In an anomoly, Alabama gets a bye the 2nd week of the college football season. Normally the break would tick me off. Afterall, we wait 9 months for football season to get here, and as soon as it does, bam! We get one game and have to wait.

But this year is different. Rarely does Alabama get a season-turning marquee game in the third week of the season. That game is usually reserved for the 1st weekend in November, with fans that smell like corn dogs yelling how they’re glad Nick Saban isn’t there anymore.

What’s more, rarely does the Tide have question marks at the point of attack on offense. Last week’s game provided more questions than answers on offense, with a brand new line facing an experienced VaTech defensive unit that will be among the best two or three Bama will face this season.

And rarely does the Tide have a revenge game to prepare for. Let’s face it, when you’ve only lost seven games in the last five years (three of those in 2010), these don’t come around very often. Afterall, we’re not Auburn, where dropping 9 in one year is commonplace.

I’m not a betting man, but history suggests that Bama will come out next Saturday in College Station like it’s been shot out of a canon. If you think preparation for this game really begins this coming Monday, as Alabama head coach Nick Saban said this week, you believe Cam Newton went to Auburn for free.

Next week will be epic; this weekend is the calm before the storm.

Last week I was 6-1, correctly calling:

• Alabama vs. Virginia Tech (Predicted Bama 37-13, actual 35-10)
• Georgia vs. Clemson (Predicted Clemson 37-34, actual 38-35)
• Washington State vs. Auburn (Predicted Auburn 31-27, actual 31-24)
• Western Kentucky vs. Kentucky (Predicted WKU 41-30, actual 35-26)
• UAB vs. Troy (Predicted Troy 21-10, actual 34-31 in OT)
• TCU vs. LSU (Predicted LSU 30-14, actual 37-27)

And the lone loss:
• Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Arkansas (Predicted the upset, ULL 24-20, actual: Hogs 34-14)

This week there will be mild upsets, with two SEC teams falling to teams from the Sun Belt. And Lou Holtz will spit all over himself in talking up a game that used to mean something, but doesn’t anymore.

Western Kentucky @ Tennessee
Playing the role of Jessica Dorrell, Butch Jones will be at the wrong end of Bobby Petrino this Saturday. Vol fans are excited about their new coach and regime, primarily because it’s being led by a man not named Kiffen or Dooley. It is, however, being led by this guy…

Yep, that’s Tennessee head coach Butch Jones

Though ole Butch probably still knows how to play that thing, there won’t be much horn tooting in Neyland Stadium. Bobby Petrino is a good coach, and could take a group of nuns and make them contenders. And as the Hilltoppers top their second SEC team in successive weeks, I’ll watch chuckling, though glad both Auburn and Tennessee were too smug to take him when they had the chance.

Western Kentucky 38
Tennessee 28

Arkansas State @ Auburn
Down on the Plains Magic Malzahn continues to seek to find the cure to cancer, world hunger and peace in Syria through his mythical “Gus Malzhan offense®”. Most delusional Auburn fans (aren’t they all?) believe his brand of high school football is a magic elixir that can’t be overcome. Look for the Red Wolves to do just that, though look for more officiating mysteries to surface in the game in favor of the home team.

Arkanasas State 34
Auburn 29

South Carolina @ Georgia
Speaking of fanbases who have been snowed, Steven O. Spurrier owns Mark Richt…as do most coaches in big games against him. Everybody but Georgia fans know Richt’s ship has sailed, and that the milquetoast head coach isn’t the man he projects himself to be. I’m not saying he isn’t a good man. I am saying that a team’s play is a direct reflection of their head coach, and Georgia year in and year out is the most penalized and arrested team in the SEC. And antics where player celebration is celebrated…even sometimes planned…doesn’t suggest a regime built on the personal discipline that gets your team through tough games. Which is why the Gamecocks makes it four in a row.

South Carolina 29
Georgia 26

Notre Dame @ Michigan
Notre Dame vs. Michigan. Ah, the sound of it is magical rolling off the ole tongue. But there’s nothing magic about this game anymore as the ‘rivalry’ plays out in its last days. Look for Notre Dame to win, and Lou Holtz to immediately award them the national championship before the commercial break.

Notre Dame 17
Michigan 14

Florida @ Miami
Miami is a football program that begs for tight shots during its games so no one watching at home can see the throngs of empty seats in its stadium. I’m serious. You can fire a water balloon into the seats with a better than average shot that no one gets wet. Gator fans travel south better than they do north, so that fact will be different tomorrow with a preverbial home game for the Gators in Miami.

Florida 34
Miami 19

Texas @ BYU
Mack Brown may be the only coach in America more successful at pulling the wool over his fanbase’s eyes better than Mark Richt. Brown takes his underachieving Longhorns (every year, not just this) into Provo, Utah to face the fighting Mormons. With Texas’ superior talent, there is no way this should be a game, but somehow the Longhorns will make it one.

Texas 33
BYU 32

Sam Houston State @ Texas A&M
Johnny Manziel gets one more hall pass before facing the Tide next Saturday. Look for him to act like an ass with cameras rolling. Not sure if it’ll be another personal foul, but the safest bet on the planet is that he’ll do something stupid to make people talk about him.

Sam Houston State 20
Texas A&M 63

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25 thoughts on “GameDay: All is quiet with the Tide on a bye, but some good games go on”

    1. It was a Rodney King type beating for sure. But you know what those feel like, being an Auburn fan and all.

      Now quick, throw up some stats earned against WSU and Arky St.

      Nevermind, SECfan beat you to it. AU, where delusion is alive and well!

  1. Wow…..quick throw up a cartoon to deflect this piss poor outing of predictions. LMAO! Please pick bama to win next week, You are more of a kiss of death with your predictions than Corso is. Oh and last I check Auburn has 600 rushing yards in 2 games… did bama do on offense again? Also dont forget that the defense has not allowed a TD in 6 qtrs now.

      1. Yellowhammer, don’t try and inject logic in an argument with a barner. Do you want their heads to explode? They can’t handle it!

    1. You talking about the defense that gave up 24 points to a WSU who didn’t score an offensive td this past Saturday? Bwaa Haww Haww!

  2. 0-6 LMAO

    Wow you sure know your football!

    So you say you’re not a betting man, but you were just joking right? In the words of Crimsonite Baww Haww Haww!

      1. Thank you ITK, but I’m not quite sure what you mean by we “are back for sure”. Being back would infer you went somewhere. We were 51 seconds away from beating bama last year and playing for the SEC championship and possible national championship. And before Crimsonite chirps in with some dumb comment, Yes I know we didn’t get it done last year but that doesn’t mean we went anywhere or that we are back from anywhere because we beat TCU and UAB. That only gets you two wins, not any kind of championship.

  3. Bwaa Haww Haww! The Corndogs gave up 17 to our extremely football challenged baby sister, and TCU was challenged by an FCS school, while a depleted Va Tech kicked ass. Looks like the Aubies could challenge for #4 in the West. I just love it. If they beat the other Cow College this week, they’ll be thinking they are #1. Hope so, cause it will hurt so much more when Bama stomps that ass. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. Crimsonite once again you prove what a moron you are and how little football IQ you have.

      LSU was beating UAB 21-0 at the end of the first quarter and 28-0 only 20 seconds into the second quarter and then 35-7 only half way through the second quarter. At one point in that second quarter LSU had well over 200 yards in total offense to UAB’s 4. Yea that’s right 4 total yards. Coach Miles used the commanding lead of the second quarter as an opportunity to develop some of his younger players, something he is very good at, by putting them in the game to get precious game experience. It was during this second quarter that UAB scored all of its 17 points. Coach Miles and his staff made adjustments at halftime and the Tigers did not allow another score while piling on more points. I know at least eight true freshmen played for the first time in this game in addition to several others that had played in the TCU game along with a lot of other underclassmen.

      With regards to you uninformed comment about TCU, I know there starting quarterback broke his arm in the second quarter. Tell me Crimsonite, if AJ McCarron breaks his arm in the second quarter against A&M this week end how do you think bama is going to do?

      You better hope that doesn’t happen and that your team’s offense improved significantly against open date this past week so that your fat ass won’t have to cover some of those checks your mouth wrote in some of your earlier post about how bad yall were going to beat Manziel and A&M.

      1. I’ll field this one.

        If AJ McCarron breaks his arm in the second quarter against Texas A&M I don’t expect Alabama to do nearly as well on offense.

        Hope that helped. Feel better? Having fun? Damn, I love being a fan of the defending national champions. It’s fun. It really is fun.

        What are LSU sites like? Are they fun, too? Let me know. Curious.

    2. And LMAO at your comment about Va Tech kicking ass against Western Carolina. Hell Va Tech couldn’t score any more points on Western Carolina than Middle Tennessee did the week before. You are desperately reaching with you comments Crimsonite.

  4. Western Carolina only put up 40 less yards than the ” best offense in alabama history “….. way to our perform the catamounts !!!

    1. Good point.

      That’s why Alabama slipped down the ranking all the way to…number one.

      Good grief.

      Roll Tide.

  5. And you think VT played the same as against Bama? They didn’t even practice against WC until after the Bama game.

  6. I just love the way the Corndog’s are bragging about their new offense and just, well, thinking they’re ‘All That’ after beating up on Baby Sister. You know, last week little ‘ol Troy Put up more passing yards and with only 2 incompletions, more rushing yards, and more total offense against UAB. And defensively gave up a few more points and less than a 100 yards more. Somehow I don’t think a defense which considers itself top 10, should be giving up 300 yards ans 17 points to UAB when the score is still 31-17. Awbie and LSWho definitely need to get a case of reality and drink it sloooooooowwwly. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. See previous comments gump. First of all ignoramous the score was 35-17 at half and LSU did not give up 300 yards at the half. Second, even though LSU gave up some yards in the second quarter and second half, UAB didn’t score another point after half. The reason Miles puts as many players in the pros as Saban despite the fact that Saban signs better players every year, is that Miles obviously develops his players better and part of that development includes meaningful playing time even when they are freshmen. So what if they gave up a few yards while learning, the game was never in jepordy.

  7. ATTENTION!!!!!!! Ya’ll just have to go to and look at the the ’20 pictures of Bear Bryant that you have probably never seen’. The only one of significance is the very last one where Bear is obviously pointing out something of importance to Pat ‘The Drunk Without Pants’ Dye. The clueless look on Dye’s face is worth a million bucks. I have never in my life seen a more ‘I don’t have a damn clue what in hell you’re talking about’ expression. Alabama car flag – $10.00. Ticket to Alabama-Texas A&M game – $600.00. Look on Pat Dye’s face – Priceless. RTR!

  8. Uhh Ohh! Now what’s Lester the grass eater done??? SI claims Okie St was into some big time cheating for at least 7 years, including the time Lester was there. Uhh Ohh! So that’s how Okie St jumped from Red Headed Step Child to Contender so fast after Lester arrived. And no wonder he abandoned them so fast either. Hmmmm! Lester, Lester, Lester, what were you doing? Shame, Shame! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  9. ” Just another game” Quote from Johnny Manziel on the Texas a&m and bama game. Don’t think that this years version of alabama football has anyone quivering in fear. Guess being in the bottom 2 or 3 worse offenses in the country dont carry much weight. lol

  10. Johnny Who? The 2 time National Champion QB with 3 National Championship rings is the one you should be quoting, dumbass. McCarron and the whole team has been saying for a week that A&M is just another game. Dumbass Awbie troll. And you really are a dumbass aren’t you Corndog Gump? Miles puts as many players in the pros as Saban? Miles prepares them better than Saban? Where do you get your fucking statistics – out of Mad Magazine. I will grant that Saban starts out with better material to work with – since Bama takes the best players in Louisiana away from LSWho, and in Florida away from Florida, and in Georgia away from Georgia, and in Tennessee away from Tennessee, etc, etc, etc. And if dumbass Miles does a better job of preparing players than Saban, then why the hell does he only have 2 three point wins against Bama in the past 6 games? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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