ITKSeattle’s 43-8 whipping of the Denver Broncos Sunday night included two former players from the University of Alabama.

Starting left guard James Carpenter started all 27 games of his two year career at Alabama, playing left tackle in college while helping the Tide win the National Championship following the 2009 season. Carpenter was the 25th overall pick in the 2011 draft, one of the Tide’s many NFL 1st round draftees under Nick Saban. Carpenter started his first nine games as a pro before suffering a knee injury, and has remained a starter during his three-year career in Seattle. It was Carpenter’s block that led the way for the Seahawks’ first touchdown of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Jesse Williams and James Carpenter

In two seasons at Alabama, Jesse Williams started all 26 games he played in – 13 each at strong-side defensive end and nose guard. Williams finished his career in Tuscaloosa with two National Championship rings, recording 61 tackles with 1.5 sacks, 6.5 stops for losses of 18 yards, seven quarterback pressures and three pass deflections. Williams was drafted in the 5th round of last year’s NFL draft, but spent this season on the injured reserve.

Alabama State’s Tavaris Jackson, a reserve quarterback for the Seahawks, is the only other player listed from either squad from schools in Alabama in this year’s Super Bowl.

The above picture appeared on Williams’ twitter feed following the game, with the caption “Bama we stay Winning.”

With signing day almost here, no doubt it’s helpful for recruits to see a clear path to NFL success through Nick Saban and Tuscaloosa.

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14 thoughts on “Former Bama players celebrate Seahawks Super Bowl win”

  1. Last night I saw a team dressed in orange and blue get slaughtered in the title game.

    Whoa. Deja vu.

    I even heard Russell Wilson being talked about as the “game manager.” Coincidentally, he’s also a championship-winning football player. It all sounds too familiar…

    1. Good story ITK. It is just sad that cantdoit had to ruin it with his Little Sister mentality once again. I mean you write a story that is 100% bama and then here comes lil mrs priss with his envious post. Congrats to the 2 bama players on winning the Super Bowl. Just wish you guys had more decent fans pulling for you other than candoit and crimsonshite.

      1. @can’t spell or write

        Way to support Auburn.

        Oh, wait…

        Envious? I’m not envious. I’m just having a little fun. The title games this year were two of the most epic failures and it’s not wrong to bring that facet up, especially considering the Superbowl was the last football game of any kind for more than half a year.

        Thanks for calling me a decent fan, but again it’s spelled “The Conduit,” not “candoit.”

        And again, I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. I’m not. Hope Weagle never wins another game. Not because of the school, but because of the fans. RTR!

    1. More useless BS from CrimsonIDIOT!

      Did you enjoy the Tennessee Men and Lady Vols beating down Bammer this weekend? Lady Vols have a 41 game win streak over Bammer’s Lady TURDS! 41 straight!!

      BWAA HAWW HAWW HAWW; ReTaRded Bammer!

      1. @IndianaVOL

        Aw man, your womens’ basketball team is beating ours?! Dang it!

        I think I’ll just stick with football. No offense, womens basketball just isn’t my thing. I’m more of a football guy, but maybe that’s just me.

  3. Hey can’t spell TROLL without 2 L’s…The bottom line is AUBURN choked in the BCSNCG and blew a 17 point lead to the Criminoles and blew the SEC streak…WAY TO GO Cow College…You will never live that down moron…
    Now scram before I verbally abuse your dumb ass again…

    I’m sure someone who needs a job should be using that computer at the Public Housing Community Center so get off of it…

  4. Peyton Manning and the Broncos were doing their best Alabama impression in the Super Bowl. But Alabama didn’t get owned that bad by Oklahoma.
    The O-line was not protecting well enough for their outstanding quarterback, and the outstanding quarterback was forcing some bad throws and making uncharacteristic mistakes.
    Bruno Mars killed it at halftime. My favorite commercial was Stephen Colbert cracking his head apart to reveal a pistachio head.
    Oh, the Jerry Seinfeld piece was great. Loved that Pacer! The Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey turned out to be a good thing. It was looking dicey there earlier last week.
    The Dober-wa-wa is awesome! But someone put that out on the Internet in advance. I like my Super Bowl commercials to be a surprise.
    Peyton Manning should hang it up after this game. He needs to eat some Oreos, retire, and wait for history to judge his overall Hall of Fame career.
    Nice shots of celebrities watching the Super Bowl. I wonder if Nick Saban made it. I’m sure he could afford a ticket. Anthony Grant can afford one too. He might as well be there…he has nothing better to do. Saban could probably get some recruiting done in the area. I wonder of AJ and Johnny football made it?
    Seriously; Peyton Manning should retire. He will never recover from this. He shouldn’t go through another season. History will judge him on his overall body of work, and his character, and perhaps, his incredible family.
    Manning has been in three Super Bowls and won one. Dan Fouts was in zero Super Bowls. Dan Marino was in one and lost. Manning’s legacy is safe.

    1. Peyton Manning definitely doesn’t have to retire after having set the record for most touchdowns in a regular season. The Denver Broncos and the refs both didn’t look great and the Seahawks made virtually no mistakes. It’s not the first game Denver and Manning lost on their way to the Superbowl, but I don’t think it should be his last game just as a result. Don’t forget, it’s his first year back after a hiatus and he doesn’t have many (if any) years left in the league, but he’s still more competitive than most active quarterbacks.

      The Seahawk defense was remarkable. Once I got over the fact that it wasn’t going to be a good game by any margin, I enjoyed watching the clinical precision Seattle showed to keep Denver off the board.

  5. Peyton has had a remarkable career. I hope he doesn’t go all Brett Favre on us.
    I can’t believe how bad the Broncos played. If they could have scored before half, instead of getting a pick six, it could have been a close game. It was weird watching a team tank so hard. That’s the worst Super Bowl game I can remember.

  6. WTG James and Big Jessie. Jessie joins the very exclusive club of players who ended their college careers with a National Championship and began their pro careers with a Super Bowl ring. Tony Dorsett and Courtney Upshaw are 2 of the other 3. A RB from FSU in the 1990’s, whose name eludes me at the moment, is the only other one.

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