Alabama fans can relax with news that legendary football coach Nick Saban will remain in Tuscaloosa. The University just released information about a new long-term contract between Alabama and Nick Saban. The deal is expected to keep Saban coaching the Alabama football team for the rest of his career. The release below contains comments from Alabama AD Bill Battle and Alabama football coach Nick Saban. Alabama fans are happy to tell every other football team in the country to continue the Nick Saban envy.


New agreement will keep Coach Saban as the Crimson Tide’s head coach until the end of his career.

University of Alabama Director of Athletics Bill Battle is pleased to announce that head football coach Nick Saban and the University have concluded a new long-term agreement.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban will stay at Alabama despite speculation Saban would move to Texas. Saban and Alabama agreed to a long-term contract.
Alabama football coach Nick Saban will stay at Alabama despite speculation Saban would move to Texas. Saban and Alabama agreed to a long-term contract.
“We are very pleased to have this agreement completed,” said Saban. “Terry and our family are very happy in Tuscaloosa. It has become home to us. This agreement allows us to continue to build on the tremendous success that we have enjoyed to this point – successes that have transcended the football field. We are excited about the future and the University of Alabama is where I plan to end my coaching career.

“We are committed to continuing the work that we have been doing in the community as well as at the University. We are also excited about the opportunity awaiting us on Jan. 2 in the Allstate Sugar Bowl against the University of Oklahoma and hope to send this year’s tremendous senior class out in the proper way.”

“We are pleased to announce that head football coach Nick Saban has agreed to a new long-term agreement,” said Bill Battle, University of Alabama Director of Athletics. “Coach Saban is the best in the business and has led our program to the pinnacle of college football. This agreement is a strong indication of our mutual commitment to building on the foundation he has established.”

“The entire University of Alabama family is thrilled that Coach Nick Saban will continue to be the head coach of the Crimson Tide,” said Dr. Judy L. Bonner, University of Alabama President. “We appreciate the commitment that he and Terry have to our players and their success on the field, in the classroom and throughout their lives. Coach Saban’s passion for excellence combined with his hard work and integrity are hallmarks of his teams, who are champions in every way.”

“The University of Alabama has finalized a contract agreement with the finest football coach in our country and this contract will keep Nick Saban at the University of Alabama for the remainder of his career,” said Dr. Robert E. Witt, Chancellor of the University of Alabama System.

The agreement is subject to approval by the Compensation Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama System.

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  1. But But Gus Potter at Auburn is a better coach because he beat Saban one time on pure luck says Barner Fife

  2. Good move for Saban and UAT.

    Note to the CR: Next time that ESPN comes out with silly AU rumors …just remember how they unabashedly will falsely report anything just to get attention.

    If Terry Saban is seen in Austin again ..I’m sure that it is to buy a new lake house to replace the one in No. Ga. that they have for sale. Lake Travis and Lake Austin are awesome ..and just far enough off the beaten path for a celeb family.

  3. As an auburn fan I am glad he is staying. I will admit I was not thinking we would win the IB. I am realistic. But we hung with u guys and took advantage of a special teams opportunity. So now I know we can compete. Which is a surprise to be honest. It’s going to be fun to watch the state of Alabama dominate college ball! War Eagle!

    1. Agreed AU Fan. The zeal for football in this state is off the charts, and it shows by the product that hits the field.

      I’m not sure we may note have our priorities out of order in the game of life sometimes…this is still just a game, and the discussion among fans gets tacky way too often…but in the game of football, no one can question where the epicenter of college football resides.

  4. and know this, we all know what happens to teams/programs Coach Saban targets. (tuberville/florida/lsu)

    he admitted he didn’t do his best in the iron bowl. i have no doubt he’ll work all year to rectify that.


  5. I think Saban now truly joins the legendary coaches at Alabama like Thomas, Bryant and Stallings. All of them won championships and ended their careers at Alabama.

  6. This whole mess became about Alabama because of Texas and their inability to handle their coaching situation properly. Everyone bit. I never doubted Saban was staying, but trying to convince anyone else of that seemed to be impossible. Somehow, Saban was convincing me and every recruit he talked to as the depth chart rose to an unprecedented level.

    But it’s done. For now? Saban says he’s staying at Alabama, but he’s said that before. He says it every year when these rumors come up. Memories are short, and no matter how many times Nick Saban says “I’m going to end my career at Alabama,” there will always be doubters.

    Texas is a great job. Maybe it’s the second best college football job in the country. But Nick Saban has control at Alabama that Texas has shown he would never have. Roll Tide.


    Nicky Satan looking to LAME KIFFIN for offensive advise??? Why not hire Kiffin, he is a perfect fit for Bammer! He and Little Nicky are both ASS#OLES and Kiffin is perfect for the Crimson TURD Morons. Maybe Kiffy will be Bammer’s next coach!!

    1. What in the hell are you talking about, Little Brother? Kiffin was your coach, not Alabama’s. I’m getting very confused by how bad you’ve gotten at this whole trolling thing.

      1. I’m not your little brother, you inbred HICK!

        Can you not read? Saban looking to Kiffy for advice;

    2. Erm – #1, Indy, there is no job open at Bama for a coach to be hired, much less Kiffin. #2, 5 years ago you were pretty much on your knees in front of Kiffin’s desk chair 24/7 when he was YOUR coach. However, I will let you be the determiner of who is and isn’t an a$$hole, since you look at one in the mirror every morning when you brush your tooth.

      The domination of the Vol nation has really gotten to you, hasn’t it? It’s not ending anytime soon, either.

      1. Erm, Nichy Satan looking to Kiffin to cure the Crimson Turd’s offensive woe’s; PRICELESS!

        What wrong, still sore that the Turd win’s no SEC and no BCS this year? Poor babies!

    3. Funny, dipshit. The only year Kiffin coached at that shithole in Knoxville, you went 7-6. Far and away UcheaT’s best season in the last 6 years. If he hadn’t gotten sick of your asses, you might actually be competitive now. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

      1. Crimsonite is right. I mean just look at the great job he did for the Raiders and USC.

        1. Not sure what you are laughing at , but if LK would have stayed at th Raiders they would have won a Super Bowl by now, andTennessee would be playing for their 3rd or 4th NC in a row. I will bet anyone that with LK expertise on offense that the Tude will win the NC next season! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  8. I have a feeling all this contract stuff is not over yet.It is very quiet on the Texas sidelines right now,after Sugar Bowl and Longhorns game things might get messy.Just seems everything is just to damn quiet now.Like the calm before the storm.Hope i”m wrong tho..Happy New Year everyone. Florida State 38 24

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