Video of Nick Saban at SEC Media Days 2013[/caption]Watch this video of Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban at SEC Media Days 2013. Video lasts over four minutes with Saban talking about the 2013 Alabama Football team and college football.

Video of Nick Saban at SEC Media Days 2013
Video of Nick Saban at SEC Media Days 2013
Saban examines how the “Process” is evaluated and improved from one year to the next. This Process involves not only football operation, but academics and other issues involved with the organization. “We are not locked into doing things the way we have always done them, if there is a better way to do them,” Saban said.

Saban addressed writing a book and explained “the last time” he wrote a book. Saban said he “wrote the book” the last time because he wanted it representative of him and was a quality work. “With all the challenges we have in so many other areas, I really don’t want to make the time commitment,” Saban said.

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    I’m not going to joke about this one. Nick Saban and Alabama football inspire the hell out of me.

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