Vanderbilt?!

          You DO forget about Tennessee.

          No, it’s true. You do. You forget the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry was one of the richest in the sport for decades.

          Vanderbilt? Stop.

          But then you guarantee what Alabama would say while ignoring Alabama’s core cultural beliefs.

          It’s a nice theory but the problem is Alabama and Tennessee play a game that actually HAS mattered more than most rivalries in the entire sport and over a span of decades. Did you know Tennessee was a more important game to Bear Bryant than Auburn, for example?

          Yes, Alabama was bad a few years ago and, yes, Tennessee is bad now, but throwing LSU and Vanderbilt into the argument for schedule strength only makes sense in a very short-term view of college football. Vanderbilt was a throw-away team, and LSU was our homecoming game because they just weren’t anywhere near what they are now in terms of pure competitiveness (and if you think Nick Saban didn’t fundamentally change LSU then don’t let people tell you the Earth revolves around the sun, either).

          Besides, it still doesn’t make sense; Alabama asked for more conference play while LSU wanted Alabama to play more teams in the SEC but voted against it and then cried foul?

          Then you QUOTED me as saying Texas and Oregon are “scared” to play Alabama?!?!


          We’re done here. You are an absolute clown. Way to represent LSU the way the coaches and AD do, though.

          1. WAS Cantdoit WAS!

            Was is not relevant currently and has no bearing on the issue at hand. Some teams (if you don’t want to count bama in that number then don’t, but it doesn’t change the fact) have an unfair advantage due to the permanent games. That is undeniable, so why not do away with it.

            I may be a clown but at least I’m not a biased dumb ass which is what you keep proving you are.

            And you inferred Texas and Oregon were scared to play bama, if not, then why not just say why they won’t play bama. YOU are one spineless man Cantdoit.

          2. @LMAO

            Some teams, you say?

            LSU’s leaders (and you) didn’t complain about some teams; they complained about Alabama.

            Why doesn’t Alabama’s leadership complain about LSU never playing any of the three winningest teams in college football history?

            Well, outside of Alabama, that is.

            Why doesn’t Alabama’s leadership complain about more than half their opponents taking a bye-week to rest and prepare for Alabama including during a title-winning season?

            Why doesn’t Alabama’s leadership complain about the rising costs of recruiting, cowbells in Starkville, or having to play Tennessee every year when the Volunteers were on the longest Alabama-beating streak of any team in college football history?

            Simply put, it’s not part of the culture at the University of Alabama. You adapt. You grow. You face the best anyone can possibly throw at you and rise to the challenge.

            There’s no sign anywhere at the University of Alabama that says, “Beat Auburn,” or even, “win the championship.”

            There is, however, a sign that says, “play like a champion.”

            Is LSU’s leadership playing like a champion? It’s an interesting question. You don’t have a better idea anyway except to say Alabama is really good right now, which I agree with.

            Also, for the record, both Alabama and Tennessee’s leaders asked to preserve the rivalry regardless of any permanent conference-wide scheduling changes, not in spite of them.

        2. Apparently, LMAO paid his cable bill this past week, and now has access to the internet again. Thanks for all your posts, LMAO – you are the reason this site has done so well for so long. Glad Bama’s in your head so much you can’t stay away from sites dedicated to them.

          You need to get a job so you don’t have to use your Mom’s computer so much in one day catching up on your Bama envy.

          Roll Tide. Sorry for your loss(es).

          1. Wow pete4tide,

            Just like a gump, when you can’t add anything intellectually you post things like an immature grade school kid – “get a job so you don’t have to use your Mom’s computer so much”. LMAO

            I guess that make you part of the 98%

          2. And please point out to me where this site is ONLY dedicated to Bama. In fact I see more articles about Auburn here than I do about bama.

            And the current article is about LSU you dumb gump!

          3. And please show me where it says anywhere that this site is dedicated only to bama. In fact I see as many articles here about Auburn as I do about bama.

            And this particular article that you and I am posting under is about LSU, you dumb gump.

      2. LMAO:

        With the new playoff format coming, it will be more desirable than ever to play the toughest schedule that is reasonable.

        Beating Florida last year was not a big feather in LSU’s cap. Beating Vanderbilt (although they were better than Florida last year) or Kentucky would not impress the committee if that’s something you needed to make the playoff.

        Keeping the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry and the Auburn-Georgia rivalry was key in this decision. Those two games are very important to the schools involved. Historically, those two rivalries have been very competitive and exciting for all college football fans.

        LMAO, instead of complaining about playing Florida as a fixed opponent, why not embrace it? I see you are arguing against fixed opponents altogether, but that’s because you aren’t proud of your historical rivalries. I think what you would really like is to not have to play Alabama every year. Say hello to Tulane for me!

        1. I will say hello to Tulane for you, if you will say hello to Western Carolina for me. What is this the 3rd or 4th time bama has played them since Saban has been there? LMAO

          All this talk about Saban voting for a 9th SEC game to strengthen the schedules is laughable. He doesn’t need a 9th SEC game to improve his own teams shcedue! Bama has the weakest strength of schedule of ALL of the other 13 SEC teams next year and weaker than 81 other NCAA teams. Its a joke, but hey its you gumps paying all that money to see bama beat up on all those sisters of the poor teams.

          Believe it or not college football would not fall apart if bama and Tennessee or Auburn and Georgia didn’t play each other every single year (note they would still play each other in the rotation and possibly in the SEC Championship game).

          1. I don’t expect you to understand the Tennessee/Alabama rivalry or its significance to college football, but chances are one cay you’ll see. It was before you were born, that’s all, so just try to understand that.

            Alabama can’t help it is LSU and Auburn are terrible football teams and their schedule strength is affected by it. Alabama tried to get another team you’re complaining about them not playing, but y’all voted against that too?

            And everyone else who plays Alabama gets a nice boost in their schedule strength. Isn’t that nice? See how that works? Know what else they get?

            A loss. Roll Tide.

          2. Just to be clear, you do realize Alabama and Auburn play in the same division of the same conference, yes? They play each other every year as a result. It’s actually another big rivalry game.

            The more you know…

          3. “…college football would not fall apart if bama and Tennessee…didn’t play each other every single year.”

            That’s a great point.

            It’s a good thing that both Tennessee and Alabama’s leaders already thought of that and said publicly that the UT/UA rivalry game would be explicitly separate from any in-conference schedule changes, isn’t it?

            Yes, it is. Roll Tide.

  5. LMAO , you do realize that cantdoit is nothing more than a “hypeman” for He is to what flavor flav was to Public Enemy. No talent but can run around and scream to draw attention to himself and the site. He is here to stir the pot and keep rival fans involved in the conversation. He offers nothing as far as sports knowledge what so ever. He never backs up or supports any argument that he makes. When he is confronted with facts that contradict what he is saying , he back pedals and claims you are twisting his words. Then he brags that he is a wealthy author and he travels the country watching majority of bama football games.He sure does have a lot of free time to be on line while doing all that traveling and writing books. If he is an author I bet he writes children books , because he has one hell of a imagination.

    1. @can’t spell

      I love when you insult me.

      I don’t deliberately stir the pot. Isn’t that what you come here to do? Nice try, though.

      I never said I attend the majority of Alabama games. See how funny it is when you say I claim my words are being twisted?

      It’s because you’re twisting them.

      Again, travelling affords free time. Millions of people travel for work every day. Millions. Trust me, it absolutely does not make me unique.

      I support and back up every statement I make. I also don’t brag about my work; in fact, you are the one who keeps bringing it up, not me.

      I think you’re just trolling, yet here I am responding like you’re sincere. Well played.

  6. Judging by the number of responses and the Time Stamps on them ,you must work for a dead convenience store. You do claim to go to most bammer games, and even post about it as if it is some form of status symbol. Just go back to your posts late last year and right before A-Day. Your trusty go to insult was ” At least I will be at the games , will you? “. Did you not go to the games and brag about it or was you full of shit…..again? Are you know saying you only go to very few games instead of what you was implying in many of your previous posts? See this is what happens when you vaguely post about things you truly know nothing about. Notice how even ITK does not run to your rescue any more? Notice how crimsonshite does not hi jack posts in attempt to save your honor any more? Your 10 seconds are up cantdoit. Next time you make the walk of shame leaving ITK’s trailer , make sure to take your toothbrush home with you. You will be replaced soon.

    1. You are hilarious!

      I needed that one.

      I actually never, ever said I go to most Alabama football games. Go on. Tell me another one. This is fun!

      Judging by your spelling (also hilarious) and unmitigated hate for Alabama it’s no wonder you struggle with interpretation of my statements. You’re a glass-half-empy kinda guy, aren’t you?

      I’m sure it wasn’t vague when I said I don’t miss an Alabama bowl game and asked if you were going to yours. I still don’t know how you could stand to miss going to your team’s national championship game, but to avoid any more confusion on your end, I go to the season opener, the bowl game, usually the Tennessee game and any game in Atlanta. Hope this helps, and thanks for the laughs!

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