Here is video of Alabama QB AJ McCarron at SEC Media Days 2013. Below the video is the official transcript.

Video of AJ McCarron at SEC Media Days 2013
Video of AJ McCarron at SEC Media Days 2013

Transcript of Alabama QB AJ McCarron:
SEC Media Days
July 18, 2013
Alabama Player Quotes
Quarterback AJ McCarron
(On whether he gets tired of being called a “system” quarterback)
Alabama QB AJ McCarron: “I don’t care (what they say) as long as we keep winning. I don’t pay attention to people, anyone that knows me personally knows I don’t pay attention to the outside world. I don’t pay attention to social media, that’s not the way I was raised, and that’s not the way Coach Saban told me when I first came here.”

(On offensive outlook)
Alabama QB AJ McCarron: “The offensive line is going to be great. They’re a great group of guys not only on the field but off. We’ve got great receivers out wide all the way around, and we’ve got a whole lot of running backs. We’re going to be fine, all I can say is sit back and watch us and hopefully we’ll be fun to watch this year.”

(On the program’s success)
Alabama QB AJ McCarron: “That’s why me and my dad talk about it when I got back, how just sitting there growing up in Mobile, I remember we had a trailer and I was 10 and just throwing a baseball to the other side of the trailer, and mom would say ‘Don’t throw the ball.’ She always made it sound better than it was, so I never thought I’d be here, and I’m just so blessed to be in this situation.

(On the chance to win four championships in the past five years)
Alabama QB AJ McCarron: “Blessed. I don’t know what else to say. I was involved in a bad wreck when I was little. I feel like God’s given me a second chance at life, he’s kept his hand over me, and it’s just been a blessing to do what I’ve done, to be here. I can’t say anything else about it.”

(On preventing a slide)
Alabama QB AJ McCarron:“I think that’s one thing that myself and C.J. have preached is purpose. Like I said, everyone goes through their era in college football. Miami was good for years, then Florida State, then Nebraska. Everyone has their time and then it falls out after two or three years. Our thing, is why does it have to leave? I think it goes back to the leaders and what they’re passing on. We were talking about it a few weeks ago, if you go up to guys and it’s like a buddy-buddy thing instead of getting up their face and saying ‘Look, you’re not doing your job and if you get your act together, you can’t keep coming out here with us if you’re not doing your job out here.’ We’ve all got a job to do out there.”

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  1. Love this guy. Never thought he’d be our #1, now I don’t know what we’ll do without him.

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