ITKI went to the annual A-Day game, and let me say, there is much to be concerned about. As many fans do (correctly), conclusions are now being made about Alabama’s upcoming football season. Based on this scrimmage that’s open to the public, I can tell you, Alabama will not win a game in 2014.

Players wear crimson and white jerseys in the intersquad scrimmage that proves Alabama should cancel its upcoming football season.
Players wear crimson and white jerseys in the intersquad scrimmage that proves Alabama should cancel its upcoming football season.

There are problems are all over the field, but we’ll start with the obvious one: Coaching. Alabama head coach Nick Saban walked all over the field all game long. This is a man who is supposed to know the game of football, and yet there he was, traipsing all over the turf like he was a player or official. In a game, he can’t do that. This was supposed to be a simulation. Hardly. And he wore a suit and tie. Tell me one Alabama head coach who wore such and won at the Capstone?

Then there is quarterback. If you thought the Tide had someone just as good as AJ McCarron, Bama’s recently departed 37-4 starter, I’m afraid you’re wrong, compadre. Blake Sims played like a quarterback who has never started a single game. And Cooper Bateman, my word. Played like a redshirt freshman getting his first significant playing time in front of a stadium full of people. And the other quarterbacks, Alec Morris, David Cornwell and Parker Mcleod…in their limited action it was almost like they thought they were playing against players from 2011’s, 2012’s, 2013’s and 2014’s top recruiting classes.

Yeah, I know Jacob Coker is coming this summer (and was at the game), and from all accounts he’s already the man. But still, you never know if Coker might have a change of heart and decide to stay at FSU and back up last year’s Heisman winner for the next two years. If so, Bama is screwed.

The running back situation is what’s so puzzling. Not one time did a back break a long run for a touchdown. Every time they touched the ball, some thick, fast linebacker was popping him like there was no tomorrow. One linebacker (Reuben Foster) hit a guy so hard he gave himself a concussion. Still, Alabama’s offense only works when there are tough, physical bodies able to go four quarters in the Tide backfield, and between TJ Yeldon, Jalston Fowler, Derrick Henry, Kenyan Drake, Altee Tenpenny and Tyren Jones, I just don’t see it.

ole-miss-quoteb Another gripe about running back, at other A-Day games I’ve been to, by the fourth quarter you usually get to see some pasty kid you’ve never heard of toting the mail. You know, a walk-on with no name on the back of his jersey, maybe not even a white stripe down the center of his helmet. This A-Day? Nope. I had heard of every player, since they were all top, highly sought after recruits from past No. 1 signing classes. Whereas in the Shula years late in the A-Day it looked like a high school exhibition game, late in the 4th the Tide’s scrubs looked like Ole Miss.

Then there’s just the offense as a whole. Sure, there are wide receivers everywhere. Robert Foster wore #8 and looked like a past #8. Big and physical. But heck the final score was just 17-13. I long for the day when our offense gets to line up against a shallow, injury depleted 2nd unit and unload 58-points on them for a feel-good, public relations frenzy kind of afternoon. That’s showing whatcha got. Not playing your ones against ones.

After the game TJ Yeldon said the Bama offense went about as basic as you can get, only using “about 10%” of the Tide’s playbook. Former quarterback AJ McCarron in an interview said the same thing. But I don’t care. It’s not like the Tide defense is filled with top players that everyone in the country wanted…players with a high football I.Q. who’ve seen the Tide offense in practice day after day after day. You would’ve thought at least once a Bama defensive back would’ve been beaten badly in a broken coverage for a crap touchdown pass. I mean dang it, I didn’t see one out of position all day.

My biggest gripe had nothing to do with the game. Check out these prices at the concession stand:

"Sorry son, can't send you to college. I just bought you nachos."
“Sorry son, can’t send you to college. I just bought you nachos.”

A “regular beverage” is a 20-oz. drink you get at the gas station for $1.59. “Nacho Grande” is the same thing I get at the Roo for $1.25. My tab for 2 waters, 2 soft drinks and some nachos?


I seriously told the lady at the window I wanted her to find something sharp…anything she had…and point it at me as I handed it over. I mean heck, doubling the regular cost of these items my tab would’ve been a healthy $15.

Yes, Arby’s lady, it’s real.
And if your final total comes to $XX.50 and you pay with cash, you’re getting one of those big, honking 50¢ pieces back. You know, the one you have to convince the next person you try to use it on that it’s real money. But, I digress…

Real concerns included special teams. Every single time a kick coverage unit ran on the field they had these yellow things on their helmets. That’s not part of the Bama uniform, and our special teams coach had better get that under control between now and West Virginia. Our punting was so bad it made me wish we had one of the top punter/kickers coming in this summer from the 2014 recruiting class.

All in all, after watching A-Day, we had just better hope Nick Saban figures it out this spring/summer, going into fall practice. Afterall, the man’s track record of knitting stellar football teams together, built on unreal recruiting, just isn’t that good.

But my money isn’t on that happening. This was as bad an A-Day game as I can remember. In recent memory, the only ones that compare were 2009’s, 2011’s and 2012’s. Here’s hoping for a better season that followed those exhibitions.

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18 thoughts on “Based on A-Day, Tide staring at 0-12 in 2014”

  1. I don’t know why more programs don’t do more to encourage their spring game to mean more, particularly after seeing how successful it is for Alabama just on the recruiting tip alone. Three 4-stars and a 5-star, all from outside of Alabama, all committing after A-Day.

    I’m sure they’ll do nothing better than anything anyone did at A-day itself and Alabama is doomed to wallow in the gutter of the SEC for the next decade after seeing this weekend’s performance, but maybe they’ll be smart enough to transfer before Alabama ruins everything for them.

    Satire. Nobody does it better than ITK. I’m just trying to catch up. Brilliant. Roll Tide.

    1. Thanks Conduit. Just hope we can find our way to Nashville for the Music City Bowl by seasons’ end.

  2. Man you are so right about prices for food at the stadium! Hot dogs, which are made up of various meat by products should not cost more than a buck-fifty.

  3. So does this passed weekends a day performance mean that Saban is on the hot seat now ? ROLL TIDE !! And Auburns D looked spectacular didn’t it ? Shame on Saban for holding back and not pulling out the play book like ol GuS .

  4. For supposedly being the most powerful man in college football, Little Nicky sure seems to be losing a lot lately.

    Regarding the status quo, the in-conference schedule grid will remain at eight regular-season games apiece for the 14 SEC members — despite the campaigns from SEC commish Mike Slive and Alabama head coach Nick Saban to boost the conference slate to nine games.

    1. @LMAO

      I know this is completely off-topic, but what the hell, off-topic is your forte, plus you got way ahead of yourself.

      Nick Saban wants teams to strengthen their schedules. If you’re the best, prove it. But instead, teams in the SEC not named Alabama don’t want that, albeit many of those teams would be adding Alabama to their schedule and I can certainly understand why Mizzou and Florida wouldn’t want to face the Crimson Tide any more than they already have to.

      The irony is pointing out the rule. You’re saying things aren’t going Saban’s way because this new rule will force all SEC teams to play a power conference opponent every year, however you fail to remember Alabama is the only team in the SEC already doing exactly that. I go to every one of those games and I’ll be there this year, too. Will you go to those games when y’all are finally forced to play a power conference program every season the way Alabama does instead of Arkansas State or a Sun Belt Conference team?

      1. Can’tdoit
        You prove once again how full of BS you are and what an inflated ego you gumps have.

        Obviously your AD and coach don’t live by your motto of “if you’re the best prove it” based on bama’s schedule. Bama’s strength of schedule for next year is ranked 95th! EVERY OTHER TEAM IN THE SEC has a strength of schedule rated higher than bama’s!! That alone makes your comments laughable you gump.

        If Saban wants “teams to strengthen their schedules” as you say, why doesn’t he start by strengthening his own teams schedule?

        And my memory is fine, but YOU’RE either ignorant or a flat out liar when you make the statement that Alabama is the only team in the SEC already playing a power conference opponent every year.

        Next year LSU plays Wisconsin out of the Big 10, a “power conference” (I will compare that to who Alabama plays later), and HAS played a team from one of the “power conferences” every year for the past five years just like bama has. So which is it Condoit, are you ignorant or just a liar? I’ll give you an out, you just like to falsely exaggerate everything about bama like all gumps do. LMAO

        Last year Wisconsin finished 3rd in the Big 10 (6-2) and ranked in the top 25. NOW lets compare that to who bama is playing from one of the power conferences – West Virginia.

        Last year West Virginia finished one spot above dead last in the Big 12 at 2-7 and 4-8 overall. Knowing you Conduit, you are going to try and give some gump excuse about schedules being made far in advance and there is know way to know how good a team is going to be when you play them. Well that BS is not going to work here, because if bama put West Virginia on it’s schedule prior to July 1, 2012, less than two years ago, then West Virginia was in the Big East and not the Big 12 and bama would not even have an opponent from a “power conference” on its schedule for next year making you a liar once again.

        So to correct you, my pointing out that things weren’t going Saban’s way, had nothing to do with the SEC’s new rule. It had everything to do with the fact that his team lost its last two games, he lost his feeble attempt before the NCAA to change the rules against the no huddle hurry up offense, and he lost his attempt before the SEC to change to a 9 game SEC schedule.

        And with regards to your last statement gump, let me give YOU a list of teams:

        West Carolina, UL Monroe, Tulane, Western Kentucky, Arkansas State(isn’t that the team you mentioned), Florida International, North Texas, Chattanooga, San Jose State, Georgia State, Kent State, North Texas(again), Georgia Southern, Western Kentucky(again), Florida Atlantic, West Carolina(again), Colorado State, Georgia State(again) and Chattanooga(again).

        In case you have your crimson glasses on and don’t recognize those teams, that is a list of the teams that bama has played since Saban has been at bama you hypocritical gump! And if you can count (doubtful based on your exaggerated claim of number of national championships) that is 19 teams on that list or more than two a year since Saban has been at bama. So much for your “if you’re the best, prove it” statement.

        Again I ask, If Saban wants “teams to strengthen their schedules” as you say, why doesn’t he start by strengthening his own teams schedule? And why don’t you gumps demand it? Oh yea that’s right you gumps like to claim national championships not matter how laughable they are.

        LMAO, LAMO

        1. Alabama can’t play Alabama. If Alabama could play the best team, that would strengthen their schedule.

          But Alabama can’t play Alabama. See how that works?

          And Alabama, along with Slive, was gunning for a 9-team conference schedule.

          It’s not Alabama’s fault the teams they have to play every year like Auburn and Tennessee suck so bad their schedule strength looks bad as a result any more than it’s tOSU’s fault Illinois, Indiana and Iowa suck almost as bad as Auburn and Tennessee.

          I didn’t say there were no teams in the SEC that play other good non-conference teams. I simply did not say that. You’re twisting my words again, so I’m not defending a statement you made for me instead of one I made myself. Don’t get mad. Alabama does it every year; that’s the difference.

          I love how you say LSU is ok because they scheduled Wisconson, who is now good. Remember when Auburn was good? Then the next year they were the very worst in the conference. See how this works? See how not only is it important to schedule a good non-conference team every year but that you can’t predict how good they’re going to be year-to-year? At least Alabama tries to and, as a result, has scheduled the top-three winningest programs in history (outside of Alabama itself, of course) as their unrequired non-conference opponents. When WVU was scheduled, they looked like the next big thing in football. Holgrensen was on a tear. Auburn fell faster than WVU did, much faster, so you can’t blame Alabama for trying (nor can you discount WVU much more than you already have; WVU is no pushover, believe it or not, although Alabama will probably make it look that way just for you).

          Certainly better than Arkansas State, yes?

          You made an assumption about when Alabama put WVU on their schedule, but the problem is the date you think is right isn’t. Teams do schedule years in advance. Where will you be in 2020? Do you know? Maybe you’ll have a wife and family by then? How good or bad will tOSU be when they play Oregon and vice versa when we’ve already seen Auburn go from winning a title to being the worst team in the conference in two seasons?

          But you’re right that things weren’t going Saban’s way. He, like Bill Battle and Mike Slive, publically want the rest of the SEC to have tougher schedules. I think the problem here is you simply can’t accept that Alabama wants that opportunity to prove it’s the best, win or lose. Think about it (come on, at least try). You’ll make excuses for why they aren’t, but again, Alabama can’t play Alabama, and Alabama didn’t vote down playing more SEC teams while at least making an effort to look forward for good non-conference games.

          So when Alabama beats a Michigan or Penn State you say, “doesn’t matter, they weren’t good,” but when Alabama loses a bowl game to Oklahoma you say Alabama is terrible and doomed. My word, you hate Alabama. It’s not any more complicated than that, but the only problem is that it makes your judgment so clouded that you do a disservice only to yourself. You sound outrageous when you say things like that, and worse when you put words in my mouth.

          And then you suggest that Alabama wasn’t the best team in 2012, for example, because they played San Jose State that same year? Do you see what I mean? Auburn played Arkansas State as their best non-conference team that year, that’s why I mentioned it. Alabama played Michigan, the winningest team in college football. Grow up.

          Alabama can’t play the top 12 teams. Even if they could, you’d say they didn’t beat the best team because Alabama can’t play Alabama.

          But the problem is blaming Alabama for it, which is what you’re doing, when instead Alabama is the only university in the SEC publically supporting a 9-game conference schedule. This was done by vote, by the way. That means your school probably voted against a 9-game SEC schedule.

          You also assume any of those teams would be favorable to bad teams in power conferences. Go celebrate Illinois, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Indiana, or even the teams you think so little of that Alabama played power conferences such as WVU or VT.

          I can’t argue with you. You hate Alabama. But you say the darndest things, all while your team voted to not strengthen their schedule.

          PS——I’ll also make a suggestion that you investigate Alabama’s trouble getting teams like Texas, Oregon, tOSU to play them in the regular season when you suggest it should be so easy. It’s not. Know why?

          1. I almost missed the part where you still believe the 10-second rule was Nick Saban’s idea again.

            You are a gem in a sea of coal, LMAO. Never stop. Never change. Never graduate.

          2. LMAO at you Can’tdoit,

            What a weak, feeble etiolated excuse you try to make.

            You say “Alabama can’t play Alabama. If Alabama could play the best team, that would strengthen their schedule.But Alabama can’t play Alabama. See how that works?”

            First of all bama wasn’t the best team last year. Auburn was and until proven otherwise still is the best team in the SEC. And FSU was the best team in the nation last year.

            Second, five other teams in the SEC don’t play Alabama next year and their strength of schedule is STILL ranked stronger than Alabama’s. See how that works, gump?

            Kentucky doesn’t play Alabama and yet there strength of schedule is ranked the 6th toughest in the nation. Explain how that works gump? Alabama doesn’t play Alabama and theirs is ranked 95th! Yea I see how that works. LMAO

            And WEAK is a man that can’t stand behind his statements. You are a weak man Condoit!

            I didn’t twist your words, your are. You said in your earlier post, and I quote you since you can’t seem to remember what you said, “this new rule will force all SEC teams to play a power conference opponent every year, however you fail to remember Alabama is the only team in the SEC already doing exactly that”. Well I pointed out to you that you are either ignorant or a liar because Alabama is NOT THE ONLY team in the SEC doing that. LSU has also been doing that every year.

            So now you come on here saying you didn’t say that claiming “I didn’t say there were no teams in the SEC that play other good non-conference teams”. You lying gump.

            I didn’t say LSU was OK because they were playing Wisconsin. I was simply comparing and contrasting LSU and Alabama by pointing out that next year LSU was again, for the sixth year in a row, playing a “quality” team from one of the other power conferences. And this game wasn’t scheduled years in advance when LSU didn’t know how good or bad a team Wisconsin was going to be, In fact it was just finalized in August of last year.

            Now compare that to Alabama’s opponent from a power conference next year, West Virginia. And I DID NOT make any assumption as to when bama scheduled this claim as you ignorantly claim in your last post (you obviously have poor reading comprehension skills can’tdoit). I simply pointed out that you could not have it both ways, by coming on here later and claiming bama plays a team from a power conference every year and you never know how good a team is going to be when you schedule them so far in advance (which you tried to do anywar). That is because bama either scheduled West Virginia more than two years ago when they WERE NOT in a power conference, which could have meant that bama wouldn’t have had a team on next years schedule form another power conference or bama scheduled them within the last tow years knowing they weren’t the quality team they once were.

            So again without making an assumption as to when bama scheduled West Virginia, I’m simply pointing out that bama either scheduled them more than two years ago when they weren’t a power conference team and therefore got lucky when the Big 12 asked them to join or they scheduled them within the last two years knowing they were going to lose their talented senior quarterback Geno Smith after the 2012 season and weren’t very good compared to the rest of the Big 12.

            YOU say “When WVU was scheduled, they looked like the next big thing in football.” So obviously you are admitting that bama’s only opponent for next year from another power conference was not even in another power conference when bana scheduled them. So much for the “if you’re the best, prove it” philosophy you like to claim bama has.

            By the way when LSU played and beat WVU in 2011, WVU was a big thing. They were ranked in the top 20. And that game was scheduled by LSU and played in Morgantown, WV. not in a “Neutral” site. LMAO like Atlanta will be a neutral site seeing how its approx. three hrs from tuscalooser and ten hours from Morgantown.

            And I never said Michigan or Penn State wasn’t good when bama beat them. You did! But you were right. LMAO

            Also, for the record, I don’t hate Alabama, just it’s arrogant gump fans who seem to think Alabama invented football and is the only school that knows how to play it well. This is proven by the fact that you actually think teams like Oregon are afraid to play Alabama as you feebly implied.

            And one last dig at your reading comprehension skills, I never said, implied nor inferred that I believe the 10-second rule was Nick Saban’s idea. So don’t put words in my mouth. I only said he LOST, again, when he tried to persuade the NCAA to pass it.

            Back to you gump.

  5. I didn’t even read what you said once you called me a liar (again).

    I did get far enough to read you making your opinions off fale dates and information.

    You hate Alabama. You do. We get it. That’s why you’re here. It’s very sad how badly it clouds your judgement, that’s all.

    I’m not as sure as you Alabama will lose 18 games this year despite having the 204th place in schedule difficulty for 2014. Actually, I think they’ll be good. Not only that, people will be able to tell how good they are regardless of playing terrible teams like Tennessee and Auburn.

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