Friday, January 10, 2013
Crimson Tide Football

Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban announced the hiring of Lane Kiffin on Friday. Kiffin will serve as Alabama’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

“We are excited to have Lane join our staff,” said Saban. “He is an outstanding and creative offensive coach who has great experience both at the college and NFL level. He has a very good understanding of the game and I have always been impressed with what I saw in the games he called. He coaches with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm, and also does an excellent job as a teacher. Lane will be an outstanding addition to our coaching staff and we look forward to him and his family joining us at the University of Alabama.”

Kiffin spent the last three-plus seasons as the head coach at Southern California where he compiled a 28-15 record. He led the Trojans to a 10-2 record in 2011 and a sixth-place finish in the final Associated Press poll. His 2011 USC offense produced a 3,500-yard passer, a pair of 1,000-yard receivers and a 1,000-yard rusher. Before Kiffin’s arrival, the Trojans were averaging 26.5 points per game in scoring offense and 389.1 yards per game in total offense. In his first two seasons, those numbers increased to 31.0/431.5 in 2011 and 35.8/456.8 in 2012.

“We want to thank the University of Alabama and Coach Saban for this tremendous opportunity, and we feel humbled and honored to be a part of the Crimson Tide family,” said Kiffin. “I’ve always had the utmost respect for what Coach Saban has done with his programs. Having the unique opportunity to be here last month, I was able to meet some of the great players and the great people in the organization, and I’m very excited to start working with them. We’ve seen the passion and support of the Alabama fans firsthand, and when that’s combined with the storied history and tradition of the program, this is a very special place to coach.”

Kiffin served as the head coach at Tennessee in 2009, leading the Volunteers to a second-place finish in the SEC East and an appearance in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. The Vols offense jumped at least 34 places in every national statistical category over the 2008 figures. UT improved from 17.3 to 29.3 points per game while going from 268.8 to 383.5 yards per game in total offense. Kiffin came to Tennessee from the Oakland Raiders, where he served as head coach from 2007-08.

Prior to his first head coaching job, Kiffin spent six years as an assistant coach for Pete Carroll at Southern California, including two years as the offensive coordinator (2005-06). During his first tenure with the Trojans, USC captured two national championships and compiled a 65-12 record. Kiffin was promoted to passing game coordinator in 2004 and helped Matt Leinart win the Heisman Trophy as he passed for 3,322 yards with 33 touchdowns and just six interceptions. He took over as USC’s offensive coordinator in 2005 and led the Trojans to a scoring average of 49.1 points per game and 579.8 yards per game of total offense during his two years as offensive coordinator. Kiffin started at USC in 2001 as the tight ends coach and then coached the wide receivers during his remaining five years.

Kiffin graduated from Fresno State in 1998 and was a student assistant for the Bulldogs under Pat Hill in 1997 and 1998. He moved on to Colorado State in 1999 as offensive line assistant. He spent the 2000 season as defensive quality control assistant with the Jacksonville Jaguars under Tom Coughlin.

Kiffin and his wife, Layla, have two daughters (Landry and Presley) and one son (Knox).

All such employment contracts are subject to approval by the University of Alabama Board of Trustees.

53 thoughts on “Alabama Football announces the hiring of Lane Kiffin”

  1. Where is the contempt for Lame Kitten that ITK spewed whilst LK was at UTk?

    …Oh …that’s right …..Bammer arrogance/ignorance also includes double standards.

    Slamming entities that aren’t Bama worshippers just to bolster your pathetic self esteem would backfire on you if your arrogance would allow you reasoned thinking.

    1. Don’t know, but why are you so scared of Kiffin?

      Look on the bright side. Your Tigers are due for another good season in 3-4 more years.

    2. Do you not know the difference between commentary and NEWS. This was an information piece. Not an opinion. Here’s my opinion, I don’t like it. But I also trust coach Saban to coach our team and hire his assistants as he sees fit. He has never asked my opinion before and he didn’t this time either. I’m sure ITK and others will roll out their opinions very soon. But just so you can prepare yourself, we support Kiffin until it’s time not to. So for now screw your Gus Bus and look out for The Lane Train.

      1. Right on Niner!! I too will support Coach Saban in his choices of coaches. After the Iron Bowl I promised I would never second guess Coach Saban again and I will stand by that promise…… RTR

    3. Go fuck yourself Hoopworm. Scared shitless arrn’t you Weagle? Here comes the West Coast Offense combined with the Pro Set and a little HUNH mixed in. It has always been USC’s offense that scared the shit out of opponents. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  2. Hahahahahahaha!!!!! It never fails. You guys get called out for obvious hypocracy and your response is that someone is scared for daring to point out the obvious. If you guys weren’t so damn arrogant, you wouldn’t paint yourselves into corners and that required verbal gymnastics to escape.

    1. If we weren’t the best that ever was (backed up by stats and facts), then we wouldn’t be so arrogant, shithead. We’ve earned the right. If you bastards don’t like it, then do something about it. Go ahead, try. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    2. I wouldn’t say we’re arrogant, I would just say we’re appreciative of the superiority we have enjoyed historically over Auburn and every other program, as well as the unbelievable string of championships.

      Here’s where you call into question 1941. But subtract that one and we’re still light years ahead of the barn. So if that’s arrogance, so be it.

      But check the record; I’ve never said Lane Kiffin isn’t a good coach. He is. I’ve been critical of his childish behavior in the past. He is now inside a very tight box wearing a muzzle, where all he can do is coach young quarterbacks and call plays, two things he is unquestionably good at. What he did with Jonathan Crompton at UT was unimagineable. I can’t wait to see what he does with the studs we already have in place.

  3. Ya’ll see who’s happiest to see Kiffin? Sims and Morris. Shows you was going to get bunped down by Nuss and Saban. They think they have new life now. Well maybe Morris, but unless Kiffin is planning on installing the Wishbone Sims is done. He has 4 gunslingers to choose from for what will probably be a point a minute West Coast Hybrid with a little HUNH thrown in. I think we just gained some points on preseason #1 Free Shoes. RTR!

  4. Can’t wait until the Spring game to see how our 4 young gunslingers and Henry and Drake and Cooper and Black and OJ all look in Kif’s offense. Already feel sorry for the rest of the SEC. RTR!

  5. I don’t like the way Kiffin carries himself during a game. He has always looked lost when things aren’t going his way. He appears to lose focus. I don’t like the fact he has never proven himself as a head coach to be a champion, but he wasn’t hired to be a head coach. He has a boss that will hold him accountable for what he is doing not what he has done. It’s Saban’s record at BAMA not the OC’s.

    Think about this barneys. We have a HC and an OC that are both former NFL HCs. What do you have? This is how you build teams that sustain championship runs year after year.

    Highschool coaches are burdened with playing with what what grows up in the area. In know some underhanded recruiting occurs at some schools, but the entire team is not recruited. A highscholl coach has to learn how to coach and call plays with what he’s got. Gustoff did well with what he was handed, but trickery and deception won’t last long at this level.

    The trickery and deception of gustoff on the field has lead to the trickery and deception of your heart and the mind and back acccount of the barn. Of course, this is the tradition at the barn. It’s all about the almost!

    Some barney made reference to the bubbas in Tuscaloosa. That reference proves you want to be something you are not. If we lost our bubbas, we would be like the northeast or west coast. We have to keep our bubbas or we lose the sight of who we are, and a motivation for excellence would be lost. A proper balance is necessary. Our state even built a college for our bubbas. Please carry on the tradition of Bubba U so my grandchildren will have a motivation for excellence.


  6. “Where is the contempt for Lame Kitten that ITK spewed whilst LK was at UTk?

    …Oh …that’s right …..Bammer arrogance/ignorance also includes double standards.

    Slamming entities that aren’t Bama worshippers just to bolster your pathetic self esteem would backfire on you if your arrogance would allow you reasoned thinking.”

    These comments SPOT ON with relation to the ReTaRded Bammer TURDS! The same FOOLS that are praising DICK Kitten now were cursing him when he was at Tennessee and almost beat the Crimson TURD! The hypocrisy of the Bammer TURD Nation is staggering!
    Oh, I am so sorry, but you Bammer Morons don’t know what hypocrisy means:

    “the practice of professing standards, beliefs, etc, contrary to one’s real character or actual behaviour, esp the pretence of virtue and piety”

    Maybe the definition was over your heads, too. Hypocrisy means TWO-FACED; surely you pea-brained TURDS can understand what TWO-FACED means!

    Here’s hoping DICK Kiffin wrecks the Bammer program and you MORONS get the death penalty from the NCAA that should have been dealt out years ago.

    DON’T say we didn’t warn you; FOOLS!

    Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR: Return To Reality!!

    1. But it’s NOT hypocrisy when Vol fans, prior to Kiffin dumping their Appalachian population of inbreeds and banjo-playing former and current moon shiners, considered him the ultimate savior of their tarnished program, only to – then and now – vilify him as an incompetent once he left. You can’t have it both ways, Indy. Either he was a brilliant coach who dumped you for a better situation, or he was never going to get the Vol train going toward past glory on the gridiron. I even remember you, Indy Vol, giving Bama grief after the blocked kicks game, that, just wait, Kiffin and UTn we’re going to kick ass and take names in coming seasons because UcheaT was on the way back!

      Glass houses, Indy. Glass houses.

      1. Pete4TURD, if Bammer wan’t the laughing stock of college football before, it sure as hell is now!! I hope Lame RUINS the CRIMSON TURD!

        1. Indy, you should plan on coming to the game this year, afterwards you could come down to the field and with CLK arm in arm you can sing Rammer Jammer together. What a special memory number 8 could be!

      2. This is SO TRUE.

        All we heard was that Kiffin was THE ANSWER. Then he left them to their own inbreeding and now he’s the devil. Imagine how they’ll feel when he helps compete TEN STRAIGHT WHIPPINGS IN A ROW.

        It’s not that far away, Vol fans. LOL 🙂

    2. You loved Kiffin until he kicked your sorry, hilly arses to the curb.

      Don’t cry, Vol. It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve been picked over for someone better.

    3. You’re a fool to expect Alabama fans to love a rival team’s coach doing terrible things. It simply makes no sense.

      Let’s put it into perspective——-how much do you love Nick Saban? See how this works?

      Look, I’m really, really sorry for how bad Tennessee is and I’m sure part of it might be a result of how Kiffin himself left the Volunteers.

      Alabama is the laughing stock of the college football world, you say? I, um, I kinda find it hard to believe that you actually think that’s true?

      Hoping Alabama gets the death penalty may be your only true hope at any kind of happiness at Tennessee. That’s sad. And I can’t relate. It’s no wonder you’re so upset. I’m sorry, Indiana Vol. I really am. It’s not good for college football when Tennessee sucks this bad for a decade.

      See, I think what you’re really upset about is seeing Alabama fans happy. And we’re very happy very frequently. Roll Tide.

  7. Contempt is what a vol has for Lane Kiffin. He left your 3rd tier program for a program that has recognized tradition througout the country. Would tenn even be mentioned in a relevant football conversation today if not for Peyton? Come back when your team, if they ever do, becomes relevant.

    Did the barney cult pull for FSU because Jimbo Fisher was once on the coaching staff at the barn?

    Nick Saban hired Lane Kiffin. No fan or blogger had any say in the matter. Some fans may be eating their past words, but it’s not hyprocrisy. So you understand; if Nick Saban made statements of contempt about Kiffin, that would be hyprocritical. Did you get an education at Bubba U and turn coat to tenn?

    We do love your hate? We understand your hate. You understand we own you. It was your choice. That’s reality!!!!


    1. BammerTURDborn,

      Whatever idiot!

      Yu know the Kiffy hiring makes Bammer look even more idiotic!!

      Have fun watching the Crimson TURD crumble!!

  8. On more thing, hater vol,

    How will you feel as you see a smile on Kiffin’s face as we hand you another defeat next year?

    Oh yes, we think about people like you while we are elephant stomping your butt!!!!!

    You hope and we know. That’s got to be painful.


    1. Just think, BammerTURDborn,

      The Vols beating Bammer is always great, but beating Bammer with that bastard Lame will be MONUMENTAL!!!

      1. You’re right, Tennessee beating Alabama would be monumental.

        Instead, I’m afraid it’s going to be even worse than the last 7 years. I can’t imagine what that has to feel like. I never really got over how Lane left Tennessee the way he did, but I care a little bit less when you talk like that.

  9. ITK NOTE: Attention, the goat humper has re-emerged following loss #7 in a row to Alabama and has something to say to us.

    No SEC West
    No SEC
    No Natty
    No Sugar
    No Class!

    RTR: Return to Reality Bammer FOOLS!

    1. ITK is projecting again; he knows he is goat-humping, tree-killing, teabagging, toothless Bammer TURD!

  10. You always have hope. You hope to win so you can build a monument? Thanks for placing a BAMA loss in such high regard.

    There are no monumental wins for BAMA!!! We’ve won them all. Again, it must be painful.

    Relevance – tennesis does not matter in the argument at hand

    tennesis – little sister


      1. You orange clad dipshit, do you think any of us care what pricks like you and that inbred fan base of yours think. The fact that this hire drives you morons insane makes me more sure this was a good hire. If we hang 50 on you losers this time, I look forward to you coming back here and apologizing and bowing down to The Lane Train!

          1. Do you even care about Tennessee, or do you just hate Alabama?

            I’m serious.

            Regardless of the answer, you’re always showing the same cultural void as Little Brother. It’s gross. But you can never really have too many Little Brothers, I guess.

            Ah, Rammer Jammer…

            Do you know where the “yellow hammer” part comes from IV?

  11. Hey fuck face. Hold your Goddamn breath until Bama fails – please. Read where one of UcheaT’s beat writers said that the Vol nation is livid with anger over Bama hiring Kiffin. Just want to let you know we were glad to help. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

          1. Oh wait, damn it you capitalized moron. Son of a… You win I guess. You got me, fucktard. Oh wait FUCKTARD. AH HA TAKE THAT, I DID ALL CAPS.

  12. Crimsonite,

    Hadn’t even thought of it that way. A hated man shows up at a hated place. May be the best way for me to look at it until next Sept. Can you imagine the joy of the vols when Kiffin was fired? Kiffin is a nightmare that won’t go away. Oh, how sweet. Maybe Nick is becoming more of a fan to gouge them in this manner. Wonder if we could hire Bowden, tubbs, and cheese as water boys?

    1. “Wonder if we could hire Bowden, tubbs, and cheese as water boys?”

      Only difference is Kiffin actually had championship-caliber success at his position. Think about it.

  13. Don’t know. But if we bring in Orgeron too , it will be An interesting year. You can throw Old Piss into the mix. But right now I’m wondering just what the hell Vinnie thinuks he’s doing? Statistically he has never had an NFL type season, and he’s coming offa major injury. Why the hell does he want to declare? We fucking need his leadership and experience. The safety’s we had this year could’t cover their asses with both hands. This is a disaster. Damn!

    1. It’s not a disaster. Be happy for Vinnie Sunseri. He’s a great guy, from Tuscaloosa, taught a lot of guys a lot of things on the sideline after his injury and was an outstanding performer when he was healthy. He’s hard to replace, but don’t get mad at him and don’t call it a disaster.

  14. Don’t pussy foot around with me. The way our secondary played without him is a disaster. I haven’t checked, but I don’t think he even has his degree yet. With only 6 or 7 games starting experience, a major injury and not quick, only fast once he gets rolling, he probably won’t even get drafted. There’s somwthing fishy going on, and I thing Sal is involvedin it. I thought something was strange when they suddenly said he was healed and ready to go in half the normal time, but then Sal said no way he’s going to play in the Sugar Bowl. Now I’m thinking they are playing a shell game. His injury just may be worse than we thought and they want the NFL to think it all good so that with Sal’s,influence he will get drafted and get that money contract whether he ever plays another game or not. Just an observation of course. And don’t give me that happy for him bullshit. I’d be happy for him and so would Saban if he was a 1st or early 2nd round choice.t he aint even close. May not get anything but free agent. And does he even have his degree? Stupid, stupid, stupid decision, and we need him.

    1. I’m not pussy-footing around, I’m just trying to help. You have a half-empty attitude here again, so let’s break it down a little and see if it makes more sense.

      First, Vinnie is a champion. Call me a homer, a butt-kisser, whatever you want, Vinnie is ready for the next level. If you’ve never heard him speak, look it up. Try his speech after the TAMU game this season, for example.

      Second, yes, proving his health alone could help his draft stock. To say he isn’t ready for the NFL is one thing, to say he could improve his draft stock is another thing, and a more personal decision. Call it selfish if you want, but he just played his guts out for a couple of years and wrecked his knee for no money.

      Third, Landon Collins is the go-to guy now for at strong safety. Coming back won’t help his stock for the position unless he wants to move to free safety. You said yourself, and I agree, he’s not super quick, so I don’t think free safety is a good fit for him, let alone good for Alabama’s success.

      He’s probably a 3-5-round pick. I’m not sure he could be a 1st-round pick even if he came back to Alabama for another season at strong safety.

      Here’s the kicker—-you said it yourself, Sal Sunseri. His dad has NFL experience and likely some good advice not just for his own kids but for any players considering the draft. The NFL Combine could remind us all how good he is, or it could show he doesn’t have what it takes just yet and/or the injury is persistent.

      Yes, he was a fantastic leader, and yes, Alabama could probably use his talents. But Alabama isn’t going in the gutter if Vinnie goes pro. Call him selfish, fine. I just think it’s more selfish for me to want a guy to come back to the team for our goals of success than for a guy who has won us championships and gotten his butt kicked every Saturday agreeing that maybe now it’s ok for him not to do it for free. Alabama needs leadership and Vinnie brought that; I’m more worried about who is going to fill his leadership role than his own draft stock.

      Bottom line, there’s more to it than we’ll ever know. The draft itself might help answer some of our questions, but all we can really do is speculate, wish him the best, and see what Alabama does now. There’s a ton of talent leaving the Capstone and not just Vinnie. It might be better to replace him now before signing day than to sit and wonder about what positions we need to fill. Vinnie’s a champion. Roll Tide.

  15. The Conduit,

    I was only making light of the Kiffin hire. (a joke) Hiring a rivals past head coach is a gouge to the rival’s fan base. Hiring the barns once flash in the pans as to what they might offer BAMA was also meant for humor. I didn’t like Saban while he was a lswho, but I had all the respect owed for what he was doing as a coach. Currently I don’t respect Kiffin, but as soon as he proves he can improve the play calling at BAMA, I will be a supporter with guarded respect. This appears to be a better opportunity for Kiffin than BAMA from my prospective. Of course, I’ve never been paid a dime for my thoughts on BAMA football. It’s a strange hire and Saban can fire him quicker than he hired him if it doesn’t work. I hope Saban proves his superior football knowledge in this part of the “process.”


    1. I agree. And Alabama won’t be Kiffin’s last stop. Alabama is becoming known as a place where coaches come to increase their value. Either they get a raise and a huge bonus at Alabama, they get a large raise to go somewhere else, or they get a head coaching gig. It’s what you want. That’s how you get guys like Bo Davis so quickly.

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