Alabama faces Tennessee in a game that Coach Nick Saban says will be emotional.
Alabama faces Tennessee in a game that Coach Nick Saban says will be emotional.

Saban says Tennessee game will be emotional; asks fans to stay or give tickets to others; announces another player suspension

By Hunter Ford

In his Wednesday press conference, Nick Saban covered a lot of ground in a short time.

The Tide coach announced a player suspension, a successful surgery for Vinnie Sunseri, urged fans to stay at games, and said the Tennessee game will be an emotional contest.

Saban began by saying the Tide has had “a couple of good days of work.” He said, eight weeks into the season is “when guys get weary” but praised his team’s recent practice efforts.

“This team will be remembered by how they finish,” Saban said. He said players have to finish well not only in games but also in practice.

The upcoming battle with Tennessee, Saban said, “Is a big rivalry game. Everybody will have a lot of emotion.”

Alabama students, who have blocks of seats designated in Bryant-Denny Stadium, have been leaving in droves before the end of games this year. Saban addressed them, saying they should give their tickets to fans who want to experience an Alabama game.

“We have great fans here,” Saban said. “As much support as any place I’ve ever been. There are a lot of people who would really like to see an Alabama game.”

Saban said the Alabama facilities are top notch, and that he likes to invite recruits to the games to experience the game-day atmosphere.

“We all should show our appreciation for that by staying for the whole game. If you’re not interested in that, you should let somebody else go,” he said.

Alabama did not commit a penalty in the Arkansas game, although Saban said he noticed some that could have been called. He attributed the absence of penalties to preparation.

“Players obviously have better focus and discipline and more confidence in what they’re doing,” he said.

LaMichael Fanning, a reserve defensive end, has been suspended for what Saban said was: “A violation of team rules, or whatever. He’s not around.”

Saban announced that Sunserri had successful knee surgery yesterday. The star safety will still be out for the remainder of the season.

A’Shawn Robinson, Darren Lake and Jonathan Allen, were praised by Saban for their performance on the defensive line.

Cornerback Deion Belue has been “battling to stay healthy” according to Saban, but it is hoped he can continue to contribute in the defensive backfield.

“He’s a great competitor…it’s important to him…he knows how to prepare for a game,” Saban said.

9 thoughts on “Alabama vs Tennessee: Saban expects emotional game”

  1. “A violation of team rules, or whatever.” And no one asked him what that meant. Love the media who cover Bama,and the obvious questions, that they always fail to ask. But nothing to see here, our (coverup) compliance office has got it under control. I know it will amount to nothing, but an odd quote, that deserves more of an explanation.

    1. As opposed to the media that cover the University of West Georgia on the plains, who just parrot whatever the team spokesperson-of-the-day tells them to write. Nice.

        1. @Elite Tiger So what do you think that means? Do you think he stabbed a Girl Scout, stole her money and used it for bullets to hold up a bank and score enough money to buy a nuclear weapon which he was caught with in his booster-funded Ferrari?

          With all the success at Auburn I honestly thought y’all would be having more fun this year. I try to relate to Little Brother Syndrome. I really do. But I can’t. I can’t turn what we know the outcome would be from a question like that into a conspiracy of all media in the state of Alabama. Good grief.

          My parents get to go to the Tennessee game this weekend and I can’t pretend I’m not shaking with jealousy. Instead, I’ll be at two weddings in the mountains of NC…

          To clarify, by “NC” I mean North Carolina, not National Championships as we’re all so accustomed to seeing in stories about the Alabama Crimson Tide. Sorry, I just wanted to make sure there was no confusion. Roll Tide.

  2. Whatever could mean a violation of NCAA rules, like a coach paying another player, an agent lining up trips, and paying for them, a booster giving that player money every month, buying a car for him, then tricking it out( hope you know what that means). Or any number of things. My post meant that left a lot to the imigination. If you thought it meant nothing, my comment would not have bothered you. As for AU this year, yes I am enjoying it, and will do so, win or lose. But y’all have nothing to worry about from us. We don’t even play real football, according to Bama fans. A team that doesn’t play real football, wouldn’t be leading the SEC in rushing yardage. Call it sissy football if you want to. But when we beat you this year, I guess that means fans will find a way to explain it away.

    1. You aren’t even worth arguing with dumbass. When you beat us this year? What fucking planet are you from? Do you masturbate to those fantasies? Awbarn couldn’t beat Bama’s second string this year. Stupidass! RTR!

  3. RTR? Really Trashy Rednecks!!!! And DA is the best you can come up with, to call me a name? I am from the planet Voltron, if you must know. And the intelligence there means to keep up with me, you will need 15-20 more of the fan base you represent. Of course, they would have to be able to read, so good luck with that. Already have 4 more meanings for RTR, and 1 or 2 for Bama, so a word of advice to all 3 of you: Quit while you can!!! As far as the game goes this year, the score is 0-0 right now. So to think we have no chance is arrogant at best, and not bright at the worst. Both of those fits the Bama fan base to a T. If I choose to give you nicknames, SEC Fan, LMAO, Curse of Fluker, and any other rival fan who posts here, would use that every time to reply to you. We will see how the game comes out, but we have 4 games before you, that are more important right now.

  4. Don’t get me started Shit For Brains. You give yourself far too much credit. And no, the damn score is not 0-0. When Bama will be favored by 18-21, you damn well better understand that you are not good enough for the game to actually start at 0-0 except in your own little fantasy world.You have NO defense. NONE, NADA, ZILCH, ZERO! You are deader than a pile of 6 month old shit in the forest. And that’s just when Bama has the ball. When you have the ball your offense has not seen a defense even 30% as good as Bama’s; and you won’t either, until you see Bama’s. I don’t give your retarded asses much more of a chance than you had last year. And you know damn well that last sentence was a bald faced lie. The only damn game that’s important to you Stupid Bamssessed morons, is BAMA! Idiot Barnturd. RTR!

    1. Sorry to see the truth upsets you so much. The score will be 0-0 when the game starts, as ALL games are. Bama will be favored, but that is for betting only. As far as no defense, we are 3rd or 4th in the SEC in scoring defense, and getting better each week. You do have the best defense probably, but we may be the best offense you face. The other team that had a great offense put 42 on you. So you can be scored on, and we will get our share. But as I said, more important games are coming up, because if we lose any of those, our game doesn’t carry the same weight. UAT is the most important, but doesn’t matter till we play you. One last thing, I may have crap for brains, but at least I have something up there. Not sure the same could be said for you. Rtr- Resistant To Reality!!

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