Tim Doyle of Total College Sports outlines the Top Five storylines from SEC Media Days 2013. Read the synopsis, watch the video and then share your thoughts about the top stories coming out of SEC Media Days 2013.

Top 5 Stories from SEC Media Days

SEC Media Days #5. SEC Commissioner Mike Slive calls out the NCAA
According to Doyle, this makes it clear that it is “only a matter of time before the SEC and other power conferences say goodbye to the NCAA.” It looks like the NCAA is on the clock.

SEC Media Days #4. South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier calls out Notre Dame
Steve Spurrier knows how to make news at SEC Media Days. That is why the press loves his quips. This year Spurrier took on Notre Dame’s involvement in the BCS and the new college football playoff system.

SEC Media Days #3. Florida Coach Will Muschamp jabs Ohio State
Florida Coach Will Muschamp took the opportunity to take a jab at Ohio State and former Florida Coach Urban Meyer during SEC Media Days. Muschamp made a crack about “We appreciate our friends from Ohio making sure we comply with NCAA rules. They certainly know a little bit about that subject.”

SEC Media Days #2. Jadeveon Clowney says Clemson QB is afraid
South Carolina defensive player Jadeveon Clowney is one of the best college football defensive linemen. He intimidiates, and he believes other quarterbacks fear him. Clowney said that Clemson QB Tajh Boyd is scared of Clowney.

SEC Media Days #1. Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel Soap Opera
The off-the-field antics of Johnny Manziel were a dramatic moment during SEC Media Days 2013. Doyle reminds viewers that Manziel and his team will be tested on the field (and not of it) and that the biggest test A&M faces is early against Alabama and that is a game he feels the Aggies can and will win, but there is a microscope trained on Johnny Football. He sums it up this way—that Johnny Football is today’s Tim Tebow.

8 thoughts on “Top 5 stories from SEC Media Days 2013”

  1. One of the biggest stories was Gus Malazhan and Bret Enema(his nickname among Auburn fans, feel free to use it, just credit who was first), and the discussion on the HUNH.

    1. I’d agree that was a pretty big story as the hurry-up offense was discussed on multiple days.

  2. ” Clowney said that Clemson QB Tajh Boyd is scared of Clowney.”

    what Clowney won’t say: “i could have two rings had i signed w/ ‘bama.”

    1. Excellent point Finebammer. When he commited to S.C. and simultaneously dissed CNS, there was speculation of an ego requiring instant playing time. He didn’t want to have to wait in line @ Bama. How long would that have been if any time at all? We’ll never know, but one thing is for sure, had he come to Bama, the amount of hardware collected may not have increased,but the distance between Bama and the rest of the nation would have.

      1. @Yellowhammer: Clowney did not “diss” coach Nick Saban.

        He never said anything about having to wait for playtime, and he gleamed over Alabama in the press, in fact.

        Look, he grew up an hour from where he’s now playing football. It’s as simple as that. Tim Tebow didn’t go to Alabama, either. Spurrier and his crew are doing things nobody has done in South Carolina’s history and Clowney is a part of that crew. We should be celebrating that if you ask me. They’re doing it the right way and with fundamental football more similar to Alabama than just about anyone else in the SEC.

        Meanwhile, Alabama doesn’t have a problem with recruiting a strong defense anyway, including without Clowney, so no worries there, right? Anyone would love to have a guy like Clowney, not just Alabama, and not just for the way he plays football.

          1. I stand corrected, good sir. I had only heard him say good things. I never saw this. Thanks for the link. Now I’m hoping he’ll make it to Atlanta. They probably won’t, but who knows, maybe Florida can screw it all up again in 2013, eh?

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